Digest of Charlton County Herald - January 1927

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

January 6, 1927

MR. NOAH CREWS DIED. A memorial poem, in memory of Noah Crews, father-in-law of Mrs. Luther Crews, shows that he died December 17, 1926.

DEAN BABY DIED. Card of thanks for expressions of sympathy shows that the baby of Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Dean died.

SCHOOL TEACHERS. In the social items of the paper, it indicates that Mr. Morris is principal of the high school and teachers included Kathleen Moon and Sarah Frances Hayes. Miss Faulk was teacher at Sardis. Miss Fannye Rodgers was teaching at St. George.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business on December 27, 1926: Resources, $524,006.36.

WEDDING. Miss Roslyn Woodson and Mr. Clyde T. Chancey were married Tuesday in Jacksonville. The groom is a native of Folkston and is connected with the Seaboard.

HOMELAND. Homeland begins the new year out of debt, and a nice brick town hall to their credit. The growth along the highway is going to make this a nice home town.

PASSIEU HOME DESTROYED BY FIRE. The cottage occupied by the family of C.J. Passieu was totally destroyed by fire last Saturday morning. The furniture and clothing was also burned with the exception of a few small pieces of furniture. There was no insurance. Mr. and Mrs. Passieu have rooms in the Alexander home.

AD. Paxton Theater. Doors open at 7:30, movie begins at 8:00. Shows from Monday through Saturday. F.W. Goss, manager.

AD. I have purchased the stock of goods in the Rodgers Building and will carry the complete line. I will appreciate your coming in to see me. --W.E. GIBSON

MR. J.B. LEWIS DIED. Mr. J.B. Lewis who was injured in an automobile accident several weeks ago, died in a hospital in Waycross Wednesday.

LITTLE MYRTICE RUTH CORBITT BORN. Born to Mr. and Mrs. E.M. Corbitt, a fine baby girl on January 4, and has been named Myrtice Ruth. Mrs. Corbitt will be remembered as Beryl Bauman.

January 13, 1927

LITTLE JIMMY KNOWLES DIED. Little Jimmy Knowles, about eleven years old, the son of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Knowles, fell from a pecan tree at the home of Mr. Jim Huling last Friday afternoon. No one thought of the little fellow being seriously hurt, as he walked to his home. But he collapsed and a physician was called. The child was injured internally and he soon passed away. The entire community sympathizes with Mr. and Mrs. Knowles in their little son's tragic death.

BAPTIST YOUTH ORGANIZE. The young people of the Baptist Church organized the Sunbeam Band and Royal Ambassadors last week. Mrs. Sol Mills will lead the Sunbeam Band and Mrs. E.H. Wright will be the leader of the Royal Ambassadors.

NEW BANK BUILDING. The Citizens Bank announces that on January 20th they will open to the public their new banking quarters. You are invited to be their guests on that day.

NEW PHARMACIST. Mr. Thompson, with his family, has arrived in Folkston and is pleasantly located in the Charlie Wright residence. Mr. Thompson is the pharmacist for the H.J. Davis Drug Store. He is a graduate of the School of Pharmacy and holds a Georgia and Florida pharmacist license

January 20, 1927

WEDDING. Mr. Ardell Jones and Miss Vandella O'Quinn were happily married at Mt. Zion Baptist Church last Sunday morning. Mr. Jones was formerly employed by the Citizens Bank and now by the DuPont Powder Co.

THE CITIZENS BANK. The Citizens Bank, the strongest financial institution in its class in Georgia, threw open the doors of its new building Thursday morning with a large number attending the opening ceremony. W.C. Hopkins and T.W. Wrench were the first depositors. Souvenirs were given all visitors and many were guests of the bank at lunch at Roney's Cafe.

MR. C. JOHNSON KILLED. Mr. C. Johnson, turpentine operator at Bachlott, was instantly killed Wednesday by No. 87, the southbound Coast Line, at the crossing in front of his Bachlott home, and the Buick roadster which he was driving was totally demolished.

lITTLE LOUISE CASON BORN. Born to Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Cason January 5th, a fine baby girl who has been named Louise.

IMPORTANT EVENTS OF 1926. A review of 1926 events shows outstanding things accomplished in Charlton County were the new $50,000.00 school building; Main Street was asphalted; eight new stores; a new bank building; twenty new residences and a new theater.

THIRTY YEARS AGO, beer was five cents a glass and the lunch was free. Eggs were three dozen for a quarter and milk five cents a quart. The butcher gave the liver for the cat and treated the kids to bologna. The hired girl was satisfied with $2.00 a week and did the washing. Women did not powder or paint, smoke, play poker or do the Charleston. The men wore boots and whiskers, chewed tobacco, spat on the sidewalks, worked eleven hours a day and never went on strike. A kerosene lamp and a stereopticon in the parlor were luxuries. No one was operated on for appendicitis or bought glasses. Folks lived to a good old age just the same, and walked miles.
TODAY, everybody rides in automobiles or airships, plays poker, shoots craps, plays the piano with their feet, go to the movies, smokes cigarettes, drinks home made hootch. They never go to bed the same day they get up, and think they are having a wonderful time. This is the age of short skirts and long profits, excess taxes and prohibition. Still and for all, she's a great old world and we're all tickled to death to be here.

LITTLEFIELD FAMILY MOVES HERE. Mr. J.C. Littlefield has moved his family from their Burnt Fort home to the pretty home recently purchased from Mr. Fred Askew. We welcome this charming family to Folkston.

WEDDING. A charming wedding took place on New Year's day at the home of Col. and Mrs. Edward J. Mayo, Serbreeze, Fla., when their granddaughter Dorothy Whitney Mayo became the bride of Paul E. Garrison. The groom has been making his home there for several years, being among the successful businessmen of the city.
AD. Special Saturday only: 7 bars of Octagon soap for twenty-five cents. Cash only. ---- John S. Tyson, Jr.

January 27, 1927

FOLKSTON PHARMACY OPENS. The Folkston Pharmacy opened its door to the public last Saturday. From morning till late in the evening the store was filled with customers. The store was decorated with flowers and ice cream and drinks were served. A flower was given to each lady that came.

FOSTER CREWS KILLED. Foster Crews, 17 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Crews of Uptonville, was struck by an automobile Sunday evening. His skull was fractured and he had other injuries from which he died Monday afternoon. Funeral services were held at Sardis Tuesday afternoon. Besides his parents he is survived by five brothers and six sisters. The death of this young man is especially sad as at the time he was struck down he was hastening to Conner's Mill to meet his father who was on 21, and have him go to Jacksonville to his daughter, Mrs. A.N. Hayes, who was critically ill in a hospital. He was struck down near Conners Mill. The car did not stop and the injured boy was picked up by friends and rushed to a Waycross hospital.

BOXING MATCH. We do not know whether the boxing exhibition at the Paxton Theater Tuesday night was good or not. This was the first of this kind we had ever seen. Those that know said it was all right. The first was a full round bout between two ten-year old Waycross boys. They didn't hurt each other at all.

BETTER LIGHTING SYSTEM. Mr. Morris and Mr. Bowen of Jacksonville, who are to give us a better lighting system were in Folkston Saturday. Some of the material has already arrived and larger machinery has been shipped. In a short time we hope to have lights whose brilliancy will not be questioned. The citizens of Folkston have been very patient in hoping for better lights. The lights recently are certainly "bum" from early evening until ten o'clock when the load is lifted. We then have better lights.

TELEPHONE SYSTEM FOR FOLKSTON. We understand that this week work will begin on installation of a telephone system in the city of Folkston. Mr. J.K. Larson is at the head of the system.

MR. DANIELS DIED. Mr. Daniels, age 84 years, died at noon Sunday at the home of his son. The body was taken to Kettle Creek Cemetery where the funeral and burial took place.

SMITH BABY DIED. Everyone sympathizes with Mr. and Mrs. Smith in the loss of their nine-day-old baby. The little one died Sunday afternoon and was buried in the Folkston cemetery Monday. Mr. Smith is the new barber who recently moved here.

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