Digest of Charlton County Herald - January 1924

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

(No issue published the first week of the year.)

January 11, 1924

NEW BABY. Born to Mrs. and Mrs. W.J. Johnson on December 31st, a baby girl who tipped the scales at 14 pounds, an unusually heavy baby. Both mother and baby are getting along nicely.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business on December 28, 1923: Resources: $205,017.94.

MR. SEABORN RODDENBERRY DIED. Mr. Seaborn Roddenberry died suddenly at his home in Denton, Ga. Tuesday and was buried in the Folkston cemetery Wednesday afternoon. He was about sixty-five years of age and is survived by one brother, Mr. Newt Roddenberry and the only one living in the family of seven sons. He formerly lived in this county, moving to Denton several years ago and was engaged in business.

NOTICE. Pending the selection of a truant officer the Board of Education has requested that I look after the delinquents. Please see that your child is prompt in attending school. I assure parents I will report promptly the neglect of the child of his school duties, and expect cooperation from all. --T.W. WRENCH

ST. GEORGE SCHOOL DAY EXTENDED. On account of the large amount of work being attempted this semester the St. George school day has been lengthened a half hour. Class will be dismissed at 4:00 o'clock now instead of 3:30. Trucks will leave promptly at that time and pupils who do not go on the trucks are supposed to go directly home. Any cases of loitering on the road should be reported.

BETHEL SUNDAY SCHOOL. If you wish to go to a real live Sunday School, go to Bethel any Sunday afternoon. It was the editor's great pleasure to attend this Sunday School with Mrs. W.H. Mizell on December 30th. We found an even 100 in attendance, a gathering of enthusiastic Sunday School folks who were determined to make an enviable record in 1924. Mr. B.F. Gay is Supt. and is an excellent one. Rev. and Mrs. L.E. Williams were present and he gave an interesting talk. All hail Bethel Sunday School.

PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. On account of the continued ill health of J.C. Buie, the partnership engaged in business in several places in Charlton County under the name of Buie and Littlefield, and composed of J.C. Buie and J.C. Littlefield, has been dissolved, Mr. Buie having retired from the business. J.C. Littlefield succeeds to all the good will and benefits of said partnership, assumes all liability and all rights to collect and receive all indebtedness of partnership. December 27, 1923. J.C.BUIE. J.C. LITTLEFIELD.

January 18, 1924

DIRECTORY OF CHARLTON COUNTY. Clerk of Superior Court, J.D. Raulerson; Ordinary, J.J. Stokes; Sheriff, W.H. Mizell; Tax Collector, J.M. Roddenberry; Tax Receiver, H.H. Crews; County Commissioners, S.F. Mills, Jr., S.G. Gibson, O.M. Prescott, J.C. Boughner, J.P. Canady and O.F. Wilson, Clerk; County School Supt., L.E. Mallard; County Board of Education: T.W. Wrench, Chm.; John A. Prescott, W.R. Keene, N.J. Norman, P.G. Brooks.

DIRECTORY OF CITY OF FOLKSTON. Mayor, Dr. A. Fleming; Councilmen, H.J. Davis, L.E. Mallard, Wm. Mizell, Jr., J.W. Rodgers, W.B. Smith; Treasurer, Mrs. J.M. Roddenberry; Assessor, G.A. Dean; Clerk, O.F. Wilson; Marshal, J.H. Barnes; City Attorney, A.S. McQueen. Postmaster, B. Fay Mills. Trustees, Folkston School: B.G. McDonald, Chm., C.W. Waughtel, S.F. Mills, Jr., Jim Huling, Mrs. William Mizell, Secretary.

WEDDING. Mr. M.D. Musgrove and Miss Luvennia Knight were married by Judge J.J. Stokes Sunday at his residence. The happy couple were accompanied by the parents of the bride, several relatives and friends.

WEDDING. Mr. Joseph Earl Thompson of Florida and Miss Clar Verna Lamb of Racepond were married Wednesday by Judge J.J. Stokes.

WEDDING. Mr. Hugh McClain and Miss Lucille Brock were married Saturday at the residence of Judge A.G. Gowen, the bride's grandfather, who performed the marriage ceremony.

HOLIDAY NOTICE: Lee's Birthday on January 19th, being a legal holiday, this bank will be closed for business on that day. THE CITIZENS BANK.

LITTLE NELL LITTLEFIELD DIED. Just as we go to press the sad intelligence of the death of little Nell Littlefield reaches us. Laryngitis with measles complications was the cause and her demise was sudden and unexpected. She was ten years old and a pupil in Miss Whatley's room. Her death caused universal sadness in the school as she is dearly loved by all. Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Littlefield of Burnt Fort are her parents. All of her brothers and sisters were at school at the time and Mr. Littlefield at his business.

January 25, 1924

LIBRARY IS A REALITY. From Folkston Woman's Civic Club article: It was decidedly a Library Day, culminating in the formal presentation by the trustees, of the deeds to the club, and the key to the new building to the library to Miss Susie Mizell, librarian. It will be open each Friday afternoon at 4:00 and the public is invited. A committee to assist the librarian was appointed: Mrs. Page, Mrs. Dean and Mrs. J.M. Roddenberry. The trustees of the library have worked unceasingly in their efforts to present to the club and the city an attractive library. This is an institution in our midst that has come to stay. The club secured on September 24, 1923, the very desirable northeast corner lot 50 feet wide and 110 feet deep from E.L. Martin for $150.00. The club paid $100.00 cash and gave a mortgage for $50.00 for one year at 7%. Cost of war tax stamp: fifty cents. We had donated in cash $125.50 and cost of recording the deed $2.75. This leaves the balance of only $25.00 due on the lot. Total cost of remodeling the library: $149.70. cost of labor: (donated) 22.10. Amount expended, $127.60. (Note: This library building was located across street from two-story Hewitt home on S. First Street. LBM)

MARY CATHERINE BUSSEY BORN. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bussey, St. George, are the parents of a baby girl born Friday afternoon. She has been named Margaret Catherine.

LITTLE ELEANOR WOODROW LITTLEFIELD DIED. On January 18th, God in His infinite wisdom, saw fit to descend to the earth and pluck from among His garden of flowers a tender bud that promised to bloom forth into one of the fairest Lilies of the Valley. Eleanor Woodrow Littlefield, age eleven years, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Littlefield of Burnt Fort, while attending school at Folkston last term was knocked unconscious by a swing and it affected her nervous system, leaving her very excitable. During Christmas she had measles which left her very weak, then immediately following the measles she contracted whooping cough and her condition wasn't strong enough to overcome it. She was laid to rest in the Folkston cemetery Saturday, services being conducted by Rev. T.B. Kemp of St. Marys.

ST. GEORGE SCHOOL PROVIDING LUNCHES. The hot soup being served for lunch by the Domestic Science class at the St. George school is proving quite popular, especially on cold days. This innovation meets the approval of both parents and pupils where the great majority of the pupils do not go home at noon.
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