Digest of Charlton County Herald - February 1909

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

February 4, 1909

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. The Commissioners made arrangements for the working of the convicts on the pubic road. Dr. J.C. Wright was elected County Physician and R.N. Mizell was recommended as one of the guards. T.L. Pickren, convict warden, was instructed to order the lumber for the stockade.

FOLKSTON CITY COUNCIL. On February 3rd the Folkston City Council met and arranged for licenses and for putting up hitching racks. The drayage and livery license will be $10.00 and hand-drays will be $2.00.


…MUSIC CLASS. Miss Minnie Colson is progressing nicely with her music class at Mr. W.I. Minchew’s.

…FIRE. W.H. Howard had several rods of fencing burned last week. The woods are burning in every direction around here.

…VISITORS. R.B. Thomas and wife spent a couple of days here. Riley got the cake for being the biggest yarn-spinner in town.

EDITORIAL. Let Charlton County organize a Normal School for the benefit of teachers and those who wish to teach. Other counties are doing this, why not old Charlton?

TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS: Next week we will move to our new building near the Bank building and will be unable to get out the paper that week. We are sorry to disappoint you, but trust you will bear with us.

SCHOOL. Miss Effie Haddock left yesterday for Camden County where she has accepted a school near Mattox’s Mill.

FIRE. The building of W.H. Thompson in Homeland, occupied by the hunters of North Georgia, was burned last week destroying all of the hunters’ supplies.

FOLKSTON ORDINANCES. Mayor T.L. Pickren is now enforcing the town ordinances. Boys under 16 must be at home by 7:30 p.m. No person must get on a train while in motion.


…TREATS HANDED OUT. Prof. L.E. Mallard, County School Supt., gave the primary pupils a treat of candy and goodies last Friday afternoon. Come over to the high school, Mr. Mallard. We like candy and goodies too!

…SURPRISE FOR TEACHER. While Mrs. Waughtel was busily working at the blackboard one day last week someone slipped up behind her and grabbed her. It puts it mildly to say she was surprised when she turned around and saw it was her father, Mr. Cullison, from Ohio. She didn’t know he was in this state.

No issue for February 11, 1909 on microfilm

February 18, 1909

HOMELAND SCHOOL. School report for month ending February 5, 1909: Total enrollment 23. Pupils who have not been absent: Jim Fink, Sylvan Fink, Jim Saxon, Eppla Herrington, Georgia Sapp, Maud Sapp and Fannie White. ---L.T. PARKER, Teacher.

MRS. CHAFFEE DIED. Mrs. Lorato Chaffee of Homeland who has been sick for some time died Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 o’clock. She would have been 54 years old the 7th day of May. She was from Weidman, Michigan and had only been here a short time, her husband having been here since the first of last year. A husband, five sons and two daughters are left. She was a good woman and was liked by all. Interment was in the Colony Cemetery yesterday morning.

BUFFALO NEWS: Mr. James Rowell spent last week at his home. Mr. Rowell is 110 years old and is the oldest man in Charlton County.


…SUNDAY SCHOOL. Our Sunday School is doing fine and February 7th we had 64 and on the 14th we had 54.

…EXPRESS CO. OFFICE. The Southern Express Co has opened an office here. F.A. Armbruster has been appointed temporary agent.

…SCHOOL HOUSE. What’s that? Homeland building a schoolhouse did you say? Yes, and it’s going to be a fine one, 30 by 40, two-story brick. The school house building committee would be pleased to receive any donations of labor or money. M.J. Fieber is Treas. of the school fund.

…CONCERT. On Saturday Homeland had an Edison Phonograph Concert. The proceeds went towards buying lamps for the church.

EDITORIAL. When women go down town and spend an afternoon loafing, they call it shopping. And when men spend an evening loafing, they call it lodge meeting.

NOTICE. We are now in our new home, ready to fill your order. Send in your order for any kind of stationary and we will give you a satisfactory job. Never forget to subscribe for the Herald. ---EDITOR, CHARLTON COUNTY HERALD

ALLEN FAMILY MOVING HERE. Mrs. G.W. Haddock is moving this week to Callahan, having rented her home to J.C. Allen of Winokur.

CANNONS MOVE HERE. S.E. Cannon of Waycross, who has charge of Dr. Cannon’s turpentine plant here, has moved his family to Folkston. They are living in the Burch house.

SCHOOL. School News for the month ending February 5th: High School total enrollment: 38. Neither absent nor tardy: Jessie Johnson, Essie Robinson, Laura Gowen, King Haddock. Grammar Room: Total enrollment, 30. Neither absent nor tardy: Abe Mattox, Roy Mizell, Gordon Wainwright, Walter Stewart, Kathleen Pickren. Intermediate Room: Total enrollment, 33. Neither absent nor tardy: Birt Haddock, Carmen Boykin, Willie Raybon, Teddy Robinson, Everett Mizell, Mingo Stewart. Primary Room: Total enrollment, 29.

February 25, 1909

BURNT FORT NEWS. Justice Court was well attended last Saturday and many cases were disposed of. Two able lawyers were present and delivered speeches.


…NEW STILL. Mr. Sykes is putting up a turpentine still near here.

…CANE GRINDING. Mr. E.D. Wainwright is grinding cane this week.

RAILROAD. An important meeting to arrange for the extension of the St. Marys and Kingsland Railroad to Waycross was in progress last Wednesday at St. Marys. The building of this road will mean much to southeast Georgia and especially will it help Charlton County. The line of survey passed Folkston five miles to the north.

BUFFALO NEWS. Everybody is invited to meet at the school house on the 4th Sunday to help organize a sing.

MILLS REUNION. ‘Twas a happy time last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Mills when their children came home to give them a house-warming. Not since ‘05 have they all been together. All the children are married except the youngest son, Edgar, and all were there. All the grandchildren except two were there and three of the in-laws. Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Mills, Jr. and son came from Remlig, Texas; Mrs. W.L. Jones and daughter from Sampson, Alabama; Mrs. C.Y. McMullen from Kansas City, Missouri, Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Renfroe and children from Jacksonville, Mrs. J.B. Baker and two youngest daughters and Mr. and Mrs. F.D. Mills and family, all of whom live in this county were present. The family circle was made complete by the presence of Mrs. M.E. Rudolph and her daughter and two sons from Quitman, Ga. Mr. Mills has just completed a comfortable house. It is good and roomy and large enough to hold them all, and a jolly good time they had.

WEDDING. On last Sunday at the home of the bride’s parents near Waynesville, Mr. W.E. Wasdin was married to Miss Currie Wainwright. The bride is the daughter of Mr. Matthew Wainwright, one of Wayne County’s most prominent citizens while the groom is the son of D.R. Wasdin, one of Charlton’s best known citizens. Both have a host of friends who wish them a long, happy and prosperous journey through life.


…SONG BOOKS. The new song books have arrived. They are fine. We practice new pieces Friday at 7 sharp.

…PIG FARMING. Up North they say we can only raise the razor-back hogs down here. They ought to see W.H. Thompson’s Essex hogs that are so fat that they can hardly walk. They weigh about 400 pounds.

…MRS. FREEMAN IN SAVANNAH. Mrs. M.A. Freeman has gone to Savannah to teach a new method of dressmaking.

…NEW CEMETERY. The Colony Company has set aside 7 acres of land for a burial ground. One fourth of this land has been surveyed and staked. There is a fifteen foot drive around the outside and a twenty foot driveway through the center. They are 18x32 with a six foot walk one way and a four foot walk another way. There’s talk of forming a cemetery association to take charge of the cemetery and sell lots so they can raise money to improve the grounds.

…NEW BUILDINGS. There are four residences and a brick school house under construction now. The foundation has been laid for the school house.

…SUNDAY SCHOOL. Attendance at Sunday School last Sunday was 56 and we had two good sermons.


… MRS. HARRIS. Dellie Harris had the misfortune to lose his wife and babe last week.

…WEDDING. Mr. W.E. Wasdin was quietly married last Sunday.

…SHERIFF. Sheriff Wainwright was in Winokur Monday afternoon. He says if he cannot get a man to carry back, he will take a bird dog.

MRS. HARRIS DIED. On last Wednesday morning at 9 o’clock Mrs. Emma Harris quietly passed away leaving a husband, father and mother and several brothers and sisters. Mrs. Harris was a noble woman, a devoted wife and was loved by all who knew her. The remains were laid to rest in the Bethlehem Cemetery Friday morning.

RAILROAD. J.C. Featherston, who has been working here with the Coast Line for some time, has accepted a position near Jacksonville.


…DR. WILLIAMS MEDAL. Dr. Williams has again offered a beautiful medal to the member of the 7th grade who makes the highest grade in the final examination in Physiology.

…VISITOR. Mr. Parker, the teacher at Homeland, visited our school Friday.

…FIRE. We had quite an excitement for a while at school last Wednesday on account of the fire at Mr. Stokes’.

…SUBSTITUTE TEACHER. Miss Maud Wright is teaching the Primary Room this week while Miss Mott is out with the mumps.

ELECTRIC LIGHT PLANT. On next Monday evening a mass meeting will be held at the courthouse to make plans for a stock company which will put in an electric light plant and telephone system in Folkston.

BANK OF FOLKSTON. Statement of Condition of the Bank of Folkston on February 5, 1909: Resources, $42,312.07.

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