Digest of Charlton County Herald - January 1911

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

The Charlton County Herald was published every Thursday. W.M. Olliff was Editor and subscription price was $1.00 per year in advance.


January 5, 1911

MATTOX HAS ACCIDENT. H.S. Mattox jumped on a nail out at Mizell’s Tie Co. mill last Friday that came to near going through his foot as to bulge the skin on the top. The wound is getting along nicely and Mr. Mattox is able to be about his business.

TYLERS MOVE BACK. W.W. Tyler, who left here about two years ago, returned Monday evening. His household goods have already been shipped and just as soon as they arrive and are set up, Mrs. Tyler and the children will come.

SOLDIERS PENSIONS. The following is a list of applicants for pensions from this county under the new pension law: SOLDIERS APPROVED CLAIMS FOR PENSIONS FOR 1911: J.C. Carter, Isaac T. Hatcher, J.T. Johnson, G.W. Johns, W.P. Merrow, Ed Petty, Daniel Taylor. WIDOWS APPROVED CLAIMS FOR PENSIONS FOR 1911: Mary H. Brooks, Mary Green, C.E. Higginbotham, Mary Ann Haddock, Susan O’Quinn, S.J. Proctor, Mary Roddenberry. Returned for amendment: J.R. Cooper, Leonard Harris. DISAPPROVED SOLDIERS CLAIMS: Simon P. Howard, H.J. Byrd, J. _____ Crawford.

DR. WRIGHT DIED. Dr. J.C. Wright died at his home here Monday morning at ten o’clock after a short illness of pneumonia. He was able to visit his patients as usual up to Friday night when he was forced to give up. Everything that medical ability could do was done for him but to no avail. He was born at Jefferson, Camden County, Ga. April 1, 1858 and his entire life was spent in this section of the state, most of which has been spent in the practice of medicine, he having practiced with his father before he was grown. He is survived by a wife, five daughters and three sons, all of whom were with him at the time of his death. No man ever lived in Folkston has done more for suffering humanity than Dr. Wright. Peace to his ashes.


….PECAN TREES. Norman Zarfos of Northfield University is having 500 pecan trees put out on his farm west of Homeland.

….HOTEL FULL. The Palmetto Hotel is crowded with winter visitors and home-seekers to its utmost capacity.

January 12, 1911

NEW BABY. J.C. Allen has a new resident at his house. The youngster, should he live, will be a voter in 21 years.

PAGE’S MOTHER DIED. H.C. Page was called to Dillon, S.C. last week by a telegram announcing the death of his mother.

MATTOX WORKING IN FLORIDA. J.J. Mattox left Sunday for Saxton, Fla. where he has accepted the position of the supt. of a sawmill.

COURSONS MOVE. E.P. Courson and family have moved to Race Pond where Mr. Courson has accepted the management of the naval stores business of Mizell & Wilson recently purchased from Medlin & Sunday.

DR. REVILLE MOVES HERE. Dr. T.P. Reville has removed here from Hickox and hung out his shingle as a physician and surgeon. The doctor has been in this county for several years and is highly spoken of by his neighbors.

WEDDING. News has just been received of the marriage of Miss Gussie Roddenberry and Mr. Samuel Byrd at the home of the bride’s parents near Winokur on New Year’s Day. The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Roddenberry, the groom being a prominent farmer of Denton, Georgia.

CEMETERY FENCE. The painting of the cemetery fence is about completed and makes a very good show. The town has within the past year built a good substantial fence and if the people will now meet and clean out the entire place, removing everything of an objectionable nature we will then have one of the prettiest cemeteries of any little town in the country.

NEWELL NEWS. The gate fell upon Mr. Preston Wildes two-year-old baby causing an ugly wound on its head but we are glad to know it is not as serious as was at first thought.

ALLEN SCHOOL. Miss Jennings of Folkston has just arrived to take charge of the Allen School.

NEW HOTEL. Mr. B.F. Scott has purchased the lot on the corner of Main Street and the railroad right-of-way and will begin at once the erection of a modern hotel. The building will be of brick and will be two stories high, the first floor to be used as store-rooms and will contain the hotel office, dining room and kitchen; the second floor to contain 25 rooms. According to Mr. Scott’s plans, the building will be right on to the times.

NEW SHOE SHOP. A.H. Hart of Rome, Georgia has opened a shoe shop, corner of Park Street and Bowery Ave., Homeland, where he is prepared to do all kinds of shoe repair on short notice.


January 19, 1911

MRS. REBECCA CREWS DIED. News has been received here of the death of Mrs. Rebecca Crews at the home of her son M.C. Crews at Winokur. Mrs. Crews was a very old and highly respected lady.

HORSE STOLEN. J.S. Mizell had his horse stolen Monday night. The horse is medium size, dark bay colored, about 5 years old. There is no clue to the guilty party. Mr. Mizell is offering a reward of $25.00 for the return of the horse.

LATER: News reached here yesterday that the horse had been held up at White Oak and a party went from here for him.

MRS. STOKES DIED. St. George Gazette: Mrs. James Stokes, while at work Friday at her home north of town, dropped dead of heart failure. The funeral was held Sunday. The deceased was the mother of 15 children and was a sister of Mr. H.G. Crews. The husband, children and relatives have the sympathy of all our people in their bereavement.

HOMELAND: Mr. John Zarfos returned Tuesday with his Minneapolis bride.

D.F. RODDENBERRY DIED. D.F. Roddenberry died very suddenly Sunday night at his home west of town. Mr. Roddenberry was in his usual health, attended church Sunday and visited his daughter at Traders Hill Sunday afternoon, returning home after dark. Just about bedtime he complained of his leg hurting him and went to bed and lay down, where he lay and talked with Mrs. Roddenberry for some time, after which she heard him make a peculiar noise as if strangling. She immediately went to his assistance but he was too far gone to receive any aid. Deceased was about 55 years of age and had been highly honored by the people of the county having held both the offices of Tax Collector and Tax Receiver for a number of years. He was buried at Sardis Church Tuesday under the auspices of the K. of P. Lodge of which order he was a consistent member.

ANDERSON CHILD KILLED. The six-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Anderson, of Uptonville, shot himself with his father’s pistol Monday morning. It appeared that the little fellow went into the room, locked the door and climbed up to a shelf where the pistol was kept and took it down, when in some way it was discharged; the ball entering the upper portion of the stomach. Dr. Reville was immediately called. The doctor pronounced the wound quite dangerous.

LATER: The little boy died from the effect of his wound Tuesday morning about 9 o’clock.


January 26, 1911

DR. FUQUA. Dr. Fuqua has arrived here from Blue Springs, Alabama and has hung out his shingle as Physician and Surgeon with offices in the Bank Building.

O’QUINN RELEASED ON BOND. S.A. O’Quinn has been in jail here since Christmas, charged with the murder of J.D. Crews at Bachlott on Christmas morning. He has been bound over to Superior Court on the charge of Involuntary Manslaughter. Bond was given Saturday and he was released from jail.

K. OF P. NEW OFFICERS. Nine new officers of the Knights of Pythias, Lodge No. 148, were elected and installed last week.

TEACHER. Mr. George White is teaching school in the rurals.

SHERIFF’S SALE. Will be sold at the courthouse at Folkston on the first Tuesday in February 1911 at public outcry for cash: One shingle mill, complete, located at the sawmill of Mills & Wright and levied upon as the property of S.M. Mills. W.H. MIZELL, Sheriff


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