Digest of Charlton County Herald - January 1922

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

The Charlton County Herald is the official organ of Charlton County and the Cities of Folkston and St. George, Georgia. W.H.Robinson, Editor-Publisher. Mrs. W.H. Robinson, Manager. Published on Friday of each week. Subscription rate, one year: $1.50.

January 6

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of Condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business December 31, 1921. Resources: $156,199.00.

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. The new county commissioners were sworn in Monday. They are: Folkston District S.F. Mills, Jr., who was elected chairman; Stephen Gibson, Traders Hill District, Vice Chairman; A.M. Prescott, Winokur; J.C. Boughner, St. George; J.B. Canady, Moniac. These comprise the Board.

LIBRARY HAS BEEN MOVED. The Woman's Club Library has been moved to Bauman's Store in back of Stewart's Garage. The library is open from 3:30 to 4:30 on Friday afternoons. SUSIE MIZELL, Librarian.

FREE VEGETABLE SEED. The Herald has received a letter from Senator W.J. Harris in which he requests those who desire vegetable seed to write to him at once so that he may send them. Supply is limited.

MRS. ASIA REYNOLDS DIED. (Arrived too late to print last week) Last Friday the Death Angel visited Mr. Asia Reynolds, taking his wife. She left a devoted husband and three small children, a mother and a host of relatives.

BOX SUPPER AT MONIAC-CANADAY SCHOOL. Unless the writer is misinformed, the Moniac-Canaday School has exceeded every school in the county in the way of box suppers. The proceeds, which are to be used for school purposes, amounted to $123.85 and the pretty girl's cake alone brought $69.90 in the voting contest. The lady receiving the highest number of votes was Miss Inez Chisholm with Miss Gertie Knabb a close second.

NEW BABY. Mr and Mrs. Henry Smith announce the birth of a fine baby boy.

NEW BABY. Albert Fleming Bell is the name of a fine baby boy who arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.P.Bell's on December 25th.

January 13

VERNE BROCK HAS ACCIDENT. Little Verne Brock happened to the misfortune to get his arm broken when he fell off a wagon.

DECISIONS OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. At the County Commissioners meeting it was decided for J.C. Boughner to take the road machinery to his district. J.B. and Bob Allen were employed to operate it. Alex McQueen was employed as county attorney for $200.00 per year and O.F. Wilson as Clerk for $30.00 per month.

VANDELL BENNETT IMPROVING. Vandell Bennett, who happened to the misfortune to get his arm broken while cranking a Ford several weeks ago, is still improving.

MR. JOHNSON ON CRITICAL LIST. Mr. Johnson, St. George, the man who was cut in the chest, is not expected to live.

MRS. HARLEY ROWE DIED. Mrs. Harley Rowe, St. George, died Sunday night and was buried Monday afternoon.

DEATH IN COTTLE FAMILY. Card of thanks for help and sympathy following a death was printed. It was signed by S.E. Cottle and family but did not state who died.

MR. JAMES R. GETCHEL DIED. James R. Getchel, age 75, died Thursday night January 5th at Homeland. He was buried in Homeland Cemetery Friday afternoon. Mr. Getchel moved to Homeland three years ago from California, living alone in his little home. He has no relatives in this section. One son who survives him lives in Maine.

MR. WARREN LEE CASON DIED. Warren Lee Cason, 48, died at the home of his sister-in-law, Mrs. W.H. Hathaway. Funeral services were conducted at the Baptist Church Sunday afternoon, Rev. Waldrop officiating. He was buried at Folkston Cemetery. Mr. Cason was recuperating from an attack of pneumonia which was contracted several weeks ago and was improving nicely until Thursday night when he was stricken with paralysis from which he died early Saturday morning. He is survived by his widow and two small children, Mrs. Myrtie Johnson Cason; four brothers, W.H. Cason and H.H. Cason, Hilliard; F.D. Cason, Zalpho Spring, Fla. and W.W. Cason of Nicholls; two sisters, Mrs. M.E. Hathaway, Jacksonville and Mrs. W.J. Tippins, Daytona.

J.T. BELL HAS ACCIDENT. Mr. J.T. Bell came very near losing his left arm Monday when it came in contact with the saw at his sawmill at Racepond. He was rushed as fast as a car could carry him to the physician in Folkston. His arm is badly cut, but with no bad luck he will soon be himself.

ST. GEORGE SCHOOL. At the Board of Education meeting N.J. Norman was appointed to represent the board in the completion of the building of the colored school in St. George. January 20th

MR. O.S. CHANCEY DIED. Mr. O.S. Chancey, age 42, died at his home near Folkston Monday night from pneumonia. He had been sick only a few days and many did not know of his illness when the announcement of his death was made. Mr. Chancey was a well known farmer and one of Charlton's best citizens, generally loved by all who knew him. He is survived by his wife and one son, an aged mother and father, four brothers, Lee Chancey, Folkston; F.F. Chancey of Patterson; S.C. Chancey of Braganza and J.B. Chancey of Jacksonville; one sister, Miss Janie Chancey of Folkston. He was buried at Sardis Cemetery Tuesday afternoon.

MASONIC SERVICES FOR WARREN LEE CASON AND O.S. CHANCEY. Masonic services will be held at the grave of Warren Lee Cason at Folkston Cemetery on the fifth Sunday morning at 10:00 o'clock. Also at 11:30 Masonic services will be held at the grave of O.S. Chancey at Sardis Cemetery.

BOOK SHOWER FOR LIBRARY. At the Women's Civic Club all members were asked to bring a book to the meeting in February -- a book shower. They have 216 books in the library and would like to add to this.

AD. Save the old tires! I am now prepared to do all kinds of vulcanizing at my shop next to Pickren's Store. See me. W.J. JOHNSON.

PRODUCE PRICES FOR LOCAL FARMERS. The prices quoted below are being paid cash for products delivered in Folkston. Potatoes and syrup should be engaged before being brought in.
Eggs, white, clean, per doz. 30 cents
Eggs, mixed, clean, per doz. 25 cents
Fryers, 2-3 pounds, per lb. 18 cents
Hens and stags, per lb. 15 cents
Roosters, old, per lb. 8 cents
Geese per lb. 10 cents
Guineas each 40 cents
Pigs, dressed, per lb. 9 cents
Sweet potatoes, per 100 lb. 80 cents

January 27

NEW PASTOR AT BAPTIST CHURCH. The Baptist Church of Folkston has called Rev. T.E. Waldrop of Jacksonville to be their pastor for the next year.

WEDDING. Mr. Mack Lloyd and Miss Dora Huling were happily married Sunday evening at the home of Judge J.J. Stokes.

MR. JAMES I. JOHNSON DIED. James I. Johnson, The Bend, died at the home of Mr. Alex Crawford Monday night. For the past six years Mr. Johnson has been an invalid from paralysis. He was 88 years of age and one of the oldest citizens of Charlton County, having lived in this community all of his life, being a native of Nassau County and born within ten miles of the place of his death. He was buried at the old burying grounds near Boulogne. Few older citizens were better known and loved than J.I. Johnson.

MOVING PICTURE TO BE SHOWN. The literary masterpiece to be studied this month at the Folkston School will be Evangeline. On Friday a seven-reel Fox Picture will illustrate the book. This will be the first use of the moving picture machine to teach literature in our school. On Friday night the same picture will be shown for the general public.

NEW BABY. Born to Col. and Mrs. A.S. McQueen January 26th, a fine little baby girl.

The Charlton County Herald is the official organ of the County of Charlton, City of Folkston, St. George and Homeland. W.H. Robinson, owner. Mrs. W.H. Robinson, Editor. Subscription rates: one year, $1.00. Published on Friday of each week.

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