Digest of Charlton County Herald - January 1912

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


January 4, 1912

DINKINS FAMILY. We learn that Mr. Archy Dinkins has moved to Jacksonville.

ST. GEOERGE SCHOOL. Miss Hilda Mattox has resumed the duties of her school down in the St. George section.

COURSONS MOVE BACK. The Herald is glad to welcome E.P. Courson and family back as residents of Folkston.

NEW BANK FOR FOLKSTON. The Citizens Bank opened its doors for business Wednesday. This means more ready money for Folkston’s enterprising citizens.

NEW MARSHAL APPOINTED. Mr. P.A. Cooner has been given the badge of Marshal by the city.

POTATOES SHARED. Paradise Farms raised more potatoes this year than she had land to stack ‘em on, so the proprietor invited the citizenship to go and help themselves – they went.

WEDDING. Colonel W.B. Gibbs and Miss Florence Reville were married Monday night, Rev. D.B. Merritt performing the ceremony.

DOCTOR STAYS BUSY. Mr. F. Blackey, an employee of the Hickox Lumber Co., came down to Folkston Monday to have a broken ankle fixed, caused by the wreck of a bucking lever car. Dr. Reville fixed him up and he took the Jesup Short for home that evening.

GOOD YEAR FOR FARMER REYNOLDS. G.W. Reynolds from the Big Bend, with the help of his two boys cleared $340.00 on his cotton crop; made 400 bushels of corn; has killed 3,000 pounds of pork; put up 500 pounds of lard, besides plenty of syrup and potatoes for his family’s use.

GROCERIES DELIVERED FREE. Folkston Grocery Company says they take orders at your door and deliver the goods on your kitchen table without any extra charges in any way whatever.

DOLPH’S CHRISTMAS GIFTS. We learn that Dolph Wainright rented the back part of Mrs. Wright’s drug store during Christmas to display the many presents sent him by his fair friends. They say that all of Dolph’s girls at each station between Savannah and Jacksonville sent him something. From the number in the display the boys have decided he had about ten at each telegraph and five at each flag station.

PRESENT FOR PRINTER. Mr. J. M. Joyner, the hustling fancy fruit man, made us a present of a between-Christmas-and-New Year’s cake; a real up-to-date National Biscuit baked pound cake. That was good of Mitch, wasn’t it? Mitch knows – he used to be a printer himself and he knows how his heart went out to those who remembered him then. We are as grateful now as you were then, and a little more so too.

REV. CLARK DIED. Rev. W.T. Clark died at the Sanitarium in Milledgeville on last Friday and his remains were brought here for burial Sunday. Deceased had been in failing health for several years and a short time ago he was placed in the State Sanitarium with the hope that treatment there would restore his health, but such was not to be. He is survived by a wife and six children besides other relatives.

WEDDING (From the Jacksonville Metropolis of December 26, 1911): Last evening at the First Methodist Church parsonage, Rev. Isaac Jenkins joined in the holy bonds of wedlock Mr. Arthur Mann Wolfe and Miss Edith Ruth Roddenberry. The only attendants were Mr. J.D. Fleming and Miss Ola Roddenberry, sister of the bride. Miss Roddenberry came here from her home at Folkston, Ga. eight years ago and accepted a position in the county judge’s office where she has rendered excellent service and won many warm friends. Mr. Wolfe is a native of Dublin, Ga. and has resided in Jacksonville for three years. He is a bookkeeper and is at present employed by International Harvesting Company of this city.

January 11, 1912

NEW BABY. Born Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Huling a ten pound boy.

NEW BANK. The Citizens Bank is getting in fine shape and is entirely ready for business. Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Ogilvie of Callahan are spending a while with Mr. J.S. Mizell and family. Mr. Ogilvie is assisting Mr. Mizell in the opening of the new bank.

JACOBS IN FOLKSTON. Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Jacobs are now occupying rooms at Hotel Arnold.

UNIQUE COFFEE ADVERTISING. The Hero Coffee Company advertising squad was here Monday morning in Confederate Gray, advertising this beverage in Folkston.

BAPTIST CHURCH. Rev. G.E. Jones will preach at the Baptist Church Sunday morning and night. Everybody is expected to go out and hear him.

JOINER IN WAYCROSS. Mr. J.M. Joyner was called to Waycross Tuesday to assist the Fire Department of that city in making out their annual report.

AD. Buff Orpington cockerels hatched February and March. Prize winning stock. Also settings of eggs. Miss Margaret Johnston, Homeland.

COLLEGE-BOUND. Misses Mallie and Marward Bedell stopped in Folkston this week a while with Mrs. B.G. McDonald enroute to school in LaGrange. Misses Lizzie and Janie Bedell who have been spending the holidays with their parents at Burnt Fort, returned to their studies in Milledgeville this week.

DENTIST. Dr. Malone, dentist, is again in the city for business in his line. He requests us to state that he has made this place his permanent headquarters.

WAINRIGHTS TO MOVE. We see that Mr. J.A. Wainright is fixing to leave for Savannah. We hope for them success but regret to lose them and are predicting that it will not turn out for long. You know Folkston is a hard place for even a stranger to leave, let alone an old citizen.

VICKS RETURN TO FOLKSTON. Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Vick and little boy have returned to Hotel Arnold after an absence of some duration visiting at their old home in Conway, S.C. Mr. Vick is the hustling Acetylene Light man and has thrown brightness into many homes in and around Folkston.

MR. O’QUINN VISITS. Mr. J.B. O’Quinn, wife and daughter of Winokur, were here last Friday. Mr. O’Quinn says he is 86 years old and in perfectly healthy condition, never had but one dose of medicine in his life and can at this age swim the St. Marys River as quick as any man. He says that he is the head of a family of 93 including grand and great-grand children.

DIED. J.A. Johnson died in Jacksonville Monday where he was visiting his sons. His remains were brought back here Monday P.M. The deceased was about 60 years of age and had resided in this section all his life. He leaves six children, three brothers and three sisters. Peace to his ashes.

NEW BANK. The Citizens Bank is now in operation and is making a good showing. When you come to town, be sure and visit the new bank. It is in the Scott Building. This bank has a good sound backing and good conservative plans of accommodating the public.

HONOR ROLL: 9th Grade, None. 8th Grade, T.L. Pickren, Jr. 7th Grade, Alvin Stokes. 6th Grade, Everett Mizell, Edgar Allen. 5th Grade, Dorothy Mattox, Closs Pickren. 4th Grade, Cleo Mizell, Alton Olliff, Gladys Cranford. 3rd Grade, Lucille Mills, Nellie Pickren. 2nd Grade, Fannie Rodgers, Crystal Wainright, Janie Davis, Clyde Donahoo, Seaborn Mills. 1st Grade, Frank Davis, Helen Pickren. C.H. SHULER, Principal

ELECTION. The election passed off very quiet yesterday with about 50% of a full vote being polled. The state Democratic ticket received the full vote, not a vote being cast for the Socialist candidate.

January 18, 1912

LITERARY CLUB. The Folkston Literary Club is a source of pleasant entertainment for the city and should be encouraged.

JIM THOMAS HURT. Mr. Jim Thomas, the man who keeps the machinery of Paxton’s ginnery in ship-shape, kicked the belt off of a pulley Monday and badly sprained one of his ankles.

MILLS FAMILY IN NEW HOME. Mr. F.D. Mills is now occupying the beautiful home he recently purchased from the Wright Estate. This makes about the most convenient place to reside in town,

DANGER. The woman who starts fires with kerosene continues to get burned to death with clock-like regularity. It does look as though people would quit this dangerous practice.

TELEPHONE. Nord Williams broke into the Central office Tuesday evening and had a chat with every girl on the line. Don’t you know that Nord will have a fine time when the system gets in full sway.

NEW POSITION FOR J.D. MOORE. The friends of J.D. Moore will be pleased to learn that he has been promoted to the position of supervisor of the Savannah Division of the Central of Georgia Railroad.

ELECTION. J.C. Allen is the leader in votes cast for county officers and has the name of “political rabbit”.

January 25, 1912

HOTEL ARNOLD. We learn that Mr. Stanley Mattox has rented Hotel Arnold.

COURT. Sheriff Mizell is off on a trip to The Bend summonsing jurors, witnesses and etc.

STREET EVANGELIST. On last Friday there was a traveling preacher and singer on our streets, giving talks and music.


….NEW PEOPLE. We are informed that new people from all parts of the country are daily arriving at Homeland to cast their lot.

….PEOPLES CHURCH. The framework of the Peoples Church at Homeland is completed and it shows up as a handsome place of worship.

….SHOE SHOP. Mr. A.W. Hart has opened a shoe repair shop just vacated by the tailor.

RAILROAD. There was a wreck of two or three freight cars on the Novelty Works siding on Monday, delaying some of the freight trains.

POTATOES SOLD. Mr. W.O. Gibson was busy on Monday loading sweet potatoes. He loaded a car at Folkston and one at Uptonville.

TELEPHONE. The telephone system is now working in good order. This convenience is of great value to our people.

DAVIS STORE. Mr. H.J. Davis has just had completed a fine cement pavement in front of his handsome building and now the people can reach his store dry shod, dustless and in a pleasant mood for trading.

SCHOOL. The Eleventh District State Agricultural School will open the spring term on February 6th. This school has room for two or three more boys from this county. These vacancies ought to be filled.

VISITORS. Little Misses Pearl S. and Myrtle V. Allen paid the Herald office a pleasant call last Thursday evening and it done the old man up there good all over to see these two bright little ones. Come again, little Misses!

GIFT. We, the printer, went up to see how Col. Olliff was getting along last Saturday and before we got out of the house Mrs. Olliff wrapped up something in a paper for us to take home and when we got there we found it to be about three yards of home-made sausage, instead of a dress pattern, as we had first guessed.

DEATH OF MRS. J.A. WAINRIGHT. Mrs. J.A. Wainright died in Savannah Tuesday after an illness, extending over two years, with paralysis. Deceased had resided here for several years up to a very short time ago when the family removed to Savannah. On last Saturday she had a second stroke of paralysis from which she was never able to recover. Her illness was borne with noble Christian fortitude. Deceased was about fifty-five years of age. She is survived by a husband, two daughters, Mrs. J.D. Moore, Mrs.M.L. Madray and two sisters besides a host of relatives who mourn her taking away. From our personal acquaintance of long standing with deceased, we are assured that she has gone to a sweet rest.

PARTY. Little Miss Cornelia Joyner entertained a few of her little friends at a birthday party Wednesday from 4 till 6 o’clock. Many nice little presents were received by the hostess. A few jolly games were played after which refreshments were served. Among those present were Miss Floy Wilson, Dorothy Mattox, Cleo Mizell, Nina Vickery, Anna Clark and Cornelia Joyner. Also Mr. Alton Olliff, Porter Reville, Everett Mizell, Carl Scott, James Clark, Verne Pickren and Jeffie Stokes.

NOTICE: The Republicans of Charlton County are requested to meet at the Colony Building in the town of Homeland on Tuesday February 6, 1912 at 2 o’clock in the afternoon for the purpose of organizing the Republican Party of the said county and for the further purpose of electing delegates and alternate delegates to said Convention, to convene in Atlanta, Ga. on February 14, 1912.

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