Digest of Charlton County Herald - February 1911

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


February 2, 1911

DR. FUQUA. Dr. Fuqua, who came here from Alabama a short while ago, has gone to Hilliard where he has opened offices.

DAVIS TO BUILD. H.J. Davis has purchased the old Roddenberry Hotel lot from Miss Ruth Roddenberry and we are informed that he will put up a nice brick building in the near future.

HOTEL CONSTRUCTION STARTED. Mr. Scott has contracted the brick work on the new hotel building to J.D. Baldwin of Brunswick and has begun in earnest. Rev. E.F. Dean will be in charge of the woodwork part of the building.

FRANK HARRIS DIED. Frank Harris died at the home of his parents Friday after a long illness of consumption. Frank was just in the prime of young manhood. He is survived by his father, mother, brother and several sisters who have our sympathy.

HOMELAND. Over one hundred colonists have arrived in Homeland this winter and are still coming in every day. They are mostly thrifty, well-to-do folks from northern states, chiefly Minnesota, Ohio, New York, Indiana and Pennsylvania, though nearly every state is now represented in the colony town. The old colonists gave a supper and love feast to the newcomers on the evening of the 31st in the lower room of the brick school building.

ALLEDGED HORSE THIEF ESCAPES. Jack Hogan is charged with horse stealing. It appears that in some way Hogan (not a local resident) managed to slip by the jailer and succeeded in getting away. Hogan is only about 16 years old and is charged with stealing a horse from J.S. Mizell about two weeks ago.

SING. There is to be a sing at Sardis School Sunday. We will be singing in the Sacred Harp Note Book. Come and don’t forget your book.

YOUNG FARMERS. Mr. John Gibson and little brother, Owen, are planting a large crop of onions this year.

February 9, 1911

UGGS SCHOOL. Leonard Thomas left Sunday for St. George and opened school Monday morning at the Suggs schoolhouse.

WEDDING. Miss Lilly Gibson and E.F. Dean, Jr. were quietly married at the home of F.E. Brock on Sunday P.M., Judge Brock officiating. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Gibson and the groom a son of Rev. E.F. Dean. Both the contracting parties are very popular and their many friends wish them a happy voyage through life.

FOLKSTON TELEPHONE CO. A petition was filed by J.W. Rogers, A.D. Williams, H.J. Davis, J.S. Mizell, B.G. McDonald, M.J. Paxton and W.E. Cannon for a charter for the Folkston Telephone Co.


….DR. ROBERTS. Dr. Cora Roberts and Miss Elizabeth Read left Sunday for Jacksonville and other cities in the south for a few weeks. Dr. Roberts will return and make this her home.

….NEW BABY. Ha! Ha! Mr. Nixon wears a broad smile…a fine boy!

EDITORIAL, It looks now as if we will soon have a telephone system here. This is one of the many indications that we are a progressive community. We understand that it is the purpose of the promoters to connect Folkston, Homeland, Clark’s Mill, Traders Hill and probably other places by phone.

February 16, 1911

RUNAWAY MULE. W.W. Davis was seriously hurt by a runaway mule last week. At last accounts he was getting along nicely.

WEDDING. Miss Nellie Mattox and Mr. W.R. Courtney were married at the home of the bride’s parents here on Wednesday evening the 8th inst., Rev. R.A. Brown, Waycross, officiating. The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Mattox and a young lady of high social attainments. The groom is a native of Virginia and a rising young businessman.

AD. $25.00 REWARD. I have two boys that have left me without any cause. They left on February 10, 1911. Description as follows: JIM JAMES: Dish-faced, gingercake color, 19 years old, weight 90 pounds. AMOS JAMES: Dark, round head, 16 years old, weight 110 pounds. Please arrest and bring to St. Marys, Ga. I will pay all expenses and $25.00 reward. JOE JAMES.

FOLKSTON NOVELTY WORKS. A petition was filed by O.F. Wilson, B.F. Scott, G.H. Robinson, L.E. Mallard and Jesse W. Vickery for a charter for the Folkston Novelty Works.

NOTICE: For the South Georgia Free Will Baptist Asso. I will sell before the courthouse door, the first Tuesday in March, the following property: One acre in Lot 11 in First District of Charlton County, being the land where the Free Will Baptist Church of Uptonville now stands. N. RODDENBERRY, Trustee.

February 23, 1911

NEW BABY. J.L. Anderson is wearing a broad smile – there is a new girl at his house.

WILLIAMS FUNERAL. The Masons held funeral services over the grave of B.H. Williams Sunday P.M.

HOTEL CONSTRUCTION. Work on the new hotel building has been suspended this week on account of the non-arrival of a carload of lime that has been on the road for more than three weeks.

DR. BREWSTER. Dr. W.A. Brewster has moved from here to Callahan where he will engage in the practice of medicine.

TRADERS HILL STORE CLOSED. J.S. Joiner has discontinued his mercantile business at Traders Hill, removed back here and again entered into a co-partnership with S.E. Cannon.

MUSIC CLASS TO START. The Misses Adams and Miss Brown of Waycross gave a musical entertainment at the school house here last Friday night. Miss Vonice Adams will teach a violin class here beginning this week.

SMALLPOX HERE. Reports say that we have several cases of smallpox in this county, principally confined to the Negroes at Coleraine. However we understand from good authority that there is a fully developed case in the person of Albert Taylor at Uptonville. The matter should be thoroughly investigated and the necessary steps taken to prevent its spread.

MISS HARRIS DIED. Winokur: Miss Lou Harris of near here died last Wednesday morning. She leaves many friends and relatives to mourn her loss.

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