Digest of Charlton County Herald - January 1937

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

Charlton County Herald. Established June 1898. Printed Friday of each week. Official organ of Charlton County, Georgia. Member of Georgia Press Association. Member of Eighth District Press Association. Entered at the post office of Folkston, Georgia as second class mail matter. R.Ward Harrison, Editor.

January l, 1937

MR. TOM J. COLSON DIED. On December 23, 1936 God called to his eternal reward T.J. Colson, “Uncle Tom”, as he was called by his many friends. He was 78 years, 6 months and 14 days old at the time of his death having spent much of his life in Charlton County. He was a devout member of the Methodist Church and lived a very consecrated life. His wife was called to her reward a year and three months ago and since that time he has been a great sufferer both at heart and in afflictions, but when God said “It is enough” he seemed ready to go. He was making his home at the time of his death near Waycross with a daughter, Mrs. J.M. Wilkinson. His body was brought here and laid to rest by the side of his wife in Sardis Cemetery. Rev. G.H. Jacobs and Rev. Thigpen conducted the service. He is survived by four sons: J.W. Colson, T.H. Colson, J.D. Colson and J.J. Colson; three daughters, Mrs. Susan Roddenberry, Mrs. J.M. Wilkinson and Mrs. A.A. Chancy; one brother, George Colson; two half-brothers, Foster and Zack Colson and one half sister, Mrs. E.B. Parker.

PHLOX FLOWERS TO BEAUTIFY FOLKSTON. An extensive beautification program will be carried forward by the Folkston Garden Club in cooperation with the Charlton County Chamber of Commerce and city officials. A plan has been made and worked out by Mayor Hodges, assisted by the ladies of the Garden Club which includes the sowing of phlox seed on every vacant lot in the city as well as setting out trees, shrubbery and other means of beautifying Folkston. It is planned to sow the phlox seed during the early part of January.

EDWIN SMART, WEST POINT GRADUATE, VISITS FRIENDS. First Lt. Edwin Smart, U.S. Army Air Corp, landed at the Folkston airport in an army plane Monday for a brief visit with James H. Wrench, a Folkston friend. He spent his boyhood days in Folkston, attending school here. He later entered West Point, graduating there about three years ago. He is a son of Roadmaster Smart of Jesup.

OIL WELL PROGRESSING. According to recent reports the drilling of the oil well six miles south of Folkston on the Florida side of the St. Marys River is progressing fine. They are drilling every day with good indications of oil.

January 8, 1937

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEET, ELECT JACK HOWARD CHAIRMAN. The reorganization meeting of the Charlton County Commissioners took place this week with election of Jack Howard of the Winokur District as Chairman; Steve G. Gibson of the Traders Hill District as Vice Chairman and Pratt Mizell was elected Clerk of the Board to succeed O.F. Wilson. Col. A.S. McQueen is County Attorney and S.H. Lang is Supt. of Roads and Harvey Thrift is Assistant. Salaries of officials remain the same with the exception of the two road superintendents. They were given raises of $15.00 a month, $100.00 for Lang and $85.00 for Thrift.

NEW YEAR’S EVE FROLIC IN HOMELAND. The young people of Homeland enjoyed an oyster and weiner roast on New Year’s Eve. Eli Waughtel, postmaster, furnished the oysters and wieners. Uncle Hamp Mizell furnished the music and directed the plays. An enjoyable time was had by all present.

YOUNG MAN STABBED AT MIZELL SAWMILL. Bill Harris, young white man, was taken to the Waycross hospital Sunday for treatment of knife wounds inflicted by Harry Taylor Sunday at the Mizell sawmill. From reports Mizell worked at the Mizell lumber camp and Taylor had been working in the Bryant Carter tie camp close by. They had come over to mingle with friends. No warrant has been issued for the stabbing difficulty.

WRENCH ELECTED MAYOR AGAIN. T.W. Wrench has been re-elected as Mayor of Homeland for the third time.

ALL 93 VOTES CAST WERE IN FAVOR OF SCHOOL BONDS. Monday the St. George people went to the polls and voted as a unit for bonds to rebuild their new consolidated school building. The amount was $15,000.00, which with the $10,000.00 insurance and the aid expected from the government, will provide a sufficient fund to construct a modern school plant. There were 93 votes cast and each one was in favor of bonds. The site chosen to rebuild on is in the center park which is public property and belongs to the school. It is not generally known but our St. George neighbors own all the town property which includes some sixty acres of park woodland and also a town jail. It is doubtful if another school in Georgia owns a jail building with cells.

SPUR TRACK FOR HERCULES BUILT ON RAILROAD. The Hercules Company has moved its loading camp from Newell to Homeland. The company has built a twenty-car loading track, several tool houses, cleared a whole block as truck space and built a dwelling house for the watchman and caretaker. They expect to use this loading camp for the entire year. All this preparation required less than two days time. This speaks well for the local superintendent of the working forces.

EDITORIAL COMMENT ON CCC BUILDINGS. There is also another idea for your consideration, that is the proposal to take over the CCC buildings left standing for use of a County Fair this fall. With the Chamber of Commerce seeking means towards this end this project is one which they started to further by a discussion and resolution to have the government grant the county the right to take these buildings over, paint them up and keep the grounds as the camp boys started out to do. You know that nice sod of carpet grass is beginning to show what carpet grass means in keeping down unsightly weeds and other growth. It’s also useful for grazing of our cattle.

MARRYING COUPLES IS NOTHING NEW FOR COL. McQUEEN. Judge A.S. McQueen, Charlton’s new Ordinary, performed his first marriage ceremony as Ordinary Wednesday afternoon when he married a Jacksonville couple. However performing marriage ceremonies is nothing new to him. He was elected Justice of the Peace of his home district in Toombs County the year he was twenty-one years of age and was known as the “Boy Judge”. He married hundreds of couples as Justice of the Peace before moving to Folkston when he was twenty-six.

SUWANNEE STORE MANAGER MOVES HERE. Mr. W.B. Barker, manager of the local Suwannee Store, has leased the Wainwright cottage and moved his household goods here. The family has arrived also.

IRON FIRE TOWER FOR TRADERS HILL DISTRICT. An acre of land in the neighborhood of James Robinson has been donated by J.V. Gowen for the purpose of erecting an iron fire tower. The material was brought to Folkston some days ago to put the tower just east of Folkston but was never used. Arrangements are being perfected to put this tower on the acre above stated as there is no means of watching in the Traders Hill district.

ORNAMENTAL POTTERY TO BE PRODUCED AT FORMSBY PLANT. The Formsby Pottery in Homeland has been putting in some new machinery in preparing to begin the new year with input of ornamental pottery indicating many sales for 1937. Some of this home-manufactured ware is on display at the Charlton Hardware & Supply Co.

CHARLTON MAY WIN CONTEST. Charlton is aiming to take the prize in the Atlanta Constitution’s contest for the most improved condition in county government. The fact that Folkston has a program for beautifying its streets will prove lots of help.

GRIST AND FEED MILL. I wish to announce that I am now operating the grist and feed mill in rear of Theo Dinkins store and solicit patronage of the people of the community at any time. Also stove and firewood delivered promptly at reasonable prices. H. EVANS.

YEAR’S END WATCH PARTY ENJOYED AT THE WAINWRIGHTS. Mrs. E.C. Wainwright surprised the young people of the Traders Hill and Prospect community December 31st with a Watch Party. Delightful games were played by everyone and delicious refreshments were served. The following were present: Edna Crawford, Louise Gowen, Bessie Crawford, Norman Chesser, Alma Davis, Kirby Jones, Floyce Anderson, Sidney Allmond, Joyce Bryant, Raymond Coleman, Myrtle O’Quinn, Joe Dyal, Barney Nelson, Dolly Mae Dyal, Louis Sikes, Chester Bryant, George O’Quinn, Pasco Bryant, Modena Bryant, Miss Bertha Robinson, Mrs. Avie Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Dyal and L.B. Bryant. The music furnished by the Dyals was enjoyed by everyone.

BUSY MOVING DAYS. The past week many moved into new homes and it was the unusual sight for several days to see trucks moving hither and yon to new locations. The O’Niel family moved from Homeland to the Stapleton cottage on Route One as did the Ben Altman family next door to them. Jim Huling moved to the Gibson farm vacated by Altman and the Barker family moved to the Wainwright cottage near the school house.

January 15, 1937

FOLKSTON CONNECTED WITH GA. POWER AND LIGHT CO. Last Saturday evening the Georgia Light and Power Co. connected Folkston with the high tension line from Waycross giving us more current and relieving the overloaded condition of the local plant. Workmen have been completing the connection of the lines this week. Many new poles have been placed and the lines rewired. This line has been connected through Braganza through the government reservation to a point on the Waycross-Nahunta line. Many new customers have been signed up and the people living near Mattox and Racepond now have the opportunity to secure electric service, heretofore lacking.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Report of condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business on December 31, 1936: Total assets: $554,825.26.

January 22, 1937

HERCULES POWDER CO. BUYS NEW BUSES FOR EMPLOYEES. Two modern motor buses with all steel body, dome light, safety lights on the steps and other safety features built by the Wayne Company have been put in service by the Hercules Company for transporting its workers from the Folkston camp to the scene of operations in the woods.

SCOTT JOHNSON NOW WORKING FOR A.C.L.R.R. The friends of Scott Johnson will be interested to learn that he has accepted a position with the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad as Timber and Tie Inspector. He left this week for points in Florida to begin his new work. His duties will take him over the entire system, wherever ties and timber are purchased.

MISS PAGE APPOINTED COUNTY NURSE. Miss Jewell Page, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Page, was appointed this week by the State Health Department as a member of its Field Nursing Staff and has been assigned to duty in Charlton County. She is an efficient trained nurse, having been graduated from a hospital training school in Holyoke, Mass.

HERCULES OFFICIALS ATTEND MEETING. Supt. C.H. Quick, F.J. Guy and H. Betts, officials of local Hercules Co. operations, attended the annual staff meeting and banquet of the Hercules Powder Co. in Waycross last week.

ST. MARYS MAY GET PAPER MILL. St. Marys may be selected as a site for a paper mill according to recent news stories in the daily papers. Efforts are being made by Camden County’s citizens working to that end. The newsprint paper industry is bound to follow soon.

WEDDING. Mr. Alton Wainwright and Miss Sarah Lee Ellison, both of Moniac, were married January 16th at the home of Judge Frank Dowling at Macclenny. Those present were Miss O. June Wainwright and Miss Rubye Raulerson of Moniac. Miss Ellison is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ellison of Moniac. Mr. Wainwright is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Wainwright formerly of Uptonville, but who now live at Moniac.

EUGENE ROHATA SUGGS. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Suggs, St. George on January lst, a son, to be named Eugene Rohata.

LAVERNE PARHAM. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Domas Parham, January 2nd, a son, to be named Laverne.

MR. BROOKS COMPLETES COTTAGES AT SWAMP. Mr. Perry Brooks just completed a number of cottages for the workmen at the sawmill on the Swamp.

January 29, 1937

ACTIVE RAT-KILLING CAMPAIGN BEGINS. Due to so many people having suffered from attacks of Brill’s Fever, which has been traced to flea bites from infected rats, we are going to start an active campaign to kill these rats. Miss Jewell Page will call on all the merchants to ask for their cooperation. This Saturday night has been decided upon as a time to put out rat poison. Please keep your dogs and cats away from this poison. Destroy the rats as soon as you find them as the fleas escape quickly. Anyone interested in eliminating this menace see me or Miss Page.

DR. A. FLEMING, County Health Officer

WOODROW BROOKS INJURED. Woodrow Brooks was painfully injured Saturday night at Uptonville Camp when he was struck just over the eye with a beer bottle by his cousin, Clyde Brooks. For a time it was feared that the injury would prove serious but later reports are that young Brooks will suffer no permanent ill effects.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. M.R. Anderson are receiving congratulations on the arrival of an eight pound baby girl born January 27th. It was reported that the mother and baby are both doing nicely.

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