Digest of Charlton County Herald - January 1909

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

The Charlton County Herald was published each Thursday. W.R. Wainright was proprietor and E.L. Wainright was Editor and Manager.

January 7, 1909

CONNER’S MILL. Mr. A.F. Conner, who has had his mill shut down during the holidays, started up again Thursday.

January 14, 1909

MURRAY CHILD DROWNED. Yesterday morning, W.N. Murray’s child, about 1 and years of age, while playing around a tub of water, fell in and drowned. Nothing more has been learned of the sad accident. Mr. Murray lives near Uptonville.

NOTICE: J.J. Mattox, his agents, servants and confederates, are forbidden from trespassing any further on lands of A.G. Gowen, Sr. under penalty of the law and anyone with proof to convict of any trespass by said parties will be liberally rewarded. This January 12, 1909. A.G. GOWEN, SR.

WINOKUR NEWS. School opened here January 11th, J.C. Allen and Miss Rosella Crews being the teachers.


….CHURCH SERVICE. We had good preaching at the O’Quinn school house last Sunday by Mr. Jim Liles, one member being received, who was S.N. Wainright.

….SUNKEN LOGS TO BE RECOVERED. William Box is expecting to run a lighter on the river and pick up sunken logs. This will give many of the idle boys employment.

TOWN ELECTION. The ticket elected was as follows: T.L. Pickren, Mayor; Councilmen: C.M. Raybon, J.S. Mizell, M.J. Paxton, E.W. Seals, O.F. Wilson; Recorder: E.L. Wainright.

SCHOOL OPENS. Folkston School opened on January 4th with Prof. J.R. VanVoorhis and assistant teachers Mrs. C.W. Waughtel and Miss Ethel Lynch. There are now 120 pupils on roll.

WEDDING. On Wednesday evening January 6, ’09, at six o’clock Miss Josie Mills and Mr. Walter Schmitd were married. The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride’s parents in the presence of only a few relatives by Rev. G.E. Jones. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Mills while the groom is a prominent young businessman of Winokur. We wish for them a long life of happiness.

WEDDING. Last Wednesday before noon at 11:00 o’clock Miss Addie Chesser and Mr. S.G. Gibson, both of near here, were united in marriage, Rev. W.O. Gibson performing the ceremony. Only a few relatives were present, it being very quiet and was a surprise to many. The bride is a daughter of S.A. Chesser who lives ten miles west of here. The groom is a son of Rev. W.O. Gibson and is one of our progressive young farmers. The Herald wishes them a long, happy life.


….NEW RESIDENCE FOR SAPPS. Mr. Sapp has moved in his new residence near the Colony and is preparing to fence in new land for a farm. Mr. J.B. Baker has completed a handsome brick chimney to Mr. Sapp’s residence but Mr. Sapp says the draft is so strong he has to shut out his old pet cat to keep her from being drawn up the chimney.

….HATCHER FAMILY MOVED. Mr. Johnnie Hatcher has moved his family on his farm and will take life easy. Johnnie says he has tried everything from telegraph operator to the manufacturing of naval stores but likes farming the best of all.

….BAKER PRODUCES GOOD POTATOES. Mr. J.B. Baker while sorting his sweet potatoes a few days ago laid aside one dozen that filled a bushel measure. He said they were grown on land that made a bounteous supply of Irish potatoes before the sweet potatoes were planted.

….IMPROVING REUHLING FARM. Mr. Reuhling, who owns the Anderson Place, is burning up the stumps and is preparing to double the farm this year.

HOG KILLING AT JOHNSON FARM. Mr. Henry Johnson, our tax collector, had three fine pigs butchered a few days ago that made 150 pounds of lard, besides a quantity of sausages, spareribs, etc. Having eight more fine hogs to kill, Henry says he does not care how high the price of corn soars.

WORK TO BEGIN SOON IN SWAMP. It is now a certainty that the timber in the Okefinokee Swamp will be cut. The Hebard Cypress Co. is to begin work soon, having already made their plans. They will locate their mill at Waycross and will run their road down the swamp on the other side. Rail has already been ordered and the first shipment is now enroute. Construction companies are figuring on the proposed mills with a view of bidding for some of the construction. Work will begin as soon as possible.

NOTICE TO HERALD READERS. You will notice by this week’s issue that we have made a change in the Herald. Heretofore we have only printed two pages of home news and had the rest printed in Atlanta. We now discontinue using the Atlanta work and only have a four page paper, all printed at home. THE EDITOR.

BACHLOTT SCHOOL. Miss Stella Pickren left Monday afternoon for Bachlott where she has accepted a school.

MIZELL WORKS IN WAYCROSS. Hamp Mizell left for Waycross Tuesday where he will begin work with the Hebard Cypress Co.

CARD OF THANKS. Miss Clara Roddenberry wishes to thank, through the Herald, the members of Folkston Lodge K. of P. for the $15.00 check sent to her children in the Orphan’s Home.


….NEW ORGAN. The Union Sunday School has purchased an organ from Ludden and Bates at Jacksonville.

….ADDITION TO BRUCE HOME. W.H. Bruce is having a veranda built to his home.

….CIGAR FACTORY. Rumor says that a cigar factory will soon be in operation.

January 21, 1909

DAN SAPP HIT BY TRAIN. Last Saturday night Dan Sapp who has always lived in Charlton and moved to Florida a few months ago, was hit by Train No. 21 at Dinsmore. Sapp was on his way to Folkston from Jacksonville walking the track, and becoming tired, sat down on the track to rest and fell asleep. At about 8:40 the train passed and he was awakened from his peaceful slumber. He was not seriously injured, only having his arm broken. Train 56 from Jacksonville stopped and brought him to Folkston. Dr. J.C. Wright dressed the broken limb and he’s now at home doing nicely.

BAPTIST CHURCH. Union Meeting of Piedmont Association was held at Folkston Baptist Church January 29, 30, 31.


….CABBAGE FARM. Mr. C.C. Powell has about 5,000 cabbages of the Jersey Wakefield variety now forming heads. Mr. Powell expects to ship them north in a few days and wants a fancy price for them.

….TURPENTINE TREES. J.B. Baker is cutting boxes in his timber.

….BROOKS FAMILY MOVES. Mr. Jesse Brooks has moved his family to the Roddenberry House in the suburbs of Folkston. Jesse says he was cut out for a “city man”.

NOTICE: This is to notify the people of Folkston and vicinity that I am now again in the draying business here and am prepared to haul your freight, move your furniture or anything in that line. CHARLES J. YOUNG.

WINOKUR NEWS: Miss Minnie Colson of Folkston is to teach music at the home of Mr. W.I. Minchew.

WEDDING. Mr. Flemon Allen and Miss Hattie Drury were married at Winokur Friday night. It was a run-away affair. The young people returned this week from Racepond where they visited relatives of the groom. They have the best wishes of a number of friends.

Owen Moore went away,

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Owen Moore came back one day.

Owen Moore! !

CHRISTY NOW WITH A.C.L. Jim Christy has accepted a position with the ACL as painter and left Tuesday for Savannah.

RAILROADEXPRESS OFFICE. Since the new freight law has been enforced the people are getting their freight out of the office by the time it arrives here. The agent now charges storage at the rate of one cent per hundred pounds per day, after it has been in the warehouse for 48 hours.

ST. GEORGE SCHOOL. Miss Nellie Mattox left Tuesday for St. George where she will begin teaching school, having accepted a small school near there. Miss Nellie is one of our most refined young ladies.

FOLKSTON SCHOOL REPORT. Enrollment and attendance of the Folkston Public School ending January 8, 1909: High School total enrollment 84; neither absent nor tardy: Essie Robinson, Laura Gowen, Willie Robinson, Walter Stewart, King Haddock. Intermediate Room total enrollment: 30. Neither absent nor tardy: Roscoe Smith, Lutie Johnson. Primary Room total enrollment: 39 Neither absent nor tardy: Alton Olliff, Everett Mizell, Willie Raybon and Sidney Robinson. We are proud of the 82 new books just added to our school library. These books were purchased with the $30.00 collected by the girls during court week by the “tag system”. /s/ J.R. VANVOORHIS, Principal.


….TURPENTINE PLANT HAS NEW OWNER. Mr. Mills of Waycross was with us Monday having some time ago purchased the turpentine plant of J.J. Green, of which his brother is in charge.

HOMELAND. Homeland, our colony town one mile north of here, is beginning to look like a city. The new dwellings that are going up are like city houses. The streets as they are being cleared are very pretty and makes the lots very attractive. Homes are being built every day and newcomers are arriving almost daily.

ADMINISTRATOR’S SALE. To be sold the first Tuesday in February, 250 acres more or less bounded North by O.R. Leigh, East by the St. Marys River, including what is known as the Lake property, the home place of Robert Hatcher and the old court house site, all at Traders Hill.

NEW SUNDAY SCHOOL. A Sunday School has been organized at the Johnson school house three miles west of here by Earnie Altman. Earnest became a member of the church here about a year ago and he has done much good since he joined. He is living a Christian life and wants to do all the good he can. The S.S. was organized three weeks ago. Earnest is Supt.; Miss Bertie Grooms. Sec.; Mesdames J.H. Johnson, J.S. Grooms, and Miss Ernie Altman are teachers.

FARMERS’ UNION. Last Saturday a Farmers Union was organized here. Officers selected are G.H. Jacobs, Pres., Jos. Mills, Vice Pres.; J.R. Cooper, Sec-Treas.; N.N. Mizell, Chaplain; J.W. Swearingen, Conductor; A.G. Gowen, Trade Agent; John Wildes, Doorkeeper. Executive committee appointed was J.C. Allen, W.R. Rider, J.E. Summerall.

January 28, 1909


….BROOKS SCHOOL. Mr. Albert Yarber of Homeland has accepted the position as a teacher for the Brooks school on the Creek.

….FIRE. A disastrous forest fire broke out here last Saturday burning up a number of cross ties and cord wood.

SURPRISE PARTY. On the 18th and 20th were the birthdays of Prof. J.R. VanVoorhis and Don Weeks who are living in rented rooms at the Central Hotel. Their wives decided to give them a surprise party so on the evening of the 20th the young people were invited to come. They met at the Denmark Hotel and at 7:30 they all appeared at the Central. There were 62 present and at a late hour they left for their homes talking of the pleasant evening they had spent.

WEDDING. Mr. James Barber and Miss Nancy Johns were married at 3:00 o’clock on last Thursday evening. We wish for them a long and happy life.


….SCHOOL. Miss Anna Dean’s school is progressing nicely. She has a large number of scholars enrolled.

….POST OFFICE. We are glad to say the Post Office is in better shape than ever under the management of P.C. Tracy.

BIRTHDAY FOR MR. RODDENBERRY. Sunday the 24th inst. was Mr. John W. Roddenberry’s 72nd birthday. An enjoyable time was had at his home. His daughters, Ola and Ruth and Mrs. O’Cain were present with his only son “Little John”. Uncle John, though he has passed his three score and ten, is yet one of the “boys” and enjoys his fun. He is still running his livery stable and is always gone during the day carrying someone from place to place.

EDITORIAL. It occurs to us that people are becoming careless about the study of music and especially the young people of Folkston. It has only been but a few years since all of our young people were interested in music and were using every moment possible at the instrument practicing. Even the boys were studying that they might become musicians. But it is not so now. Our music is all in the case and the piano untouched for practice and the opportunities we now have for study are swiftly passing by. Have you thought what you are missing? Then begin today. Join the class which is taught by Mrs. J.R. VanVoorhis and better yourself in music.

WINOKUR VISITOR. Frank Wainright spent Sunday at Winokur visiting relatives. It reminded us that it is only a four-mile walk to Bachlott.

FOLKSTON SCHOOL. Miss Edna Mott has been employed as the fourth teacher in the Folkston School. The school continues to grow. Miss Mott has charge of the Primary Grade with an enrollment of 29 of the little folks of our town.

WEDDING. Last Saturday afternoon Edmond D. Griffin and Della Johnson, both of Racepond, were married by T.W. Vickery, J.P. at his office.

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