Digest of Charlton County Herald - January 1923

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

January 5, 1923

FOLKSTON CITY COUNCIL SWORN IN. The city council was installed Monday at the courthouse and included Mayor Fleming and his new council consisting of S.F. Mills, Jr., E.B. Stapleton, J.S. Tyson, Jr., James Purdom and C.E. Stroup. O.F. Wilson, the elected clerk, took the oath of office. The county commissioners' room at the courthouse was ordered electrically lighted for the use of the council, and Clerk Wilson, who is also clerk of the commissioners, was granted the right to use the county safe.

NOTICE: Bids will be received by the undersigned for the carrying of Connor's Mill school children to and from Uptonville school building. Also for the transportation of Roddenberry school children from Roddenberry district to Winokur school building and returning each day. L.E. Mallard, C.S.S.

J.S. HADDOCK BOUGHT STORE. J.S. Haddock has purchased the Folkston Market and will carry a complete line of fresh meat and groceries.

WEDDING. A quiet home marriage was solemnized last Sat. in the home of Col. A.S. McQueen when his sister, Miss Mary, became the bride of Mr. Arnold Scott. After a trip to Fla. they are at home to their friends in the home of Mrs. B.F. Scott.

MR. PETER MORAN DIED. Peter Moran passed away Dec. 17th at the home of William Strathdee where he had lived for three years since coming south. He was born 45 years ago at Rockdale, Minn. From early childhood he has suffered affliction, however in his mature years apparently in body he was robust in strength. About a year ago cancer of the liver and other ailments set in, the final cause of his death. The funeral service and interment was held at the Homeland Cemetery Dec. 18th, Arthur Roberts officiating. He leaves two brothers and four sisters. Mrs. Wm. Strathdee, his sister, was the only one of his parental home to be in attendance of his last hours of illness and funeral service.

January 12, 1923

MRS. JEHU PAXTON DIED. Mrs. Evelyn S. Paxton, age 71 years, died at her home Saturday. The funeral and burial services were held at Bethel Sunday conducted by Rev. F.M. Salter, pastor of the Methodist Church. Mrs. Paxton moved from Tattnall County to Charlton 67 years ago. She was married to her husband Jehu Paxton, who survives her, 56 years ago. Mrs. Paxton lived a quiet peaceful Christian life being a consecrated member of the Methodist Church. Besides her husband she is survived by one son, Judge M.J. Paxton; one brother, Rev. C.G. Jones and one sister, Mrs. W.F. Bailey.

MRS. ALLEN N. LLOYD DIED. Mrs. Allen N. Lloyd, 22 years of age, died Sunday at her country home near here. The funeral and burial services were held in the Folkston Cemetery Monday. She is survived by her husband, one small child, and four sisters.

MRS. SAM CHANCEY DIED. Mrs. Sam Chancey, age about 70 years, died at her home Wednesday night of an illness of long duration. She was buried at Sardis Thursday afternoon. She is survived by an invalid husband, one daughter, Miss Janie Chancey; four sons, Lee Chancey, F.F. Chancey, S.C. Chancey and J.B. Chancey.

January 19, 1923

DRUM CORP TO ENTERTAIN. The Georgia Industrial Home drum corp will entertain Folkston with one of their delightful concerts on Jan. 26. These orphan boys should be encouraged with a full house.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of Condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business on December 29, 1922. Resources: $176,041.45.

CREWS CHILD DIED. Wed. morning the three-weeks old infant of Mr. and Mrs. Hamp Crews was discovered dead at its mother's side, cause was unknown. Its death was quite a shock, coming so unexpectedly.

MR. NEWT MURRAY DIED. Mr. Newt Murray, one of Charlton's successful farmers, living near Uptonville, died Wednesday with pneumonia after an illness of a week. Newt was a genial soul that everybody knew, and who had a jolly way of making and keeping friends. He leaves a wife and fourteen children. He was buried at Bethel Thursday.

MR. SAM CHANCEY DIED. The oldest citizen of Charlton has gone to his reward, following only a few hours later than the death of his beloved wife. Mr. Sam Chancey answered the call of the Master last Thursday afternoon. Mr. Chancey remembered the great Fall of the Stars in the '30s when he was quite a lad, and reckoned by that, he was over a hundred years old. He was interred at Sardis in the same grave with his wife, who had been his companion for 56 years. Four sons, Lee, F.F., S.C. and J.B. and one daughter, Miss Janie, survives him.

FORD DISPLAY ROOM BEGUN. L.E. Mallard, the man that sells Fords, has contracted with contractor Strickland for the erection of a one-story brick building for the display room of Ford cars and tractors. Dirt was broken Monday.

MARSHAL BROWN DOES A GOOD JOB. St. George Marshal Brown has been engaged on a salary basis. He is a good one who has broken up street corner cussing.

WIRELESS STATION AT ST. GEORGE. Jake Norman at St. George has installed a wireless station and listens in to various concert stations nightly. The writer took in a concert at Pittsburgh last week which was distinctly understood.

VOTERS TO DECIDE CONSOLIDATION ISSUE. An election will be held at Winokur school building and at the Roddenberry school building on Feb. 16th to decide whether the Winokur and Roddenberry schools shall be consolidated. Polls will be open from 9:00 until 3:00 o'clock. L.E. Mallard, County School Supt.

J.J. SAPP BREAKS BOTH LEGS. Mr. J.J. Sapp, a one-armed citizen of St. George, happened to a very painful and serious accident last week when he fell from a Ford truck bouncing over a rough rut and two barrels of syrup was thrown off on him, breaking both legs. He is getting along as well as could be expected.

January 26, 1923

MR. JEHU PAXTON DIED. Mr. Jehu Paxton, age 85, died last Saturday and was buried at Bethel Cemetery Sunday beside his wife, whose burial was the same hour two weeks before. He was buried in less than a mile of the place of his birth. Many years ago he deeded the lot where Bethel Church and cemetery is located to the community and later selected his burial place. A noticeable feature of this burial was the presence of ten friends who had known and loved him for more than fifty years at the graveside to see their comrade laid away. In his younger days he took an active interest in affairs of both state and county. He was a Lieutenant in the Confederate Army and was twice wounded, the scars he carried to the grave. Fifty years ago he represented Charlton County in the Ga. legislature. He also held the offices of Ordinary and County Treasurer for many years. About thirty years ago he moved from his farm to Folkston, being one of the pioneer merchants of this place. He succeeded well and retired after a number of years of toil behind the counters. He was a consistent Christian gentleman being a member of the Methodist Church. He is survived by one son, Judge M.J. Paxton, two brothers, J.M. Paxton and D.B. Paxton and one sister, Mrs. L.W. Edwards.

SMART STUDENTS. The following students of the Folkston school made a general average of 90% during the first four months and were excused from semester examinations: Richard Stroup, Brantley Roddenberry, Marion Pearce, Pearl Allen, Violet Martin, Mildred Littlefield, Margaret Garrison, Estelle Gowen, Thelma Gowen, Helen Pickren, Gertrude Wildes, Georgia Littlefield, Edward Smart, George Gowen, Lewis Askew, Ena Gibson, Ardell Jones, Nancy Vickery, Daisy Sikes and Dean Gowen.

RIDER SCHOOL. Honor students of the Rider School, whose teacher is Miss Bertha Robinson, are: Ary Lee Mizell, Delma Petty, Johnny Rider, Ivy Chesser, Mary Mizell, Etlis Rider, Charlton Snowden and Dick Petty.
WEDDING. News has been received here of the marriage of Mr. R.T. O'Quinn of Jennings, Fla. He was married December 28th.

MRS. SIMON HOWARD DIED. Mrs. Simon Howard died at the residence of Mr. A.C. Wildes Wednesday morning and was buried in Antioch Cemetery Thursday. She is survived by her husband and three small girls.

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. The organization of the First Presbyterian Church of Folkston will take place at the Baptist Church February lst.The Charlton County Herald is the official organ of the County of Charlton, City of Folkston, City of St. George and City of Homeland. W.H. Robinson is owner and Mrs. W.H Robinson is editor. Published on Friday of each week. Subscription: one year is $1.50.

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