Digest of Charlton County Herald - February 1923

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

February 2, 1923

HOLZENDORF BUILDS GARAGE. G.W. Holzendorf has erected a garage on Florida Ave. in St. George. He will have a good mechanic in charge and will carry Ford parts.

ST. GEORGE SCHOOL. Miss Mamie Askew has been added to the faculty of the St. George school. This will help with the overcrowded condition of the school.

FOLKSTON SCHOOL. The Folkston school has $160.00 promised on a Radiophone for the auditorium. They are working for $200.00. The high school basketball has been sent off for repair and not yet returned. The boys are getting very anxious to play as the season is nearly over.

PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. The First Presbyterian Church of Folkston was organized at the Baptist Church Thursday under the most favorable conditions. The Presbyterians have been having Sunday School every Sunday, with preaching services occasionally. Several new members were received. R.E. Townsend, E. Alexander and A.S. McQueen are the elders. H.C. Page, Geo. Stewart and W.B. Smith are the deacons.

WHOLE WHEAT BREAD. The campaign originated by editor W.T. Anderson is having its effect here. The demand for whole wheat bread has become so great here that the Folkston Bakery will begin this week making it regularly for those who desire to keep fit physically. Dr. Fleming says why be sick when it can be prevented by the food you eat.

February 9, 1923

SMART STUDENTS. The pupils of Miss Mary Enedy's room, Traders Hill School, making an average of 90% or over last month were Vera Dinkins, Lena Rivers Brock, Altha Gowen, Mamie Nazworth, Agnes Ricketson, Doris Bryant, Willie Keene, Thelma Jones, Charlie Keene, Mary Altman, Shepherd Gowen, Donald Gowen, Eunice Altman, Doris Nazworth, Elva Mae Hickox and Hattie Pearl Bryant.

SCHOOL CONSOLIDATION ELECTION. An election will be held at the Winokur school building and at the Roddenberry school building on February 16th to decide if the two schools should be consolidated. L.E. MALLARD, School Supt.

LITTLE CARL HAMILTON LEWIS DIED. The Death Angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Lewis last Monday and bore away the sweet spirit of their ten months old baby boy, Carl Hamilton. Our hearts go out in sympathy to the bereaved parents.

February 16, 1923

MRS. VARENA MAY MACK OLSEN DIED. Mrs. Varena May Olsen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Mack of Folkston, died at her home in Fernandina of pneumonia last week. The funeral was peculiarly sad as her husband, Captain Olsen, was away on an ocean trip and could not be present. Interment was in Basque Bello Cemetery. She was 38 years old and had four children.

MRS. FANNIE MANOR GIBSON DIED. A death that brought sadness to the hearts of many was that of Mrs. Henry Gibson which occurred at her home near here Tuesday morning. She will be remembered as Miss Fannie Manor, one of the best loved and most popular teachers of this county. About a year ago she was married to Mr. Henry Gibson. She is survived by a little three-weeks-old baby, her husband, parents Mr and Mrs. A.F. Manor, four brothers, M.L. Manor, J.B. Manor, Henry Manor and Vernon Manor and one sister Mollie Manor.

WESTERN MOVIE NEXT WEEK. The majority present at the Auditorium Theater last Friday night voted for a western picture for February 23rd and Mr. Wrench has ordered one for that date.

G.S. RODDENBERRY ADDING TO HIS HOUSE. G.S. Roddenberry is preparing to build on to his home. He is having logs hauled to the mill and sawed into lumber.

GRAND JURORS. Grand Jurors for the March Term of Superior Court are: D.F. Pearce, A.A. Allen, T.E. Sikes, Jas. Prevatt, V.A. Hodges, J.L. Prescott, W.W. Bauman, T.L. Pickren, Sr., A.W. Askew, W.P. Rhoden, D.J. Musgrove, N.H. Crews, P.G. Mizell, J.H. Roddenberry, S.M. Howard, G.M. Canady, M.G. Davis, N.J. Raulerson, J.P. Mizell, B.F. Scott, E.D. Wainwright, E.G. Warren, J.D. Roddenberry, B.F. Bussy, J.H. Rogers, Hansel Carter, P.B. Higginbotham, P.A. Shuman, E.H. Wright, C.E. Stroup, L.W. Sikes, J.V. Gowen, L.E. Stokes, R.A. Boyd and S.F. Canady.

PETIT JURORS. Petit Jurors for the March Term of Superior Court are: Chas. Gibson, Joe M. Harris, Lester J. Johns, G.S. Roddenberry, L. Knabb, Joe Reynolds, E.H. Johnson, I.R. Privett, A.K. Burch, W.S. O'Quinn, L.M. Reynolds J.T. Thrift, Owen M. Gibson, Domingo Stewart, L.E. Miller, Daniel Raulerson, Curtis Dixon, Samuel Edwards, Jas. Sands, A.L. Thrift, John Harris, L.R. Ganey, S.C. Crews, W.N. Murray, L.H. Crews, M.A. Gay, J. Hardin, N.J. Norman, N.B. King, Edward Crews, A.G. Gowen, M.J. Paxton, Jas. C. Raulerson, J.J. Banks, Aaron Canady, J.P. Canady, Alex Crawford, J.H. Burnsed, J.S. Prevatt, Walter Huling, A. Tyson, E.C. Kennison, Frank Smith, T.J. Gardner, T.L. Pickren, Jr., Eli Thompson, O.M. Prescott, Robt. Thrift, J.M. Roddenberry, A.J. Sikes, John Crawford, M.A. Benjamin, W.C. Hopkins, H.D. Thomas, Leon Chism, H.O. Prescott, Fred Kottman, J.C. Boughner, Bert Crews and Ralph Rider.

WEDDING. Friends of Miss Frances Smith and Mr. Lester Hinds will be interested to learn of their marriage which occurred at the home of the bride at Homeland Sunday afternoon. They will leave soon for Ohio where they will make their home.

February 23, 1923

COUNTY COMMISSION AUDIT. The auditor's report of the county records for 1921-1922 shows that at the end of 1922, current assets totaled $16,695.03 and current liabilities totaled $3,251.38 making a current surplus of $13,443.65.

LITTLE MATTIE LUE ALLEN DIED. Little Mattie Lue Allen departed this life February 12th at 4:00 A.M. She was the five-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Allen of Oak Hill. She was a very bright child for her age. Although she had never attended school she could spell and read fairly well.

MRS. VICKERY DIED. John Gibson of Douglas and Owen Gibson of Jacksonville were called here Saturday to attend the burial of their grandmother, Mrs. Vickery.

MONIAC TURPENTINE STILL BURNED. Mr. L. Knabb had the misfortune to lose one of his turpentine stills near Moniac by fire last week. Nine barrels of spirits, 40 barrels of rosin and several barrels of raw material were burned. The loss was estimated at $2,000.00.

ADVERTISEMENT: Scott's Drug Store. Full line of medicine for the sick, lame and blind. Paris perfume for the ladies. Pipes and tobacco for the men. Books, tablets and pencils for the children. Next to Citizens Bank. C.M. Scott, Prop.

SEVERAL SICK FROM AUTO FUMES. Monday morning as an automobile party was crossing a creek it was noticed by Mrs. Mitchell Mizell that her husband and his mother, Mrs. Mary Mizell, were overcome by gas fumes. Mr. Ed Mizell and Mr. Johns who were in the front seat, took the stricken ones out to the fresh air and after bathing their faces and rubbing them, finally succeeded in restoring life to their loved ones. The little Johns boy was slightly affected. We're very glad to report that all have recovered.

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