Digest of Charlton County Herald - February 1924

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

 (Nothing of interest in issue of February 1, 1924)

February 8, 1924

LIVESTOCK DIPPING VAT EMPLOYEES NEEDED. Applications are wanted by the County Commissioners for Range Riders, and Dip Inspectors for the Folkston, Winokur and Traders Hill Districts. Range riders will be paid $75.00 per month and all fines he collects and Inspectors, $75.00 per month. There will be about 10 vats for each two men to look after.

EX-PRESIDENT WILSON DIED. Death tiptoed softly to the bedside of Woodrow Wilson Sunday morning and carried him away without a struggle. The end came peacefully at 11:15 Sunday morning. "He died just like a tired man going to sleep," Admiral Grayson said. He died on the seventh anniversary of the day he ordered severance of diplomatic relations with Germany.

MARION LAVERNE PICKREN BORN. The Folkston school extends congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. V.J. Pickren on the birth of a daughter who has been named Marion laVerne. Mrs. Pickren will be remembered as Marion Mills and Mr. Pickren as just Verne, both old pupils of our school.

SCOTT DRUG STORE. The Scott Drug Store opened for business this week with A.T. Scott, proprietor.

HAROLD COLVIN POWERS BORN. Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Powers, Blackshear, announce the birth of a son on January 26th. He will be named Harold Colvin. Mrs. Powers will be remembered as Miss Mattie Gibson.
WEDDING. Married at the courthouse Saturday afternoon was Miss Mamie Byrd to Mr. James H. Edwards, J.J. Stokes officiating. Mrs. Edwards is a Charlton County girl and Mr. Edwards is from Spartanburg, S.C.

February 15, 1924

GRAND JURORS. Grand jurors drawn for the March Term of Superior Court: Geo. C. Howard, M.J. Paxton, R.E. Condon, R.L. Prescott, D.W. Reynolds, J.A. Prescott, Geo. R. Gowen, L.S. Conner, W.E. Gibson, Robt. Thrift, N.J. Norman, H.D. Thomas, J.P. Mizell, T.H. Lowther, Leon Chisholm, F.N. Stokes, Noah Stokes, G.A. Dean, J.W. Rodgers, H.J. Davis, W.A. Stokes, B.H. Aldridge, C.C. Canady, Daniel A. Raulerson, H.S. Hodges, G.W. Holzendorf, Jas. C. Raulerson, H.G. Gibson, N. Roddenberry and W.O. Gibson.

TRAVERSE JURORS. Traverse jurors drawn for March Term: J.K. Hopkins, Ed. Mizell, B.B. Gowen, Lester Loyd, Frank Carter, H. Stokes, J.P.B. Higginbotham, Hamp Crews, Sr., J.M. Wilson, Matthew Smith, C.J. Altman, J.S. Joyner, N.J. Raulerson, Geo. J. Stewart, Albert Phillips, B.B. Raulerson, Robt. Jones, J.H. Williams, C.W. Prescott, Benj. M. Prescott, Spencer Rowell, F.D. Mills, J.A. Barker, Joseph Thrift, B.H. Lowther, M. Sikes, John W. Sineath, J.W. Canady, Thomas Johns, J.W. Vickery, W.B. Smith, Thomas Chesser, I.G. Rowe, Sol. Burnsed, P.C. Brooks, Raiford Carter, L.H. Kennison, E.N. Grooms, Edward Petty, W.B. Kennison, Jas. E. Johnson, R.L. Canady, Moses Hendrix, S.A. Crews, Andrew Crews, W.L. Chancey, R.R. Bell and J.S. Grooms.

VOLUNTEERS DEFEAT HOUSE FIRE. The residence occupied by Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Crews was nearly destroyed by fire Sunday. About 2:00 o'clock the roof was seen blazing by neighbors who gave the alarm. Volunteers quickly extinguished the blaze, which had done very little damage. Water damaged the furniture and rugs considerably. No one was at home except Mr. Crews.

NEW TRANSPORTATION FOR STUDENTS. The school board has purchased a new truck and put it on the Toledo route.

SCHOOL PRINTING PRESS. The printing department of the St. George school has been busy the past week turning out envelopes, report cards and notices required by the school.

LEWIS THOMAS RANSOM BORN. A fine boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T.K. Ransom Saturday. He has been named Lewis Thomas.

WEDDING. Mr. W.O. Wildes and Miss Ora Crawford were married in Jacksonville Saturday. They motored through and visited the parents of the groom, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Wildes. They will live in Jacksonville where Mr. Wildes has a position with the Cummer Lumber Co.

February 22, 1924

NEW LIBRARY. One of the members of the Folkston Woman's Civic Club gave $60.00 on the day the library was opened and it was used to buy books. Club members plan to celebrate "Book Day" by each bringing a gift of a book to the library on February 22nd.

MR. THOMAS D. PRESCOTT DIED. On Friday the 15th instant, Mr. Thomas D. Prescott died at his home near Waynesville, a victim of typhoid fever. He is survived by six brothers J.A. Prescott, C.W. Prescott, H.O. Prescott, B.S. Prescott, J.L. Prescott and O.M. Prescott, all well-known citizens of this county; and two sisters, Mrs. Isabel Chancey and Mrs. Jeanette Gill; Mrs. Mary Ann Chancey and Mrs. J.D.Wildes having died a few years ago; also by his wife, Mrs. Lula Prescott. Mr. Prescott was forty-five years old on November 15th last.
--W.O. Gibson

DR. WILLIAMS, FATHER OF DR. A.D. WILLIAMS, DIED. The friends of Dr. A.D. Williams sincerely sympathize with him in the loss of his father, whose death occurred in Jacksonville Wednesday.

February 29, 1924

DEAN GOWEN HOME FOR VISIT. Dean Gowen, who is a student of the Duval High School in Jacksonville, spent the weekend with his parents at Traders Hill.

PICKREN CHILD PAINFULLY BURNED. The little year old baby son of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor L. Pickren was burned painfully Tuesday on his arm and several places on his body by scalding water. It appears that a kettle of hot water was on the hearth and before the mother could move it, the baby crawled up to it, catching hold and splashing the hot water on his little body. If the kettle had entirely overturned, it would have been much worse. We are glad to report that the little boy is improving nicely.

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