Digest of Charlton County Herald - February 1922

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

February 3

NEW BABY. Mr and Mrs. Stanley Chisholm, Moniac, announce the birth of a fine boy.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. M.B. Reynolds, Moniac, announce the birth of a fine baby boy on January 19th.

SCHOOL NAME CHANGES. The Canaday-Moniac School will hereafter be known as the Ridgewood School.

ADVERTISEMENT. Moving pictures every Friday night at the Folkston school auditorium. Feb 3rd, "Evangeline", seven reels, Adults: 25 cents, Children: 10 cents. Feb. 17, "The Passing Of The Buffalo", six reels.

HOME DESTROYED BY FIRE. The two-story country home of Mr. Jim Mills and occupied by B. Cooper was destroyed by fire last Friday night. The dwelling was worth $2,000.00 and was insured for less than half the value. The furniture owned by Mr. Cooper was a total loss.


February 10

WEDDING. Mr. Charles H. Gibson and Miss Fannie Manor were married on the 29th of January at the home of the bride's father, Mr. F.A. Manor, near Hortense. Elder B.F. Jones of Lulaton performed the ceremony. Mr. Gibson is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Gibson and is the mail carrier on route one. Mrs. Gibson has been a prominent and successful teacher in Charlton, Wayne and Brantley Counties for the past three years. Mr. and Mrs. Gibson began housekeeping in their new home and we wish for them many happy days.

MR. C.F. ANDERSON DIED. Mr. C.F. Anderson, 68 years of age, died suddenly at his home near Newell early Friday morning. He was apparently in his usual health and was about his accustomed duties when the summons came. He was at the barn feeding the stock and surrendered his soul. He was buried Saturday morning at Corinth Cemetery. Mr. Anderson is survived by Florence, Arthur and Frances Anderson, Mrs. Geminia Wildes and Mrs. Beula O'Berry.

BARNES BABY DIED. Death entered the home of Mr. and Mrs. V.A. Hodges early Thursday morning and took away their little grandson, the two months old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Powell Barnes. This little one's death was indeed a shock to everyone for he was ill only a few hours of pneumonia. The funeral services were held at the Folkston Cemetery with Rev. T.B. Kemp officiating in a most sympathetic manner at 4:30 Thursday afternoon. Then the beautiful little body was tenderly placed in the brick vault. The most sincere sympathies are given.

MRS. RODDENBERRY ELECTED TREASURER. Mrs. John M. Roddenberry was unanimously elected Treasurer of Folkston last Tuesday. (Note: First woman elected to public office in Charlton County?)AD. Galvanized tubs, pails, oil cans, milk pails and dairy pans at John S. Tyson, Jr.'s store.

PARENT-TEACHER ASSN. The PTA met and discussed the picture machine. It was financed by several business men of the community and is to be used by the school. In addition, each Friday evening a film will be shown to public, admission charged and money given to PTA.

NOTICE: Will grind corn every first and third Saturdays. Also have Cleveland Big Boll cotton seed for sale.

A.W. ASKEWRACE POND SCHOOL TRUSTEES. An election will be held at Race Pond schoolhouse on Feb. 20th for the purpose of electing two trustees. Polls will open at 9:00 and close at 3:00. L.E. MALLARD, C.S.S.

February 17

GRAND JURORS. Grand Jurors drawn for March Term Superior Court: J.S. Grooms, A.H. Howard, W.F. Bussey, B.H. Lowther, D.W. Reynolds, L.E. Miller, Hamp Mizell, Alex Crawford, Robert L. Crews, B.P. Higginbotham, R.M. Thornton, John Harris, J.A. Allen, S.M. Lyons, J. Lester Jones, Robert Thrift, J.D. Wildes, Fred Askew, L. Knabb, N.H. Crews, O.F. Wilson, L.S. Conner, H. M. Gooden, T.E. Sikes, N.B. King, J.L. Prescott, B.R. Burnsed, T.H. Lowther, Wm. Mizell, Sr. and W.B. Smith.

TRAVERSE JURORS. Traverse Jurors drawn for March Term Superior Court: J.E. Johnson, J.M. Prevatt, E.B. Burnsed, T.W. Wainwright, James C. Raulerson, D.M. Mizell, Jr., E.W. Peeples, J.E. O'Berry, Joseph May, Richard Chesser, D.M. Mizell, Sr., Curtis Dixon, J.R. Crews, J.W. Condon, Wm. Strathdee, J.M. Roddenberry, R.H. Roddenberry, J.E. Prescott, I.G. Rowe, J.T. Bell, Edwin Crews, Tom Jones, J.H. Raulerson, Aaron Canady, Jesse M. Mattox, B.S. Prescott, Albert Phillips, C.E. Stroup, G.A. Dean, George W. Chism, H.D. Bennett, G.B. Wainwright, P.E. Crews and W.R. Allen.

J.V. GOWEN BUILDING HOME. Mr. J.V. Gowen is having a beautiful home built on his plantation about three miles from here.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. P.P. Pegg announce the birth of a little baby girl whose name is Violet, on January 29th.

NEW AUTO OWNERS. L.E. Mallard sold new Fords to Dr. J.R. Vinson and Mr. J.C. Boughner at St. George this week. February 24th

NEW SCHOOL BUILDING FOR CORN HOUSE CREEK. At the Board of Education meeting, the Corn House Creek school matter was considered and the Board will obtain a deed to a tract of land from W.R. Rider and H.W. Petty for a school site and will erect a school building, with the aid of the school patrons.

QUICK WORK. Thursday the dynamo at the electric light plant got out of commission. Friday D.F. Pearce went to Jacksonville in a Ford ton truck, returned that night about 7:30 with a new dynamo. Saturday this new dynamo was installed and the lights were turned on at the usual time. The pessimistic ones predicted that it would be ten days or two weeks at least before service would be installed again. But the manager did not intend to let the patrons be without service one moment more than was absolutely necessary. The new dynamo is an improved type and the lights are brighter and much steadier.

WHAT THEY SAW IN THE PICTURE. After the school film showing the ways of caring for circus animals last week, students were asked to write compositions on what they had seen. One of the best turned in is as follows: "We had a picture show about a circus today. A big lion was in a cage. A zebra was walking around. People were riding on the buffalos. There were some boys peeping under the tent. In the tent were people and horses. Pearce Stapleton, Grade Two."

FOLKSTON SCHOOL. The Cameron, Yancey, Hickox and Lutzi children are new pupils in the Folkston School.

FOR SALE: Four room cottage with closet, pantry and two porches, one screened. Well-built house in excellent condition. Three lots cleared and fenced in. Barn, bearing fruit trees, some furniture and two stoves. Also five lots cleared and fenced and a 25-acre tract of which 7 are cleared. All for $1200.00.WM. BRANDEAU.

NEW RESTAURANT MANAGER. The restaurant that was occupied by Mrs. W.E. Banks for the past two years will open in March under the management of Mrs. Wright and son.

DENTAL NOTICE. Dr. O. Strathmere Short is now located in the Rodgers Building in Folkston. Qualified to do all classes of dentistry. Gold crowns and bridge work. Plates made and guaranteed to fit. Consult me and save time and money.

FOR SALE. Good work horse for sale. Weight about 1,000 pounds. Sound and in good condition. An ideal family horse. I can use the money but not the horse. J.M. RODDENBERRY

STAPLETON CHILD INJURED. While playing Sunday morning little Martha Stapleton fell from a wagon shaft, the ends having been put through the fence to make a straight pole, breaking her collarbone near the shoulder. She is resting as comfortably as could be expected.

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