Digest of Charlton County Herald - January 1932

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


January 1, 1932

Miss Culling Parker and Miss Bessie Lee Davis are now in charge of the local telephone station which is attended at all hours, day and night. Miss Parker is the daughter of the new general manager of the Marianna Telephone Co. and Miss Davis has had much experience at the switchboard.

1-1-32 A beautiful event of the holidays was the wedding of Miss Helen Louise Battle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Royal and Mr. Wilbur Wright, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Wright, on Friday at the home of the bride's parents. MUCH LONGERS.

1-1-32 J.D. Baker was called to Savannah a few days ago by the surprise announcement that his son Joe was married secretly in September to Miss Louise Young. The elder Baker thought it was about time he made the acquaintance of his new daughter in Savannah where Joe is employed.

1-1-32 Friends of the contracting parties here received the announcement of the marriage of Allie C. Newell of Jacksonville and Miss Violette Martin of Waycross on September 19th. Miss Martin is well known here and her friends are hopeful of a happy future for her.

1-1-32 Ten thousand cypress ties from the Okefenokee are being piled in the local railroad yards by the Hebard Lumber Co. preliminary to the shipment to Brunswick for export. A train of more than thirty cars will be required to transport them to the coast.

1-1-32 Party given for Mrs. L.E. Stokes. Gifts were given for her new house. Unusual way of giving gifts, bringing in room in a child's wagon, etc.

1-1-32 Flora Mae Ackerman, five months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Ackerman of Homeland, died in a Waycross hospital Thursday. The funeral was held here with Rev. H.C. Griffin officiating. She is survived by her parents; one sister, Joanne; one brother, Verle and by her grandparents.

1-1-32 Married at Lake City, Fla. on December 20th were Miss Stella Bradley to George Phillips of St. George. Their friends extend to them their best wishes for a long and happy life.

1-1-32 The death and burial of Mr. Jim Conner made a very sad Christmas for his family and friends. It is understood he died Christmas Eve and was buried at Emmeaus cemetery. The particulars of his death are not known by this writer.

January 8, 1932

1-8-32 Homeland has been grading streets this week which includes opening up the street through Homeland connecting up with the avenue running to the 4-H Park. As soon as permission has been obtained from property owners for the right-of-way, this avenue from Federal Highway One will be graded directly to the park, thus making Homeland one of the few south Georgia towns having a 100 acre park.

1-8-32 Mayor Thompson and his newly elected council met this week. Councilmen are O.E. Raynor, George R. Gowen, C.J. Passieu, O. C. Mizell and V.A. Hodges.

1-8-32 Contractor Ed Shivar has been busy this week adding an ell on the home of William Mizell which is to be made into an extra room, thus making an already convenient home more so.

1-8-32 The marriage of Miss Bessie Murray and Mr. L.D. Kinard, which took place in Jacksonville on New Year's day will be learned with much interest by their friends in Folkston.

1-8-32 Miss Gertye Margaret Knabb, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Knabb of Moniac, married Percy E. Griffin of Jacksonville on December 24th.

1-8-32 A wedding of much interest to their many friends is that of Miss Doris Whittemore to Mr. Hubert Parker Harvey of Callahan and Folkston, at the bride's home on Christmas Day.

1-8-32 A fine baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Willis Askew on December 31, 1931 at the home of Mrs. Askew's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Wright.

Rep. L.E. Mallard came home Monday from Atlanta. His position with the state as auditor with the Tax Collecting Dept. ended on January l. He said he will have a business announcement to make soon. He is back home to go to work to make a living.

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