Digest of Charlton County Herald - January 1939

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

Charlton County Herald. Printed Friday of each week. Official organ of Charlton County, Ga. Member of Ga. Press Association and Eighth District Press Association. R. Ward Harrison, Editor.

January 6, 1939

RAYNOR IS NEW CHAIRMAN OF COMMISSIONERS; NEW COUNTY NURSE CHOSEN. O.E. Raynor was elected chairman of the Board of County Commissioners for a two-year term. A resolution was approved by the Board to discontinue the work of the county agent and home demonstration agent. Miss Gertrude Proctor was relieved of her duties effective immediately and W.D. Jones, county farm agent, was given thirty days notice. A.S. McQueen was chosen as county attorney and O.F. Wilson, clerk of the board; E.M. Mizell was placed in complete charge of county road work, succeeding S.H. Lang who recently resigned as supt. of roads. Miss Louise Trussell was employed as county nurse to succeed Miss Jewell Page who resigned.

HIGH SCHOOL BIBLE CLUB. The Bible Club of the Senior High School held its first sessions of the new year on Tuesday and Wednesday. Rev. Swoll Sawyer, pastor of the Methodist Church is the teacher. They will be studying St. Matthew. Membership in this club is voluntary. No one is required to take this work, but for all who do take this course, credit will be given in their regular work. A club of this kind places the Charlton County Senior High in the forefront of progressive educational activities in the state.

MISS PAGE RESIGNS AS COUNTY NURSE. Miss Jewell Page, who has served as county nurse for the past two years, has resigned her position here and left this week for Tifton where she will join the staff of the Tift County Health Dept.

LEGISLATURE TO STUDY DANGER OF CATTLE ON HIGHWAY. The most concerted campaign ever waged against the menace of cattle on Georgia highways has been undertaken by the Ga. Jr. Chamber of Commerce. Many persons prominent in state affairs have been injured or killed in wrecks caused by roaming livestock. The measure will be entitled “An act to prevent any horse, mule, cow, hog or other such animal running at large on the highway, public road or beyond the limits of land of the owner, the owner of such animal is responsible therefor.”

RILEY F. RODDENBERRY DIED. Riley F. Roddenberry, 58, member of a pioneer Charlton County family, who was for many years a resident of this county, died at his home in Kingsland Sunday, the result of a heart attack. Interment was in Oak Grove Cemetery at St. Marys. He was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. George Roddenberry. His wife died several years ago. He is survived by a son, Rudolph, and a daughter, Virginia; three sisters, Mrs. Florence Davis, Mrs. W.H. Mizell and Mrs. Henrietta Sheffield.

ROADMASTER HODGES HOLDS DINNER FOR SECTION FOREMEN. An enjoyable event of the holiday season was the turkey dinner tendered by Roadmaster V.A. Hodges. The feast took place following church services Sunday at the Banks CafÈ with twenty five guests present, fourteen being section foremen of Mr. Hodges’ division. The dinner was given by him for the section foremen in appreciation for their cooperation in helping him win the first prize award for the most efficiently maintained track and roadway in the Northern District of the Atlantic Coast Line’s Southern Division.

UPTONVILLE BAPTIST PLAN NEW CHURCH BUILDING. The congregation of Grace Baptist Church at Uptonville is contemplating the erection of a new church building in the near future. Luther Leonard, chairman of the finance committee, reports great encouragement in his solicitation of funds, and that he is meeting with generous response.

JUDGE GIBSON VERY ILL. Judge H.G. Gibson, who has been seriously ill at his home here for the past two weeks is said to be in an extremely critical condition. He has been suffering from infirmities of age for some time, but developed pneumonia Tuesday, since which time he has been gradually sinking. The family and friends have abandoned hope for his recovery.

GORDON SPENCE HOME FOR VISIT. Gordon Spence of the Blythe Island CCC camp was a home town visitor for New Year’s.

MISS KING, TEACHER AT WINOKUR. Miss Rosa Lee King is back in charge of the school at Winokur. We wish her a most successful year.

PIANO LESSONS. Mrs. C.W. Waughtel will give lessons on the piano at her home Monday and Tuesday. Price: 25 cents per lesson. See her for appointment.

SINGING SCHOOL AT UPTONVILLE. Professor Dumberly of Jacksonville will conduct a singing school at Uptonville beginning Monday evening . The school is to run for ten nights. All persons interested in singing, see J.P. Conner.

NEW BABY FOR NAZWORTHS. Mr. and Mrs. Corbett Nazworth announce the birth of a nine pound baby boy born Christmas Eve. Mother and baby are both doing nicely.

January 13, 1939

DUPLEX APARTMENT BUILDING. An attractive duplex apartment building is being erected by Frank Davis on the lot just south of the Methodist parsonage and fronting the highway. Construction has begun and is being directed by contractor W.L. Huling.

JUDGE HENRY GILBERT GIBSON DIED. Judge Henry Gilbert Gibson, age 83, died at his home here early Saturday following an illness of two weeks. He had been in declining health for several months and was stricken with pneumonia about a week before his death. His passing is mourned by a host of friends throughout the county and this section. He was born February 12, 1855 in Charlton County and was a member of one of the prominent pioneer families of this section. He had been closely associated with his brother, the late Elder W.O. Gibson, all his life and followed him in death in less than a month. The Gibson family has been intimately identified with all that has been for the betterment and upbuilding of the county. While not a member of any church or fraternal organization, Mr. Gibson lived in an upright, honorable Christian life and was held in highest regard by his friends and associates. With the exception of one year, 1889, spent in Brooks County, and a few years following when he was in the dairy business near Waycross, he spent his entire lifetime in Charlton County. He was a successful farmer and businessman until he reached the age of seventy years, when he was elected to the office of Ordinary of Charlton County, and which he filled for a period of ten years until forced to retire because of the infirmities of age. He was first married January 1, 1882 to Miss Martha Highsmith. To this union ten children were born, seven of whom survive, five sons, W.E. Gibson, C.E. Gibson, J. D. Gibson, H.J. Gibson and N.M. Gibson; two daughters, Mrs. E.F. Dean, Jr. and Mrs. A.G. Powers. After the death of his first wife he married Miss Elizabeth Lee, who survives him, with three children, one son, Henry G. Gibson, Jr.; two daughters, Mrs. J.M. Turner and Mrs. S.U. Nelson. He is also survived by 27 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held at Sardis Cemetery, Adkins Funeral Home in charge.

COMMUNITY BUILDING FOR UPTONVILLE DISTRICT. The local board of trustees of the Uptonville School district has repaired the old school building by putting in new windows, stripping the ceiling and painting the building inside and out. This will be used for all school and community activities.

FOLKSTON LIBRARY MOVED TO ANOTHER BUILDING. The Folkston Library has been moved from the Junior High School Building to the Senior High School Building. By combining the two libraries we have a splendid collection of books and a librarian to serve you from 8:30 a.m. till 5:00. The public is invited to make use of the many good books available.

LINEMAN ELECTROCUTED AT ST. GEORGE. W.L. Raiden, about 30, of Rome, Ga., a lineman employed by the Southern Railway, met instant death when he came in contact with a live wire at St. George Wednesday. He was engaged in working on the railroad signal light system at the time. Dr. J.L. Sawyer was called from Folkston but found that the young man had died instantly. The body was taken to Jacksonville and will be forwarded to Rome for interment.

BOX SUPPER AT UPTONVILLE. The Uptonville Singing Choir will give a box supper Saturday night at the community center building. The proceeds of the supper will go toward paying the singing teacher. Tuition is free to anyone who wants to sing. All expenses paid by the community.

MR. J.W. RODGERS DIED. Mr. J.W. Rodgers, age 72, passed away at his home in Boulogne Saturday morning after a prolonged illness. He suffered a sinking spell the previous Saturday and gradually grew weaker until the end came. He was a native of North Carolina but came to Georgia in young manhood and for many years resided in Charlton County and in Nassau County. He was a widely known naval stores operator, had been engaged in this industry for many years, having at one time operated a large tract at Lofton in Nassau County. At one time he was in the mercantile business in Folkston. He took an active interest in civic affairs, having served as a member of the County Board of Education, City Council and as Representative in the legislature. He was a member of the Folkston Methodist Church and a Mason. Besides his wife, Mrs. Kathleen Roddenberry Rodgers, he is survived by one son, Ben Rodgers; five daughters, Mrs. A.S. McQueen, Mrs. Leslie Norman, Mrs. Maurice Powell, Mrs. Hoke S. Griffin, Miss Mildred Rodgers and Miss Mary Edna Rodgers. Funeral services were in Folkston Methodist Church and interment was in the Folkston Cemetery.

MEN BACK AT WORK IN WAYCROSS. Fifty men returned to work last Friday in the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad shops in Waycross, it was announced by James Grant, Supt. of motive power. They are employed in the car department.

SYPHILIS CLINIC. A Syphilis Clinic was started January lst, 1938 for the people of Charlton County. Since that time 675 blood tests have been taken with a positive reaction in 190, or 28%. There has been given 1564 doses of medicine. All household help who have not had a blood test taken should do so. The Syphilis Clinic is now in the office of the county nurse at the courthouse. Clinic day has been changed from Tuesday till Thursday of each week. J.L. Sawyer, MD. Albert Fleming, M.D. Jewell Page,

R.N.BOYD-NORMAN WEDDING. A marriage of interest to their many friends was that of Miss Marie Boyd and Mr. Leon Norman which was solemnized at the Main Street Baptist Church, Jacksonville, last Saturday. She will complete her term in the Moniac School. He is engaged in the automobile business. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. N.J. Norman of St. George and she is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Boyd of Folkston.THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of Condition of the Citizens Bank of Folkston and Nahunta at close of business December 31, 1938: Resources: $685,224.83.

January 20, 1939

INFANTILE PARALYSIS FUND CAMPAIGN. People of Charlton County are rallying to the campaign slogan “Fight Infantile Paralysis” with their usual whole-hearted help. Many activities will raise funds next week, both in the school and community organizations.

BOX SUPPER A GREAT SUCCESS. The Box Supper held at Uptonville Saturday night was a very gratifying success netting the Singing Class treasury $40.97. The occasion was very much enjoyed by the large crowd present.

NEW HULING BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Huling of Homeland announce the birth on January 13th of a baby daughter, born at Dr. Fleming’s hospital. Both mother and baby are reported to be getting along nicely.

BURNSED-RHODEN WEDDING. The many friends of Miss Thelma Burnsed will be interested in knowing of her marriage to Mr. O.W. Rhoden of Starke, Fla. The ceremony took place January 2nd.

PARMENTER-TANNER WEDDING. A marriage of much interest in the St. George community is that of Mr. Fred Tanner to Miss Gressie Parmenter which occurred January 14th.

CREWS CHILD INJURED. Little J.C. Crews, son of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Crews of Winokur, shot himself through the foot with a rifle last Friday. We are glad to learn the injury was not serious.

January 27, 1939

CHARLTON COUNTY IS MARCHING TO VICTORY IN PARALYSIS CAMPAIGN. Charlton County people are responding in their usual generous fashion to the county-wide campaign in progress this week to raise Charlton’s quota for the fund to combat Infantile Paralysis through the Warm Springs Foundation. A smoothly functioning county-wide organization has been organized with many events in a full week of activities. Uptonville and Sardis are the first communities over the top with their quota. Also, Homeland has raised nearly 150% of its quota. The first activity of the week was the Fiddlers’ Convention on Monday evening at Folkston Grammar School. There were seven entrants, and prizewinners were Mitchell Holbrook, Jack Mizell and M.A. Chancey.

MR. MATTHEW J. WAINWRIGHT DIED. Mr. Matthew J. Wainwright, age 85, of Atkinson, Brantley County, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W.R. Allen, here, Sunday after a brief illness. While he had been in failing health for some time, the immediate cause of death was due to a fall recently, resulting in a broken hip. Pneumonia developed Saturday and death came Sunday. He had made his home here the past several months with Mrs. Allen, following the death of his wife. He was a devoted member of the Primitive Baptist Church for 63 years and was widely known and highly regarded in Brantley County. Survivors include three daughters, Mrs. W.R. Allen, Mrs. Lula Prescott and Mrs. C.H. Penland; three sons, R.J. Wainwright, J.A. Wainwright and E.A. Wainwright; four sisters and a number of grandchildren. Funeral service and interment were held at Smyrna Church, Brantley County.

THEATER TO HAVE MATINEES ON MONDAYS. Beginning next week the Ritz Theater will present a regular matinee performance each Monday afternoon at 4:00. Regular feature pictures will be shown at this performance.

ZELTON CONNER BUILDING NEW HOME. Construction work began this week on a five-room bungalow home being erected by Zelton Conner. The new residence is located on the corner lot just north of the home of Guy A. Dean and directly in front of the home of W.H. Mizell. The construction work is being directed by J.J.N. Conner of Callahan.

RACEPOND PIE SUPPER. Don’t forget the Pie Supper at Racepond Saturday evening. All the proceeds will go to the Infantile Paralysis Fund and remember that one-half the money stays at home. Total to be raised by the Mattox-Racepond community is $15.00. Everybody come and bring a pie.

NEW KNOWLES BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Knowles, Homeland, are the proud and happy parents of a nine pound boy. He will be named A.J.

SPEED LIMIT MAY CHANGE. When the Georgia General Assembly convenes, one of the first measures to come before it will be one seeking to increase the maximum speed limit to 55 miles per hour on Georgia highways. Present maximum speed limit is 40 miles an hour.

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