Digest of Charlton County Herald - January 1928

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

January 6, 1928

VERY COLD WEATHER. Sunday showed the temperature dropping and Monday it was freezing. During the week it has been hovering around the 20s in the morning hours, warming slightly during the day. Automobiles froze up while running and the garages have their hands full tending bursting radiators. It was too much for the electric heaters, with a result that Holiday was declared for Tuesday, then for the rest of the week. It was the longest cold spell in years.

MR. EARNEST PETTY DIED. The remains of Mr. Earnest Petty who died at Milledgeville after a twenty-two year stay was brought to Folkston last week and buried in the Folkston cemetery.

WEDDINGS. Among marriage licenses issued last month were: Carl A. McConnell and Miss Dalace Royal of Folkston were united by Ordinary H.G. Gibson; Robt. H. Goza and Miss Christian Robertson of Folkston, by Ordinary Gibson; E.J. Hill and Miss Leuears Rowe of St. George, by Ordinary Gibson.

HOMELAND'S CITY OFFICERS. Homeland elected their city officers, the nominated ticket being without opposition. Elected were: Mayor, K.G. Bass; Recorder, T.H. Willey; Councilmen, L. Roberts, R.E. Condon, J.P. Garrison, Julian Crews and Marshal Toy.

CLINE GOWEN INJURED. Cline Gowen got his right arm broken last Monday while cranking his car. He was brought to Folkston and Dr. Williams set it. He is getting along all right with the arm in a sling.

HOLIDAY FOR SCHOOL CHILDREN. As the thermometer went down to 18 degrees above zero Monday the electric heaters failed to warm up the rooms and as a result another week of holiday was granted for the elementary grades. The temperature lingered around 48 in the rooms, and it was too cold to keep the children in school.

RETORT TO LOCATE HERE. Homeland is to have a retort plant and will employ some thirty men. Located here by U.G. Staton Co., it's the first of manufacturing companies to be brought in this section by the Staton Co. The plant represents an outlay of $13,000.00. The retort consumes, almost exclusively, pine stumps. The product is used in paints. The stumps are blown out by dynamite and put through a special steaming process.

STORE TO CLOSE. The Folkston Department Store, managed by Harry Scher, will close out their business this week. Doing a strictly cash business, Mr. Scher feels that the field is not large enough for him, thus his decision.

NEW BABY. Mrs. Emory Dean has a fine baby boy, which arrived Monday.

January 13, 1928

FOLKSTON CITY OFFICERS. The 1928 city fathers of Folkston were sworn in this week, after Mayor E.B. Stapleton, William Mizell, Jr., A. Fleming, V.A. Hodges, C.J. Passieu and W.B. Vickery were sworn in as were L.E. Mallard, Assessor and O.F. Wilson, Clerk. The board selected J.H. Barnes as Chief of Police and A.S. McQueen as city attorney.

WEDDING. The marriage Sunday morning of Miss Lucy Jones and Mr. Ruth Dinkins at the residence of Mr. H.G. Gibson was an event their friends have been looking forward to. Ruth is an employee of the Ga.-Fla. Investment Co. at the Paxton Place and they have built him a lovely little bungalow to start out on the journey through life. Miss Jones is the accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jones of Traders Hill.

MURDACK IS DOING BETTER. Antilly Rushin, better known as Murdack, who had a leg amputated several weeks ago by Drs. Fleming and Williams, is reported to be getting along all right. Murdack is a county ward and has suffered poor health for some time on account of the limb.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business December 31, 1927: Resources, $566,976.05.

ANOTHER LOW PRICE CAR HAS COME ON MARKET. The Whippet has a reduced low price. Roberts Brothers of Homeland has accepted the agency for this car. Mr. Ed Shivar, contractor, was the first purchaser of a Whippet and he says it runs smooth, covers ground and rides easy.

NO BANKRUPTCIES IN CHARLTON LAST YEAR. Out of the thirteen counties of the Waycross district, Charlton, Camden and Clinch were the only three counties without a bankrupt case for the year 1927.

MRS. WASH DAVIS DIED. Mrs. Wash Davis, age 58, died Tuesday morning after a short illness. She leaves a husband and several grown-up children. Mr. Davis lives on one of Edgar Mills' places.

DRUG STORE FOR ST. GEORGE. Few towns this size can boast of as good a location, building and equipment for a drug store as the one being opened in St. George by Dr. Prescott and son. The building is a little gem. It was constructed last year by Mr. Shreaves for Mr. Phillips, with special care for the details of the interior. Mr. Prescott will put in a complete line of drugs and cosmetics. They expect to have a soda fountain connected soon.

MR. ALEX BRYANT INJURED. Mr. Alex Bryant of Traders Hill was in the city this week carrying his arm in a sling. He is recovering from a broken collar bone received as a result of a fall from a mule.

MR. AARON CANADAY PAINFULLY HURT. Mr. Aaron Canaday was up from Moniac attending court with an arm in a cast. While riding through the woods on a cattle hunt, he was thrown, receiving a fracture. His arm is mending nicely.

TRAIN TORE UP MAIL. Southbound train No. 7 ran over a couple of mail sacks thrown from it Wednesday. They were thrown under the wheels. The train carried the mail some distance, cutting it up very badly.

EDITORIAL COMMENT. Already the Florida cows have learned about the free bridge. So this means the employment of an inspector when it is open for business. We can not afford Florida ticks.

SEE UNCLE BILL FOR WOOD GOODS. Do you known that porch swings, bread trays, tables and other household articles are made in Folkston by Uncle Bill Futrelle? You can get most any kind of repair job done at his shop.

January 20, 1928

LOST - Mrs. Kate Crawford offers a reward for the return of a double barreled shotgun lost by her father during the holidays. The gun was placed against the railing of the Boone Creek Bridge and forgotten. Finder will be rewarded as the gun is a family keepsake.

BOARDS OF HEALTH ESTABLISHED. As a result of a meeting between the Charlton and Brantley County Commissioners, they signed agreements establishing a Board of Health. The Rockefeller Foundation agrees to place with the State Board of Health $4,000.00 as soon as the two counties deposit their amounts of $2,800.00 each. There will be one doctor for the two counties and a nurse for each county will always be on duty. The doctor will divide his time equally.

COUNTY AGENT HAS COME. Mr. W.S. Brown, district representative of Farm Agents of Ga., was here this week with our new County Agent, Mr. A.B. Hursey, getting him properly located.

REV. TOM JONES DIED. Rev. Tom Jones, Chairman of the Republican Committee of Charlton County, died Monday night at his home in the quarters. He has been in failing health for some time from a lung trouble. Jones was quite a character, a leader with his race. He at one time took a big part in Republican politics. A large number of his race attended his funeral Wednesday.

LITTLE JEWELL PETTY HURT. Tuesday afternoon little Jewell Petty, about ten years old, who was sitting on the driver's seat of the truck driven by Erroll Wasdin, lost her balance and fell under the wheel, being painfully injured by being cut on one of her limbs to the bone. She was rushed to Folkston and treated by Dr. Fleming.

CONFEDERATE VETERANS MEET IN WAYCROSS. Two of Charlton's old veterans, Uncle Jesse Grooms and Mr. John Vickery left Thursday for Waycross to spend the day with other old Confederate veterans as guests of the Ware County Veterans Assn. Mr. Seaborn Mills was unable to go on account of illness.

U.S. PRESIDENT RIDES THROUGH FOLKSTON. President Coolidge passed through our city last Saturday on a Coast Line special train. Trainmaster V.A. Hodges was on the special seeing that everything was moving smoothly.

NEW BABIES. Born to Mr. and Mrs. George Crawford, on December 27th, twin babies, a boy and a girl. The little boy died, but the little baby girl and mother are doing well.

RADIO PARTY. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Norman, St. George, entertained at a radio party Friday evening. The guests were teachers of the St. George school. Dainty candies were served during the hours.

MR. RANSE WILLIAMS DIED. Mr. Ranse Williams, an aged man, well known and liked by the turpentine people, died Saturday night with a stroke of paralysis. He was buried Sunday.

TWO YOUNG MEN JOIN MERCHANT MARINES. Diamond Page and Hoke Rogers left Tuesday for Texas where they went to enter the Merchant Marine service.

January 27, 1928

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ORGANIZED AT ST. GEORGE. At St. George the Chamber of Commerce was organized with 31 members present. Serving as officers are G.W. Holzendorf, H.A. Shreve, John A. Barker, Jr., Mrs. W.T. Londeree, S.T. Cockrell, Fred Osterman and B.J. Fountain.

WILKINSON ESTATE SOLD. The Wilkinson Estate, with 648 acres north of St. George, sold Wednesday at $5.00 per acre. Mr. William Mizell, Sr. bid in this valuable property, which is one of the best farms in that section. Almost 100 acres is cleared and valuable timber is on the rest of it.

MR. FRANK RODDENBERRY DIED. News of the death of Mr. Frank M. Roddenberry at Jacksonville Thursday was received in a wire to Mr. Jesse Mattox, his brother-in-law. Mr. Roddenberry has been in the hospital for the last ten days with a kidney trouble. His remains were brought to Folkston for interment in Sardis Cemetery Friday. He leaves a wife and three small children; his mother Mrs. Sue Roddenberry and two brothers, John Roddenberry and George Roddenberry. He was Deputy Sheriff of Ocalla, Fla. His wife was Miss Mattox, daughter of Mrs. Jim Mattox.

NEW BABY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Willie Cannady of Moniac, a girl.

BERTIE LORAINE WRIGHT BORN. Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Wright are receiving congratulations upon the arrival of a fine girl on January 17th. The little daughter has been named Bertie Loraine.

LITTLE WILBUR GREENE SPENCE DIED. Wilbur Greene Spence, the eight-month old child of Mr. Spence who lives on the Mills farm, died Wednesday morning and was buried late that evening. Pneumonia was the cause of its death.

LEE BABY DIED. An infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Noah Lee, of Homeland, died Wednesday shortly after birth.

SCOTT BABY DIED. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Scott, Jr., a baby girl on Monday. The little one died a short while after birth and was buried that afternoon in the Folkston Cemetery.

NEW RESTAURANT NEARLY COMPLETED. Contractor Shivar is putting the finishing touches to the Bank's restaurant building which will be completed this month.

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