Digest of Charlton County Herald - January 1910

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


January 6, 1910

NO WHISKEY. During the holidays in Folkston there wasn’t a person seen under the influence of whiskey on the streets. What other little town of 600 people can say that.

JOHN TODD KILLED. On Monday night, December 27, John Todd was killed by Hack Brooker. Both lived near Winokur.

GUINN OPENS NEW STORE. J.C. Guinn has moved into the front room of the first story Herald building and is ready with a full line of groceries and notions.

BROCKS MOVED TO CHARLTON. F.E. Brock of Cumberland

Island, formerly Warden there, has moved his family to this county and will make his home near Traders Hill. He is a son-in-law of Judge A.G. Gowen.

NEW CLERK. Master T.L. Pickren, Jr. was the hustling clerk in Mizell’s and Paxton’s Store during the holidays.

AD. THE FOLKSTON PHARMACY. Dr. Dallas Williams, Proprietor. Pure drugs and medicines; Coldest drinks; Best candy; Cigars and tobacco; Stationery and toilet articles; Ice cream. Try us and be pleased!

January 13, 1910

ONE OF THE OLDEST PERSONS IN GEORGIA. From the Statesboro News: In Charlton County there is an old lady said to be 117 years of age, probably the oldest person in Georgia, Mrs. Mary Snowden. Now this lady, mentioned above, lives nearly or quite inside the Okefenokee Swamp, one of the very largest pieces of swamp land in the whole country and has not only attained this great age, having outlived all her childhood friends, but is able to get about despite her age, having lived in three centuries.

NEW LIVERY STABLE. Folkston will have a livery and sales stable soon. M.J. Paxton and J.H. Roddenberry are making preparations to begin the business soon. They will run six teams.

DISASTER AVERTED. H.J. Davis’ store came near burning last Saturday night by a lamp falling. Several were in the store and with blankets the fire was soon under control. Very little damage was done.

CHRISTMAS CAKE. [Note: There had been a contest at the bakery just before Christmas and each time the customers purchased baked goods they received a vote. The one with the most votes would receive, as a gift from the bakery, a very large fruit cake.] We have been asked what became of the contestants and the fruit cake. The parties in the contest are all here. The fruit cake was never made! Mr. Reeves, the baker, has gone! He left December 20th for we know not where.

STREET IMPROVEMENT. The town council is now having our streets worked on by the convict gang. The stumps and oaks will be taken out of all the streets and some of the streets will be graded. This work already done is very pretty and adds much to the town. This will be only a small cost as the wood all goes to the convict camp, as the supt. was ordered by the commissioners to secure wood for the camp. It comes out of the streets of Folkston and the work on the streets pays for it.

BAPTIST MEETING. A protracted meeting begins tonight at the Baptist Church and will run indefinitely.

January 20, 1910

CARELESS DRIVERS. We notice on some parts of the new road people drive on the side in the ditch. This should not be done. It is ruining the road. Let our citizens be more in favor of good roads than to be guilty of such carelessness.

NEW CITIZENS FOR HOMELAND. Today at noon Train No. 85 will stop at Homeland, the 1906 Colony town one mile above here, for a carload of home-seekers to get off from Ohio. Homeland is a hustling town and will soon be ahead of all of the Charlton County towns. Her people are working in the right spirit.

BOX SUPPER HELD. Last Saturday night a box supper was given at Homeland by the school the proceeds of which was for the plastering, and buying of shades for the school room. $15.00 was cleared and added to the amount for the plaster.

TEAM AVAILABLE ANY TIME. The livery and sales stable of Paxton and Roddenberry is ahead of anything that has ever been in Folkston along that line. They now have six teams and are doing a rushing business. This is just what we have needed for a long time. Now a person can get a team at any time, and our people should appreciate this fact.

NEW ROAD. Pierce and Ware County should wake up. Charlton has built her portion of the automobile road from Waycross to Jacksonville.

TGA TO MEET. The Truck Growers Association will meet at Homeland next Saturday at one o’clock.

VISITOR. E.L. Porter of Blackshear, who was agent here three years ago, came down Tuesday and spent the day here.

UNNECESSARY TRIP. Sheriff W. R. Wainwright was called by telegram to Baxter, Fla. Monday night for a prisoner who was wanted here, but reaching there found him to be the wrong man.

NEW SALESMAN. Gillis Rogers, of Lulaton, has accepted a position with Mizell and Paxton as salesman. George Roddenberry, who has been with them some time here, will leave next Monday to take charge of their store at Brownell near Winokur.

January 27, 1910

THE HOMELAND ENTERPRISE. Next week the little town of Homeland, the 1906 Colony town one mile north of Folkston, will enter the editorial world with a paper of her own named the “Homeland Enterprise.” The paper will be an associate official organ of Chariton County containing all the legal proceedings of the county and under the management of E.L. Wainwright. Subscription price will be $1.00 per year.

OYSTER SUPPER. On Saturday evening an oyster supper will be given by the school of Homeland. Everybody is invited. The proceeds will go to the fund to be used in buying school-room fixtures.

LIGHT PLANT FOR FOLKSTON. An electric light plant for Folkston is being talked by our people and among those interested are our most prominent business men who have the means with which to work, but that won’t put up the plant. Our people will be required to come together and lend their support. When all say, “Let’s have the plant, I will take six or more lights,” then the plant will be put in.

MIZELL TIE CO. J.S. Mizell, J.A. Clark and W. Frazier Jones are incorporated into Mizell Tie Co. They have bought several thousand acres of timber west of Folkston and along the Okefenokee Swamp and will run a lumber and tie business. The plant will cost over $50,000.

NEW HELP FOR DAVIS STORE. Bob Mott of Kingsland came over Tuesday afternoon and now holds the position of clerk at the store of H.J. Davis.

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