Digest of Charlton County Herald - February 1927

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

February 3, 1927

SCHOOL AUDITORIUM. The contract has been let for the chairs for the auditorium in the new Folkston consolidated school building. The chairs will be of two sizes, for children and adults, provision having been made for seating 576 persons. The contract has also been let for the painting of two scenes, an indoor and an outdoor scene, wings and front curtain. This will give Folkston a modern and adequate auditorium.

NEW MASONIC LODGE TEMPLE. The Masonic Lodge will convene for the first time in its new temple on next Saturday. It is one of the finest structures of its kind in the state being large and commodious with two handsome stores underneath. The upstairs is fitted and furnished with the best equipment. We congratulate the building committee composed of Wm. Mizell, Jr., E.B. Stapleton and J.B. Lloyd.

ST. GEORGE INCREASES POPULATION. St. George population was increased this week by 80 people. The Postal Telegraph Co. having an extra gang installing poles and lines; an extra gang of Western Union Telegram Co. installing the automatic signal system for the railroad and a large force of men for the railroad replacing the present rails with much heavier rails and resurfacing the roadbed. These extra gangs are expected to be located here for two months.

McQUEEN CHILD VERY SICK. Little Mack McQueen, the little two-year-old son of Col. and Mrs. A.S. McQueen, is a very sick baby, but under the care of a trained nurse he is holding his own. We hope he will soon be entirely well.

NEW BUILDING ON MAIN STREET. Dean and Gowen are beginning the erection of a brick building connecting the Folkston Grain & Grocery building with Wright's Garage. The new building will be used by Mr. J.V. Gowen as his office also for more room to store the large supplies this company keeps on hand to supply their customers.

FIELDS OF PINES. The editor of the Herald had a pleasant ride to Newell last Sunday, past Mt. Zion Baptist Church, the Brockman pecan grove and other old historic places and the thousands of acres of land from which the DuPont Powder Co. is blasting out the stumps and shipping the wood to a retort where oils are extracted. The most beautiful sight we saw was the large acreage of young pine trees the fire had never touched. They were all of one size and shape and looked like a picture. When our people quit burning the woods, every old field will grow up in valuable pines.

February 10, 1927

WOMAN'S CLUB MEETS IN MASONIC BUILDING. One of the most interesting meetings of the Folkston Woman's Civic Club was held this week in the new Masonic Hall only recently completed. Mr. L.E. Mallard on behalf of the Masons welcomed the members. During the program on "Georgia", Mrs. Rosa Toy's original poems "On the Highway" and "To Georgia" were enjoyed.

GRAND JURORS. Grand Jurors for March term Superior Court: Matthew Smith, W.R. Catoe, John S. Tyson, Jr., R.E. Condon, B.A. Altman, Festus N. Stokes, J.H. Rogers, Wm. Mizell, Sr., M.M. Crews, J.A. Prevatt, Ben Rodgers, J.S. Joyner, J.W. Spencer, A.A. Allen, Elbert Crews, J.H. Johnson, F.B. Higginbotham, Alex Bryant, Fred T. Osterman, M.G. White, R.S. Bryant, G.W. Chisholm, J.P. Mizell, E.F. Dean, Sr., J.D. Burnsed, S.A. Crews, H.S. Mattox, Wm. Mizell, Jr., G.W. Holzendorf and C.J. Clements.

TRAVERSE JURORS. Traverse Jurors for March term: N.M. Gibson, Chas. H. Gibson, L.Q. Nobles, R.L. Lollis, W.H. Griffin, Mose Crews, J.S. Prevatt, S.G. Gibson, C.W. Waughtel, J.K. Hopkins, P.G. Brooks, N.H. McDonald, Curtis Dixon, O.E. Stewart, G.H. Jacobs, Johnny Johns, George J. Stewart, John D. Mizell, A.C. Crews, J.C. Littlefield, H.J. Davis, J.C. Boughner, A.J. Howard, W.G. Stephens, L.T. Wasdin, W.A.J. Box, Everett Johns, S.F. Canady, L.H. Wasdin, A.D. McCord, J.D. Roddenberry, E. Bell, Moses Hendrix, S.T. Cockrell, J.M. Wilson, A.N. Askew, Edd Bryant, T.L. Pickren, J.V. Gowen, Brantley Gay, Noah Stokes, N.J. Raulerson, Lewis Roberts, O.L. Knabb, N.J. Norman, M.M. Toy, R.L. Crews and Eaton Crews.

PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. The public is hereby notified that the partnership composed of Charles H. Gibson and E.H. Wright operating under the name of Wright Motor Co. has been dissolved.
---Charles H. Gibson.

SCHOOL NEARING COMPLETION. The work on the new school building is progressing rapidly. The editor of the Herald was in the building Tuesday and found every man at his place, some putting in windows, others laying the floors. The concrete steps and concrete vestibule floors were being put down. A painter was at work painting beautiful scenes for the stage curtain. The plasterers have finished and the slate roof is also finished. Contractor Barbour informed us the building would be ready for the school to occupy by March 15th.

A.C.L. RAILROAD. Automatic train signals for the control of train movements have been installed for one half the distance between Waycross and Folkston and are now in operation.

February 17, 1925

PIANO FUND RAISER. Don't forget! The Woman's Club is putting on a picture show to raise money to pay on their piano in the Masonic Hall. Help these ladies and enjoy the show on March 1st.

OLIVER PRESCOTT KILLED. Oliver Prescott was shot Monday afternoon by a negro man named Doc Pierson. A shotgun was used by the negro, which almost tore the top of his head off. Prescott lived a short while but was unable to speak, breathing his last as he was being put on the porch of his father's home. From the information we have received, it appears that Prescott and Mack Howard went to the negro's home to collect some money and as Prescott stuck his head in the door the negro fired at him. The murderer and his wife escaped and to date have not been caught. A lot of mystery surrounds this brutal murder. Oliver Prescott was 22 years of age, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Prescott, one of the most prominent families in the county. One of a family of nine children, his death was the first separation. About a year ago Oliver was married to Miss Julia Walker. Besides his parents and widow he is survived by eight brothers and sisters, Bertie, Everett, Owen, Mary Jane, Claud, Maud, Marcell and Homer. The body was buried in the Prescott cemetery Tuesday.

BRIDGE AT BURNT FORT. At the county commissioners' meeting it was decided to meet with the Board of Commissioners of Camden County at Burnt Fort on February 22nd to discuss the question of building a bridge across the river at that point.

FOLKSTON BAND ORGANIZED. Meetings were held last week to discuss organizing a band for Folkston. There will be about 30 in the band, including several who already have their instruments.

NEW BABY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Scott on February 16 a fine baby boy.

NEW BABY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Barnes February 12, a beautiful little baby daughter.

February 24, 1927

BUCHANAN HOME BURNED. Sunday afternoon about five o'clock the pretty two story residence occupied by Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Buchanan and owned by Dr. Buchanan was discovered to be on fire in the attic, but the flames had gained such headway that it was impossible to save the building. A volunteer band helped move the furniture and save the buildings across the street as a stiff breeze was blowing. Practically all the furniture was saved. We understand there was no insurance.

LESTER PRESCOTT INJURED HAND. Lester, the seven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. O.M. Prescott, badly injured his hand Saturday afternoon with a dynamite cap. The accident occurred at the home of his aunt, Mrs. T.D. Prescott of Waynesville. It is said that he and his little brother Proctor, were playing about the tobacco barn when Lester found the caps. Not knowing what they were, he took one to an anvil, taking a nail and hammer to make an investigation. Presently it exploded, practically ruining his hand and burning his stomach. He was rushed to a Waycross hospital.

MASONIC ORDER CELEBRATES NEW BUILDING. The formal opening of the Folkston F. & A.M. temple celebrating the completion of the new building drew many distinguished Masons from Georgia and Florida lodges Tuesday evening.

A WORKING AT MRS. HOWARD'S. Quite a crowd attended the working given by Mrs. A.J. Howard on route one. All enjoyed the bountiful dinner which she served them.

WEDDING. The announcement of the marriage of Mr. Benjamin Scott and Miss Vera Gowen will be of interest to the many friends of this young couple. Last Friday they motored to Waycross where Mr. Charlie Mattox officiated in the ceremony that united them in matrimony. Mr. Scott is the son of Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Scott and is connected with his father in the naval stores industry besides having an extensive wood and cross tie business of his own. Mrs. Scott is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Gowen of Hilliard.

POULTRY GROUP ORGANIZED. A large assembly of people interested in organizing a poultry association met at the courthouse Wednesday. Mr. H.H. Crews was elected president and Dr. A.D. Williams, secretary.

NEW BABY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Abe Mattox, a fine baby girl February 19th.

NEW BABY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Lollis on February 17, a fine baby boy.

AD. Dasheens for sale. $1.50 per bushel. -- J.M. Wilson.

SCHOOLS CLOSE. The schools of Charlton County, which have terms of six months, will close on February 25th.

OTIS NOBLES HOME NEARING COMPLETION. Another pretty new residence going up rapidly is that of Mr. Otis Nobles on West Main Street.

OLIVER PRESCOTT'S MURDERER CAPTURED. Doc Pearson, the negro who shot and killed Oliver Prescott, was captured in Jacksonville. He is in the Folkston jail.

NEW HOME FOR PREVATT FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Prevatt have moved into their pretty new home on West Main Street. This residence has recently been completed and is an attractive home.

BANDMASTER WEST SCHEDULES PRACTICE. Mr. West, who is to train and lead the Folkston Band, was here Thursday and stated that the instruments which had been ordered had all been shipped and by next Thursday would be here. Next Thursday night he wants all to meet him at the courthouse for a practice.

STEAM CLEANING BUSINESS. Mr. Leighton has a force of men installing machinery and equipment for an up to date steam pressing and cleaning establishment, also fixtures for shower baths.

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