Digest of Charlton County Herald - January 1942

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

CHARLTON COUNTY HERALD. Established June, 1898. Printed Friday of each week. Entered at the post office at Folkston, Ga. as second class mail. Member of Georgia Press Association. Not responsible for views of correspondents. R.Ward Harrison, Editor.

January 2, 1942

HERALD’S ADVERTISING CONTRACTS CANCELLED. The Herald begins the new year under circumstances far from cheerful or promising. On account of conditions brought about by the war emergency we have just received the very depressing information that much of our national advertisement will be greatly curtailed and some of the best contracts completely cancelled. We are passing on this discouraging news to our readers only in the hope that some of them may be induced to come to our rescue. If your subscription is due, past due or about to become due, now is the time, if ever, to pay up. The national advertising contracts have been our principal source of revenue and if this is to be curtailed, it will be up to the people of the community to be more liberal in their patronage of this paper.

PRICES OF NEW TIRES AND TUBES ARE STABILIZED. The government froze retail prices on new tires and tubes Tuesday at levels of the standard list price issued by the manufacturers on November 25, acting to prevent profiteering under the tire rationing plan which goes into operation next Monday.

G.R. GOWEN, JR. TO HEAD COUNTY COMMITTEE FOR POLIO CAMPAIGN. G.R. Gowen, Jr., well known Folkston attorney, has been named to head the Charlton County committee to conduct the annual Infantile Paralysis campaign held in connection of celebration of President Roosevelt’s birthday on January 30th. A county-wide organization with committees in each district is to be set up.

WRENCH AND WILLIAMS ELECTED. The Jordan F. Brooks Camp No. 16, United Spanish War Vets, of which T.W. Wrench has been a Commander for the past year, held its recent election. Thomas W. Wrench was elected Chaplin and Dr. A.D. Williams was elected Surgeon.DRAFT BOARD MEETINGS ARE NOW SECRET. Charlton County Selective Service Board has been unusually busy the past several days and just what it’s doing now is a secret in most respects. Orders were issued last week that no future information concerning the induction of men will be given publicity. It is not to be announced when calls are received or how many are included or when they are to leave.

MRS. MIZELL AND DAUGHTER INJURED BY PET DEER. Mrs. William Mizell and her daughter Sara Kathryn suffered painful injuries at their home Friday when they were attacked by a tame deer. The deer was one of a small herd maintained by Mr. Mizell in the grounds at his home. As a sequel to the attack, sale of the herd of deer has been announced by Mr. Mizell, Wilbur Thomas being the purchaser. He will add the animals to his menagerie at his camp which he is building up as an attraction for the travelers. The deer had been raised in the enclosure at the Mizell home since early fawnhood and were family pets, being unusually tame.

EMMETT ROBERTS IN AIR FORCE. Emmett Roberts of St. George has volunteered for service in the U.S. Army Air Corps and has been assigned to Kessler Air Field, Miss. where he will begin training as an army aviator.

PRICES FROZEN FOR TOBACCO PRODUCTS. Moving to prevent general increases in the cost of cigarettes, Price Administrator Leon Henderson Tuesday froze manufacturer’s prices at levels prevailing December 26. He had forecast the action Monday after announcing The American Tobacco Co. had refused to withdraw an increase of 57 cents per thousand in the price of Lucky Strikes.

J.A. HATHAWAY, JR. JOINS U.S. NAVY. J.A. Hathaway, Jr., who has been employed in the district WPA offices in Waycross the past several months, this week enlisted for service in the U.S. Navy. He will leave soon for Norfolk, Va. where he has been assigned for training.

HENRY THOMAS FAMILY MOVES TO HOMELAND. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thomas are now located on their farm tract in Homeland. Mr. Thomas has begun to clean up in preparation for making a crop.

ALTMAN-JOHNS WEDDING. Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Altman announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Blanche Altman, to Sgt. W.O. Johns of Savannah, formerly of Nahunta. He is now in service with the U.S. Army Air Corps at the Savannah Air Base. They were married in Jacksonville on December 5 with Rev. J.C. Pitts officiating. They are making their home in Savannah.

ANDERSON-BAREFOOT. Of much interest to their friends is the announcement of the marriage of Loraine Marietta Anderson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Anderson of Nahunta, to William L. Barefoot, Jr. of Folkston, son of Mr. and Mrs. William L. Barefoot, Sr. of Waycross. The ceremony was performed at 2:00 o’clock Sunday afternoon at the home of Rev. C.L. Hart of Waycross. The bride is a graduate of the Brantley County High School and at the time of her marriage was attending the School of Nursing at the Macon City Hospital, Macon, Ga. The groom is a graduate of Waycross High School and attended the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech. He is now connected with the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. The couple will make their home in Folkston.

THOMAS-ALLEN WEDDING. Sunday afternoon December 21 at the Baptist Pastorium in Douglas, Miss Delene Thomas of Folkston and Alma was married to Hugh A. Allen of Waycross. The Rev. B.E. Donahue performed the ceremony. She is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Thomas and is connected with the Farm Security Administration in Alma. The groom is the son of L.R. Allen of Waycross and is employed at R.L. Walker Chevrolet Co. in Waycross. They will be at home in Alma.

TO MY CUSTOMERS AND FRIENDS: Due to acute business conditions, I am forced, beginning Saturday January 10 to go on a strictly cash basis. I hope each and every one will give me their cooperation in this business change as it was brought about by conditions over which I had no control. Respectfully, GILBERT MIZELL.

FACTS CONCERNING RATIONING OF TIRES. Effective January 5th many Folkston and Charlton County people, like those in every section of the country, will come within the tire rationing restrictions, when it will be impossible for the average person to purchase a new tire. Only new automobile, truck and motorcycle tires, tubes and casings are rationed. No restrictions are placed on purchases of used tires, retreads or recapped tires or on bicycle tires.

January 9, 1942

LIFE AND TIME MAGAZINES PLANNING FEATURE STORIES ON CHARLTON’S HOME DEFENSE UNIT. The boys making up Charlton County’s local Home Defense Unit, who are assigned to guard duty at the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad bridge across the St. Marys River, have already achieved an outstanding distinction. They have been on active duty but a short while and our local boys have been selected as representative of Georgia’s State Guard and they are to be featured in a series of motion pictures which will be shown throughout the nation in the žMarch of TimeÓ program. Staff photographers of Life and Time magazines were here this week and made a series of pictures of the activities of the boys in carrying out their guard duties at the railroad bridge. They are to appear in Life Magazine together with a feature story. The Home Defense Unit assigned to guard duty is made up of O.C. Mizell, A.J. Hopkins, Jr., Robert Harrison, C.C. Gowen, W.R. Allen, Jr., E. Jones, R. Cook, J. Riggins, J. Crawford, Ellis Crews, E.L. Guinn, Wesley Murray, A. Dixon, David Hickox, A. Prescott, O.K. Dinkins.

STAGE FURNITURE AT SCHOOL AUDITORIUM. Last year’s Senior Class of CCHS earned money to buy the school a gift. This present was stage furniture and was delivered the date before the play given December 19th by the present senior class. Additional furniture will be added by future classes, but the settee, table and large chair included in this gift is a fine beginning and cost just a little over $80.00.

TIRE RATIONING BOARD APPOINTED. Chairman William Mizell of the County Defense Council this week appointed a Tire Rationing Board to administer the restricted sale of auto truck and bus tires in this county. The board is composed of Zelton Conner, E.C. Gowen, Holland Brown and S.T. Cockrell. Julian Crews, auto mechanic, was named as Inspector for the board to pass on the matter of whether a new tire is needed or the old one can be repaired for future use. Charlton County has been allotted for January, six tires and five tubes for passenger cars, 22 tires and 18 tubes for trucks and buses. Any citizen who desires to buy a new tire is advised to contact a member of the tire-rationing board for details.

NEW REGISTRATION DATE FOR SERVICE MEN IS FEBRUARY 16TH. President Roosevelt Monday set February 16 for registration of all male citizens and most aliens of the nation between the ages of 20 and 44 who have not registered previously. Men in this age group will be subject to military service.

DR. CORA ROBERTS DIED. Dr. Cora B. Roberts, age 77, a native of Pennsylvania, but who had been a resident of Homeland for the past twelve years, passed away early Saturday following an illness from a kidney ailment. The day before her death she was removed from her home at Homeland to the residence of Mrs. William Matthews, who was attending her as a trained nurse. Obtaining her education at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in the days when women doctors were few and far between, Dr. Roberts later located in Minneapolis where she operated a hospital and amassed a considerable fortune. When she retired from active practice she came to Homeland and has since resided there alone. She has no close immediate family ties or relatives. Her nearest relative, so far as can be learned, is a cousin. Funeral services were conducted Sunday at Atkins Funeral Home Chapel. The body was sent to Jacksonville for cremation, after which the remains will be forwarded to Riegelsville, Penn., her childhood home, for interment beside the grave of her mother there.

January 16, 1942

HOMELAND CITY ELECTION. The annual election of the town officials of Homeland resulted in 32 votes cast. M.M. Toy was elected Mayor. The new town council is composed of M. Norwood, Eli Waughtel, John Zarfos, Fred Kottman and Julian Crews. C.W. Waughtel was elected Recorder.

CORBETT PETTY INJURED AT RIVER BRIDGE. Corbett Petty, a member of the local Home Guard unit, suffered a painful injury while on guard duty at the ACL bridge Saturday night when he was struck by a lump of coal which fell from a passing train. He was on active duty at the time, standing along side the tracks at the south end of the bridge, when the northbound train passed and a lump of coal fell, striking him just above the right eye, cutting a severe gash. He was admitted as a patient in the ACL hospital in Waycross.THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of condition of the Citizens Bank of Folkston and Nahunta at close of business on December 31, 1941: Resources: $908,395.22.

GRACE CHAPEL CHURCH. Rev. Hughie Dixon has called a special meeting of Grace Chapel next Sunday at 11:00 so the church may call a new pastor, as he turned in his resignation last Sunday. Rev. Dixon insists that all concerned attend this meeting.

January 23, 1942

TIRE THIEVES ARE BUSY. Thieves made a tour of the homes along Magnolia Street but succeeded in stealing only a single tire and wheel from the auto of J.V. Gowen, Jr. at his home. The tire and wheel stolen were the new žsparesÓ and were taken from the back compartment of the car. There was evidence of attempts having been made to steal tires from several other homes along this street.

SUNRISE DAIRY CLOSES. The Sunrise Dairy operated here the past several years by T.E. Leckie and his son Powell Leckie this week discontinued business with the sale of the remainder of the herd of cattle to a Tallahassee dairy man.

CIVILIAN DEFENSE VOLUNTEER DAY. Today is CDV Day, Civilian Defense Volunteer Day, when as many as half a million Georgia people are expected to register for volunteer civilian work in all of the 159 counties. Men and women, boys and girls, bookkeepers, lawyers, cooks, etc. will go to places of registration as the one-week campaign gets underway. There has been considerable interest in Folkston in the campaign that enlists citizens in the fourteen branches of civilian defense, William Mizell, local chairman, pointed out. Special classes will be arranged for local volunteers and each course will consist of minimum requirements which must be met to qualify for Federal recognition implied in the award of the arm band insignia for the course. Volunteers are needed for training as messengers, drivers, auxiliary firemen and policemen, fire watchers, air raid wardens, volunteer nurse aides, members of rescue squads, bomb squads, emergency food and housing corps, demolition and clearance crews and road repair crews.

CANDLER LITTLEFIELD IN ARMY AIR FORCE. Candler Littlefield, who is already a licensed airplane pilot, completed the exam for the entry to the Army Air Corps in Atlanta last week, and has been assigned to Maxwell Field, Montgomery, Ala.

WILSON HOME SOLD TO TELEPHONE CO. A business transaction was completed Wednesday with the purchase by B. Parker of Ludowici of the O.F. Wilson home from the Citizens Bank, which recently acquired the property. Mr. Parker, owner of the Folkston Telephone System announced that the residence is to be used as the central exchange for a modern telephone system he plans to install in Folkston. The central exchange will remain in its present location until the new system is ready to be put into service.

RODDENBERRY MERCANTILE SOLD TO PLAYER AND ALLEN. A change in the ownership of the Roddenberry Mercantile establishment at Winokur was announced this week, the new owners being R.E. Player and W.R. Allen. This is one of the county’s oldest mercantile concerns having been in operation for a number of years. It was operated by Mrs. N.E. Roddenberry following the death of her husband about two years ago, until her own recent death, since which time it has been in charge of Delmas Roddenberry.

NEW PLAYER HOME. The new home being built by R.E. Player just opposite the school grounds is in the final stages of construction. Mr. Player plans to move his family back from Umatilla, Fla. during the first week in February.

RECORD TIRE SERIAL NUMBERS. Each owner of an automobile should write down the serial numbers of their tires as this is the only positive means of identifying the owner. With each owner knowing their serial numbers, this will be a great benefit to all police agencies in apprehending thieves.

AD: VOLUNTEER FOR VICTORY from January 23 to January 31.

WHITE RESIDENTS: If you are over 14 years of age register at one of the following places: At Moniac: Knabb’s Store. Slayton Daughtry, Registrar. At St. George: St. George School Building. S.J. Smith, Registrar. At Folkston: Citizens Bank Building, Courthouse Building, Office of County Clerk, Schoolhouse office of Prof. John Harris; Office of Charlton County Welfare Dept., Lois K. Daniels, Registrar; Pool room, Howard Wrench, Registrar.

FOR COLORED REGISTRANTS: Moniac, Moniac School Building, Georgia Anderson, Registrar; St. George, St. George School Building, Gertha Rayson, Registrar; Toledo, Toledo School Building, Virginia Brown, Registrar; Paxton Place School House, Sarah Kennedy, Registrar; Traders Hill, Traders Hill School Building, Ira S. Bryant, Registrar; Folkston, Folkston School Building, Christopher Green, Registrar; Newell, J. H. Brown Registrar. Will register colored and white volunteers for Newell section.

CRAWFORD BANKS IN COAST GUARD. Crawford Banks volunteered for service in the Coast Guard Corps and has been assigned to an investigation unit stationed at Norfolk.

NEW BABY BOY FOR MIZELL FAMILY. Mr., and Mrs. J.P. Mizell, Jr. announce the birth of a son born January 12th in the Sawyer-McCoy Hospital. He has been named Jessie Wayne. Mrs. Mizell will be remembered as Miss Willie Maude Lowther.

Five births, all of them boys, were reported for a five-day period at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital. The following is a list of the births:
Born to Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Mizell, Jr., last Friday, a fine baby boy.
BABY BOY FOR DREW FAMILY. Mrs. Drew was admitted to the hospital on January 17, suffering from pneumonia and a baby boy was born to Mrs. Drew the following day.
BABY BOY FOR PERRY FAMILY. Mrs. I.P. Perry left the hospital Wednesday following the birth of a fine baby boy.
BABY BOY FOR CHESSER FAMILY. Born to Mrs. Guy Chesser, a fine baby boy. Mrs. Chesser and baby left the hospital Thursday.
BABY BOY FOR TANNER FAMILY. Mrs. W.L. Tanner and baby boy, born a few days previously left the hospital Monday.

January 30, 1942

SUGAR RATIONING TO BEGIN. Government rationing of sugar will begin early next month with each person limited to about a pound a week. Rationing books have been designed and printing of them will begin in a few days.

COLLEGES SPEED UP. Wartime speed was carried to each Georgia campus last week as the State University System unfolded a plan to turn out graduates every three years instead of four.

NEW PASTOR AT GRACE CHAPEL. Rev. Huey Dixon and O.C. Smith of Waycross have asked that everybody in the community meet them at Grace Chapel Wednesday night. Rev. Smith is to be the new pastor at Grace Chapel.

GOWEN-CONNER WEDDING. A marriage that will be of much interest in this community is that of Miss Dorothy Grace Gowen, youngest daughter of Mr. Andrew Gowen and Mr. Cecil Conner, son of Mrs. Stewart Conner which took place at the home of the bride’s sister, Mrs. Harven Quarterman at Silco with Rev. George F. Erwin officiating. They are making their home in the old Martin residence in this city.

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