Digest of Charlton County Herald - February 1910

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


February 3, 1910

QUIET WEDDING. Wednesday of last week Mr. G.H. Gibson and Miss Georgia M. Chesser were quietly married at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Chesser. Rev. W.O. Gibson performed the ceremony. They live a few miles west of here and have a large number of friends who join us in wishing them a long and happy life.

CITY OFFICIALS. The town officials are among our best men and most prominent citizens, all having lived here for several years.

Mayor T.L. Pickren moved among us four years ago from Waycross, formerly from McRae and engaged in the mercantile and naval stores business. Later he entered the bottling business which he still owns and is also our Convict Warden and our Supt. of Public Roads.

Councilman H.C. Page is freight and express agent here for the A.C.L. Ry. Co. and has proved to be successful in his work, having been with the company many years.

Councilman C.M. Raybon has been in the mercantile business here a few years but is a railroad man and now is doing contract work railroading.

Councilman M.J. Paxton is a young business man and is a member of the firm of Mizell and Paxton who owns three stores in the county and considerable property. He is also engaged in the livery business and timber business.

Councilman J.S. Mizell is a hustling man in the real estate business and naval stores, also a member of the Mizell Tie Company. They’re just beginning to operate a $50,000 plant west of town.

Councilmen O.F. Wilson is in the lumber business owning a large sawmill near Uptonville.

Recorder E.L. Wainright is the editor.

Marshal B.A. Thomas, who was elected at the last meeting, is from Florida and is our hustling barber.

NEW HAT. There are 250,000 words in the English language and most of them were used last Sunday by a lady who discovered after coming out of church that her new hat was adorned with a tag on which was written “Reduced to $2.75.”

COLLEGE BOUND. George Crews left Saturday for Douglas where he enters the Agriculture College.

BAPTIST MEETING. The protracted meeting that has been running here at the Baptist Church for three weeks closed Sunday night.

WAINRIGHT WAS VISITOR. A.B. Wainright, after spending a week here with home folks, left Monday for Savannah where he works as a street car conductor.

February 10, 1910

EDITORIAL. It is now a settled question as to whether or not our new Methodist Church will be built in Folkston. Now, as our people have come together and said we will build a three or four thousand dollar brick or stone church, let each and all of us remember that it is our duty to help in the work and that such a building will be a credit to our town and what every citizen will be proud of.

Should there be even one or more who are against the building of it, remember that the old church is among the poorest buildings in town, when it should be the best, and it is entirely to one side of town, and for us to be so careless and not keep a decent house of worship shows how little we care about the progress of God’s Kingdom. To have a nice church shows that God is honored by our people.

It may be that some are in favor of the church remaining where it is now located, but as the majority wants a new one built in the center of town, so let the minority bow submissively to the will of the majority and remember that in unity there is strength. Now, let all our people be of one mind and one accord and soon we will have a building in honor to God and a credit to our community.

VISITOR. Pat Baker was in town Tuesday putting up tombstones to the graves of relatives here.

ST. GEORGE FIRE. The Union Hall, a two-story building at St. George, was burned last Saturday. It carried $900.00 insurance.

JOKE. The latest joke on one of our men in town, who being in a big hurry would climb over a fence instead of taking the time to open and close the gate, last week one night thinking he was climbing the fence, he climbed the well curb and fell into the well.

NEW METHODIST CHURCH. A mass meeting was held last Monday night at the Methodist Church for the purpose of deciding whether or not a new church should be built or the old church repaired, or the old church removed to a different part of town and remodeled.

After much discussion a move was made that a brick or stone church be built near the center of town as possible. Everyone present voted in its favor.

By motion, a committee of seven was appointed to draw plans and specifications and to solicit funds for the building. The committee is as follows: C.M. Raybon, T.L. Pickren, E.L. Wainright, H.J. Davis, J.S. Mizell, B.F. Scott and L.E. Mallard. The following committee was appointed to look up locations for the church, prices of different locations and report to the general committee: C.M. Raybon, B.F. Scott and J.S. Mizell.

The committees will meet next Monday night at the Herald office and will organize themselves and decide on location and be ready to begin raising the funds and to commence work. The committee begins the work feeling assured that it can be done and ask everybody to come together and lend their support to so worthy a cause.

February 17, 1910

MRS. SERENE MURRAY DIED. Mrs. Serene Murray who has not been in good health for the past year and has been real sick for the past few days with pneumonia died yesterday mooring at her home three miles west of Folkston. She was about 54 years old and was the wife of Isaac Murray who died about twelve years ago. Mrs. Murray was a Christian lady and has been a member of the Methodist Church for many years, her membership being at Bethel Church. Nine sons and two daughters survive her. Her body was laid to rest at the family cemetery near her home, the funeral service being conducted by Rev. I.R. Kelley, pastor.

LIVERY STABLE BUSY. Mizell and Paxton are doing a rushing business in the sale, stable and delivery business. Monday they bought seven more head of stock and Tuesday they sold three good mules.

NEW METHODIST CHURCH. A committee appointed to secure location for the church, solicit funds and to have the work in general in charge met Monday night at the Herald office.

Two different sites for the church were offered without cost. One by H.J. Davis and the other by H.A. Renfroe. The lot of Mr. Davis, which is the southeast corner of the lot on which the bank is located, was accepted for the church site.

In addition to the Committee of seven already appointed, a committee consisting of Mrs. J.C. Wright, Mrs. H.J. Davis and Mrs.B.G. McDonald was appointed to solicit funds. It was decided that a $3,000. church be built and L.E. Mallard and H.J. Davis were appointed to investigate the building of a cement building and to secure contract.

NEW HOME. H.A. Cannon is now having a house built on his 100 acre farm one mile east of here.

February 24, 1910

DENTIST OFFICE. I will remain in Folkston a few days longer. All wishing to see me will find me at the Central Hotel. G.C. Mizell, Dentist.

TEACHERS’ EXAMINATION. Professor Mallard informs us that the annual examination of teachers will be held on the 17th and 18th of June this year.

RODDENBERRY VISITS. Gad Roddenberry, who is with the Hebbard Mill Co. of Waycross, spent Sunday with his parents near here.

ESTATE SALE. On March 16th the household goods, farm products, etc., belonging to Mrs. Serene Murray will be sold.

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