Digest of Charlton County Herald, January 1908

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

The following abstracts have been taken from microfilm of the 1908 Charlton County Heralds. The Herald was published every Thursday and the proprietor was W.W. Tyler. The roll of microfilm begins with the January 23, 1908 issue.

January 23, 1908


…STREETS. The officials of Winokur have had some important work done on the streets which adds greatly to the convenience of its citizens.

…TOBACCO USERS. Mrs. Jennie Smith requests the tobacco users to please read the notice on the church door and not spit on the floor.

DEATH OF MRS. TAYLOR WAINWRIGHT. The sad news reached us today of the death of our dear mother who passed away Jan. 10th to eternal rest. She leaves eight children and a husband to mourn her, besides a host of friends. Her family consists of three daughters and five sons, of which only two were present at the time of her death. For eighteen years she had been a devoted member of the Methodist Church though many times her place was vacant on account of ill health. She was 59 years of age and bore her sickness with Christian resignation knowing there was a better life awaiting her. /s/ Her Daughter.

STORE ADDITION. Mr. M. Altman is putting on an addition to his store.

January 30, 1908

ROAD NEEDED. It becomes more evident that the proposed road to the Folkston addition should be built. A few days ago Mr. W.H. Clay closed a deal with a number of Indiana people by which it is expected that about twenty families will be brought here. A good class of people is being induced to settle over there and they should have a way to get to Folkston without having to travel such a round-about way, then their advanced children could read the Folkston school.

DEATH OF VERA WRIGHT. Vera, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J.C. Wright of Folkston was born March 10, 1890 and died January 23, 1908. She was a girl of unusual musical and literary talents for one so young. For about three months she suffered intensely from a complication of diseases making a brave fight against death, only to succumb and pass over that river which each must surely cross.

NEW DOCTOR’S OFFICE. Mr. Jehu Paxton is having the Dr. Burch’s office cleaned and preparing for Dr. Williams who is expected to be here by Feb. 1st.

NEW RODDENBERRY HOME. Carpenters are now putting up the framework for Mr. John W. Roddenberry’s residence. All John needs now is a mistress for it and Madam Rumor has it that he is rushing matters along that line.

WEDDING. Cards are out announcing the coming marriage next Sun. afternoon at the home of Mr. Solomon O’Berry of Miss Emily Howard and Mr. W.H. Goodge.

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