Digest of Charlton County Herald - January 1945

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

CHARLTON COUNTY HERALD, Established June 1898, Printed Friday of each week. 
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R. Ward Harrison, Editor

January 5, 1945

UNKNOWN MAN FOUND DEAD. Complete mystery surrounds the identity of an aged white man whose dead body was found in a thicket just east of the highway and railroad near Mattox about noon Monday The body was found by Ray Crews. Sheriff J.O. Sikes was notified and launched an investigation A jury presided over by Coroner John R. Banks found nothing to indicate foul play and returned a verdict of death from natural causes. He was wearing a gold belt buckle and tie pin with L.D.D. on them. The body was held at Hinson Funeral Home in Waycross and when efforts to establish his identity failed, he was buried in Kettle Creek Cemetery near Waycross.

MR. ANDREW JACKSON BENNETT DIED. Andrew Jackson Bennett, age 63, died Tuesday at his residence in Homeland from a brief illness. He was stricken with a heart ailment about ten days ago. A native Georgian, he had been a resident of Folkston and Homeland communities for the past 28 years. He was a member of the Baptist Church and was widely known over the county and had a large number of friends. Survivors include four daughters, Mrs. R.S. Kincaid, Mrs. D.R. Dinkins, Mrs. J.C. Murray and Mrs. B.J. Gerve; four sons, David H. Bennett, Vandell T. Bennett, Pvt. G.W. Bennett of the US Marines and H.T. Bennett of the US Navy; three sisters, Mrs. John McKenzie, Mrs. W.T. Spell and Mrs. Layton Tyre; fourteen grandchildren. Funeral services were held at Philadelphia Free Will Baptist Church and burial took place at Sardis Cemetery.

WATCH NIGHT NEW YEAR’S SERVICES AT BAPTIST CHURCH. Watch night services were observed at the Baptist Church last Sunday night. A large group assembled about twenty minutes before midnight. Each member of the congregation stood and gave the names of relatives in the armed services. A special prayer in their behalf was offered by the pastor. Appropriate scriptures for the occasion were read.

NEW POLICEMEN FOR FOLKSTON. Folkston is beginning the year with a brand new police force, R.E. Player having been named as Chief of Police and Leon Askew as Assistant Chief and Night Officer. The Mayor and Council met Monday to organize for the year’s work.

KIRBY JONES GETS COMMENDATION. Kirby R. Jones, who has been promoted to the rank of Sergeant, was highly commended for outstanding service in the Pacific Area recently. This was in a letter received by his wife, Mrs. Kathryn R. Jones.

LITTLE PATRICIA GAIL KENDRICKS DIED. Patricia Gail Kendricks, ten months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Kendricks of Racepond, died Friday. Beside her parents survivors include two brothers Pvt. Donald Kendricks of the south Pacific with the US Marines and Coxswain H.W. Kendricks with the US Navy and three sisters, Mrs. F.R. Rucker and Esther and Estelle Kendricks, twins, of Racepond. Funeral services were held at Racepond Baptist Church.

SGT. ELLIOTT ALLEN IN BATTLE FOR LEYTE ISLAND. Sgt, Elliott W. Allen has been in battle with the Japanese on Leyte Island. Machine guns and mortars of the Japs were used effectively for two days while his company sought to clear out a hill and open up the way for ammunition, food and evacuation of wounded. Sgt. Allen took a leading part in all these actions.

DRAFT BOARD MOVED OFFICE TO RODGERS BUILDING. Charlton County’s local Draft Board was moved into new quarters on the second floor of the Rodgers Building over the Folkston Pharmacy, following the resignation of Richard Stroup who has served for the past several months. Miss Kathryn Thompson, who has been serving as assistant clerk has been named as Clerk of the Board to succeed Mr. Stroup. She will have no assistant and will take over all the duties of the Clerk. Charlton County’s Selective Service Board is composed of W.L. Thomas, chairman, J.E. Harvey, Sr. and L. Knabb. They serve without compensation.

BUD EVERETT KILLED BY NATHANIEL HANNANS. Bud Everett, colored, age about 35, was shot and instantly killed in the section quarters at Uptonville Sunday by Nathaniel “Honey Boy” Hannans, 24. also colored, after Everett had fired a shotgun blast into the screen door of Hannans home. Both men were employed as A.C.L. section hands and lived in the same house, a two-family structure. Everett is said to have been drinking and threatened his wife, who took refuge in the Hannan home. Sheriff J.O. Sikes took Hannans into custody. At a commitment trial Wednesday Justice of the Peace W.E. Banks decided Hannans was justified in the killing and ordered his release.

MR. CHARLES H. TOOLE KILLED. Charles H. Toole, 40, former resident of Waycross but recently employed in the Jacksonville shipyards, was killed Friday night just north of Racepond on Route One. He was enroute from Jacksonville to spend the weekend in Waycross and was put off the bus because of disorderly conduct. It is the theory of authorities that Toole was struck by a vehicle which did not stop.

NEW BABY BOY FOR JONES FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Jones are the proud parents of another baby boy, born January 3rd at the McCoy Clinic. Weight 8 pounds.

O’QUINN - PETTY WEDDING. A wedding of interest to their many friends occurred on December 31st when Miss Ruth O’Quinn, daughter of Mr. H.L. O’Quinn became the bride of Pfc Glynn Petty, son of Harry Petty. Pfc Petty recently came home on furlough after thirty months of active service in the army taking part in the hard-fought campaigns of the Pacific Islands. Immediately after the ceremony the couple left to spend a few days in Jacksonville before Pfc Petty reports for reassignment.

January 12, 1945

MAJOR HOPKINS PROMOTED. Major A.J. Hopkins, Jr. has been advanced to the rank of Major and Commanding Officer of his battalion in the Corps of Engineers, an amphibious combat unit. He has been serving overseas in the southwest Pacific for the past two years, and recently received this well-merited promotion.

JAMES ASKEW HOME ON LEAVE. Petty Officer James Askew arrived in Folkston this week to visit his parents after more than two years of active service in the Navy. He has taken part in six major naval engagements and this is his first visit home in two or three years.

PACK STOKES BUYS GARAGE BUILDING. A recent real estate transfer in Folkston is the purchase by P.O. Stokes of the old Roberts Garage building, located at the Main Street corner of US One and State Route 23. The building has been vacant for several months but Mr. Stokes is having it repaired. The property was acquired from The Citizens Bank.

GAY’S GROCERY TO OPEN. A new business concern for Folkston is Gay’s Grocery Store, to be located in the Wade Block building recently vacated by Lott’s Ten Cent Store. The business is being established by Mr. M.A. Gay who will have a full line of groceries some time next week. He plans to continue his duties with the ACL signal department and the store will be operated by a sister of Mrs. Gay, who is making her home here with the Gay family during the war period.

CLARK - CARTER WEDDING. Miss Gladys Clark, daughter of Mrs. Sibbie Clark, and Clarence Carter were married at Folkston Baptist Church on December 30th. She is a graduate of the Charlton County High School and holds a responsible position with the Citizens Bank. Mr. Carter received his education in the Charlton County schools and for the past two years he has served in the armed forces and is now employed in Jacksonville. The couple will be at home in the Davis Tourist Home in this city.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of Condition of the Citizens Bank of Folkston and Nahunta at close of business on December 30, 1944: Resources 1,743,096.23.

January 19, 1945

ELBERT C. ALTMAN, JR. KILLED IN ACCIDENT. Elbert C. Altman, Jr., thirteen year old son of Coroner E.C. Altman of Ware County was instantly killed Monday when his bicycle collided with an army ambulance in Waycross. The youth was a newspaper carrier and was on his delivery route at the time. Besides his parents, he is survived by a brother Roy E. Altman of the US Navy and a sister, Mrs. Charlie Farmer and his paternal grandfather Mr. M. Altman. “E.C.” was born in Folkston on July 6, 1931, but had spent most of his life in Waycross. He was an eight grade student. Funeral services were held at First Baptist Church and burial took place at Oakland Cemetery in Waycross.

CARL SCOTT, JR. VISITS HERE. Carl Scott, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Scott, who has been serving in the US Navy in Pacific campaigns for the past two years, arrived this week to spend a brief leave with the home folks.

ARCHIE LLOYD DIED. Archie Lloyd, twelve year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie F. Lloyd, of the Camp Pinckney community, died in a local hospital Friday after a short illness. The little lad had been a chronic sufferer of a blood ailment practically all his life. Besides his parents he is survived by three brothers, Edward, Paul and Richard Lloyd and two sisters, Miss Dorothy Lloyd and Mrs. Pedro Spradley and his paternal grandmother, Mrs. Nora Lloyd. Funeral services were held at Camp Pinckney Baptist Church with burial in Folkston Cemetery.

SGT. RAY GIBSON HELPS RESCUE PLANE CREWS. Sgt. Ray Gibson spends many hours each day listening to radio distress calls from 8th Air Force pilots returning from combat over Germany. As a radio operator he is instrumental in guiding home battle-damaged planes and rescuing personnel who have bailed out over the waters of the English channel. He said it was a tremendous thrill when they recently effected the rescue of 49 men in one day. That set an all-time record for air-sea rescue. Sgt. Gibson’s wife, Wanda Gibson, is in the WAC stationed in Memphis, Tenn.

MRS. AGNES LAYTON WOLFF DIED. Mrs. Agnes Kerr (Layton) Wolff, wife of George E. Wolff, pioneer settlers of Fernandina and a widely-beloved resident of that city for more than sixty years died at her home Saturday following a brief illness. Survivors, in addition to her husband, include four sons, Edwin L. Wolff, W. Raymond Wolff, Commander G. Ralph Wolff, USNR and Roy A. Wolff; three sisters, Mrs. J.P. Mizell, Mrs. Beulah Knox, and Mrs. Florence Kellum; six grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Funeral services were held at Memorial Methodist Church in Fernandina and interment followed in Bosque Bello Cemetery. A member of a distinguished old Maryland family which moved south prior to the War between the States and settled in southeast Georgia, Mrs. Wolff was born August 2, 1860 at Centre Village, Charlton County the oldest daughter of Albert Sidney and Martha Agnes (Rogers) Layton in a period when families lived on large plantations and community interests were centered largely in the establishment of small private schools, Mrs. Wolff was educated by tutors who came by boat from Baltimore to teach in the privately supported institution. Her father was a large landowner of Charlton County and served as a Lt. in the First Georgia Calvary throughout the Virginia campaign under General Robert E. Lee. While still a young girl at Centre Village she met George E. Wolff, a youthful newcomer to Amelia Island and Fernandina. They were married December 28, 1881 and she has resided in Fernandina ever since.

LEE R. TAYLOR PROMOTED. With the Fifth Army in Italy -Pvt. Lee R. Taylor, son of Mrs. Irene Taylor, who lives in Moniac, has been promoted to Private First Class. He is an ammunitions handler with the 91st Division of the Fifth Army in Italy.

WRENCH - MAYEUX. Mr. and Mrs. T.W. Wrench announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Agnes Wrench to Mr, Benton O. Mayeux of New Orleans, La. The ceremony was performed by Rev. R.W. Waterman at the home of the bride’s parents. The bride has been a teacher in the Blackshear schools for the past three years. The groom has been in the Merchant Marines since 1941.

WILLIAM MORGAN VISITS HOME. S1C William R.C. Morgan of the US Navy had his first leave home in nine months, spending the holidays here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Morgan.

January 26, 1945

BOY SCOUT TROOP RECEIVES CHARTER. Folkston’s recently organized Boy Scout troop was formally presented its charter at the regular meeting of the Lions Club Monday night and was received by Scoutmaster William S. Smith. It begins its work with twelve charter members, eleven of the scouts being present at the charter-presentation meeting.

CAMPAIGN TO FIGHT POLIO LAUNCHED. Charlton County’s annual campaign for funds, with which to combat Infantile Paralysis through the Warm Springs Foundation, is in progress this week under direction of W.W. Pickren. The quota for the county is $800.00. School children have been busily at work gathering a harvest of dimes with which to battle the dreaded enemy of childhood.

W.R. ALLEN PURCHASES LIZZIE RODDENBERRY HOME PLACE. A real estate transaction of interest is that of W.R. Allen who purchased the residence formerly owned and occupied by the late Mrs. Lizzie Roddenberry. The property was acquired from H.H. and Thomas J. Crews, the home having recently occupied by Tax Receiver H.H. Crews. Mr. and Mrs. Allen and family will occupy their new home soon.

SEARCH FOR MISSING B-24 BOMBER BELIEVED IN SWAMP. A big B-24 bomber based at Chatham Field, Savannah, and its crew disappeared while on a routine flight December 16, 1944 and is believed to have crashed in the Okefenokee or some other swamp in this area. When last heard from, the plane was about fifty miles off the coast between Savannah and Jacksonville and although searches have been made, no trace of the plane or its crew has been found. Two young women, relatives of the crew, were in Folkston yesterday distributing handbills offering a reward of $1,000.00 for finding the missing plane and crew.

FRED M. ROBINSON RECEIVES SPECIAL RECOGNITION. Twenty-Ninth Infantry Division, European Theater - Pvt. Fred M. Robinson, Racepond, Ga. has received a certificate personally signed by the Commanding General, honoring him for fighting with the 29th Infantry Division from D-Day to St. Lo. The honor is a personal salute from Major General Charles H. Gerhardt to the officers and men who battered their way through the flooded areas and the key city of St. Lo in a campaign where the taking of every five hundred yards was a major battle.

A.T.& T. UNDERGROUND CABLE. Construction is rapidly going forward with the laying of an underground cable line through Charlton County by the American Telegraph and Telephone Co. A crew of thirty or forty workmen are employed on the job, this being one of the largest construction projects undertaken in this area since the outbreak of the war.

JUNIOR THOMAS ARRIVES SAFELY ON ADMIRALTY ISLAND. Friends of S2C Junior Thomas will be glad to learn that he has arrived safely at Admiralty Island near New Guinea.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR JINRIGHT FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Jinright of Jacksonville, announce the birth of a seven pound baby girl, born January 20. The baby has been named Jennifer Gayle. Mrs. Jinright is the former Miss Estelle Russell.

SGT. W.O. JOHNS VISITS HOME FOLKS. Staff Sgt. W.O. Johns arrived here last Thursday to spend a 21-day leave with his wife after twenty-nine months of active overseas service in the China-India-Burma Theater with the Army Air Corps. Mrs. Johns has been here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Altman.

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