Allen, George W. ("Dick") 1860s "Allen Family"

Allen, Lillian Davis "Lillian Davis Allen"

Allen, William Robert, Sr. "W.R. Allen & Son"

Askew, (A.W.) Albert Wallace "A.W. Askew Introduced the Cotton Gin to the County"

Askew, Doris Wright "Doris Wright Askew"

Bailey, Rosa Etta Anderson "Licensed Midwife"

Banks, Whit Ephram "Practicing Pharmacist for 35 Years"

Barefoot, William Lonnie, Sr. "The Man That Folkston Called 'Mr. Foots"

Barnes, John H. "Chief Barnes Kept Folkston's Law-Busters In Line"

Boyd, (R.A.) Russel Alphonso "The Screen Door," Eulogy by a Neighbor ; "Telegrapher, Banker Remembered" ; "Second Vice President, Citizen's Bank"

Brock, Vernon and Irene "Fifty Years and She's Still His Valentine"

Bruschke, Helena "Life's Sunshine Comes Through Helena Bruschke's Window"

Buchanan, J.W. "Dixie Lake, A Doctor's Dream"

Campbell, J.W.H. "Mr. Campbell's Grist Mill Was Part of Town for Fifteen Years"

Canaday, Doyle "After Career As Merchants, Doyle Canadays Look Forward to Retirement"

Chancey, Wade "Won Golden Glove Title in 1946"

Chapman, Samuel R. 1983 Black History Month Profile; 2006 Black History Profile

Chute, Eunice Remembered For What She Did for Charlton County

Chesser, Tom "Struggle For an Okefenokee Homestead" ; "Chesser Island Christmas"

Coleman, Walter Nathan "Nicki"; "New CMH Helipad is Memorial to Nicki Coleman"

Colson, Virgil "Captured WWII Bomber Pilot Returns to Germany As Friend"

Conner, Idell Walker "In Memory of Idell Walker Conner"

Cooper, John Robert "I remember Grandpa"

Crawford, Roxie Renshaw Chesser "Celebrates her 90th Birthday" ; "Southern Cook"

Crews, Hardy H. Hon. "Tax Receiver, Charlton County;" "Hardy Crews Remembered"

Crews, Lydia Smith Stone

Crews, Mose, Jr. "One of the Last Icemen, Remembered"

Davis, Henry Jackson "Pioneer Builder of Folkston"

Davis, Mary Stokes "A Stokesville Native Recalls the Good Old Days"

Davis, Ralph "First Citizen of the Okefenokee, Ralph Davis Prepares History" ; "The Old Man and the Swamp"

DeLoach, Hoyt B. "Hoyt Deloach Won Distinguished Flying Cross Over Europe"

Dinkins, Theodore "Timber Products, Real Estate and Other Business Interests"

Edwards, Eddie "Son of a Slave, Cut Ties for Lydia Stone"

Fleming, Albert, M.D. "Dr. Albert Fleming, Practising Physician" ; "Leader in Dixie Highway Efforts"

Gay, M. Austin "Merchant and Member of City Council"

Gibson, Madison "Madison Gibson and World War I"; "Memories of Charlton"

Gibson, William Elvie "Veteran Merchant, Manager, Suwannee Store"

Gibson, W.O. Letters to the Editor: "Leigh Hill, Coleraine, Sawpit Landing;" ;"William Mizell;" ; "Early Schools" ; "The Haircut;" ; "Sawmills and Steamboats;" ; "Coleraine Sawmill and Centerville"

Gibson, W.O. "Review of a Well-Spent Life;" "Final Summons For Elder W.O. Gibson, Beloved Citizen"

Gowen, E. Clyde "Electrical and Plumbing Contractor"

Gowen, George Rhoan "Attorney At Law, Ford Dealer, Business Executive"

Gowen, James Vernon "James Vernon Gowen Enriched the Legend of Traders Hill"

Gowen, Thomas C. "General Mercantile Business, Farm Owner"

Haddock, Jennings S. "Dry Cleaning and Pressing, Real Estate Owner"

Harris, John "1905 Settler In St. George Chose High Road"

Harvey, J.E. "J.E. Harvey, Sr., Railroader and Good Neighbor" ; "Joseph Emmett Harvey, Sr. -- Retired Railroad Employee"

Hendrix, Mary Mizell

Hinson, John Barber "Businessman and Farmer"

Hodges, Vinson Archibald "Led Railroad's Glory Days Into Folkston;" ; "Retired Roadmaster"

Hopkins, Walter C. "Naval Stores Operator and Land Owner" ;"Walter Hopkins Became A Legend In His Own Time"

Huling Family

Jacobs, Rev. General Harrison

Johnson, Ben Scott "General Merchandising and Building Materials"

Johnson, Erick Harry

Johnson, Gertrude Wildes "My 15 Years At the Citizens Bank"

Johnson, Henry, Hon. "Judge Henry Johnson Brought Auto to Folkston"

Johnson, H. Russell "Business Leader and City Councilman"

Johnson, Ralph " Kozy Kabin Kamp and Kafe" ; "Man With a Vision"

Kendrick, Donald Lee "Hero Of World War II at Iwo Jima Battle"

Kennison, Bena Wainsor "Bena Kennison was the 'MacNess Man' in Charlton"

Kolar Family

Lambert, Eddie "Eddie Lambert's Memories"

Layton, O.W. - "Folkston Has fond Memories of O.W. Layton" ; "O.W. Layton Barbershop"

Lee, Henry Harrison "Mystique of the Okefenokee Swamp" ; "Lost In the Okefenokee"

Lewis, Clifford H. "Local Merchant"

McCoy, Walter R., M.D. "McCoy-Jackson Hospital" ; "Dr. Walter R. McCoy Remembered At Christmastime"

McDonald, Ben "The First Armistice Day"

McDonald, Benjamin B. "The McDonald House, one of the City's Oldest Enterprises" ; "The McDonald House Hotel" ; "Notes on the McDonald House"

McQueen, Alexander S., Hon. "Judge A.S. McQueen, Attorney At Law and Author"

Mallard, Lawrence E, Hon. "Tax Collector, Folkston's Senior Citizen"

Martin, Emory Lovett and Wealthia "Folkston Recalls the Martins of Martin Street"

Mills, Samuel M. "Owner, Folkston Coca Cola Company"

Mizell, Owen K. "History of Owen K. Mizell, Born May 25, 1811"

Mizell, William, Jr. "President Citizens Bank of Folkston and Nahunta, GA;" ; "Citizen's Bank Building A Monument To A Man" ; " Letter to the Editor by W.O. Gibson, Re: William Mizell"

Olliff, William Marshal "Folkston's Forgotten Pioneer Benefactor" ; "Further Notes on W.M. Olliff"

Page, H.C. "H.C. Page Ran Folkston's Railroad Depot for 39 Years"

Passieu, Charles J. "Owner and Manager, Passieu Chevrolet Company" ; "Charlie Passieu Entered Folkston Auto Business in 1923"

Passieu, Louie "Made Air Force History on B-29 in WWII"

Pearce, Gene "Early World War II Casualty Remembered"

Pickren, Thomas Lovett "Statesman and Merchant"

Pickren, Verne "Successful Businessman and Former Postmaster"

Pitts Family

Pollock, Elijah "Buck" "Earned Respect of Neighbors"

Prevatt, Joseph Allen "Successful Merchant and Veteran of World War I"

Rawls Family

Raynor, Oscar E. ''Benevolent Political Leader for 60 Years" ; "Merchant and Civic Leader"

Robinson, Pauline Thaxton "Mrs. Robinson's Herald Pointed the Way for 11 years"

Roddenberry, Belle "Teacher For Almost 50 Years"

Roddenberry, (Lizzie) E.W. "County's First Elected Female"

Scott, Benjamin F. "Ben Scott, Folkston Pioneer, Led 1912 Bank Struggle"

Sikes, James O. "Charlton County's Legendary Sheriff" ; "Charlton County's Sheriff"

Smith, Claudette Chatman "Claudette Smith Takes Serving Others to Heart"

Smith, Francis Marion, M.D. "1870 recollectionsof Herman Smith"

Smith, William Shock "County Superintendantt of Schools"

Smith, William "Uncle Bill" "Folkston's Famous Fisherman Celebrates His 90th Birthday"

Southwell, John Buie, Sr. John Buie Southwell, Sr. Bio ; "Successful Businessman and Public Spirited Citizen"

Stapleton, E.B., Sr. "Stapleton Drug Store"

Stewart Family

Stokes, Lewis E. "Outstanding Leader For 50 Years" ; "Merchant and Landowner"

Stokes, Paxton O. "Stokes Motors Company"

Stroup, C.E. "Stroup's Barber Shop" ; "Pete Stroup's Barber Shop, A Favorite Gathering Place"

Taylor, John Seward "Doctor of Dental Surgery"

Thomas, Wilbur Laten "In Business for Many Years"

Thrift, Mack David "Postmaster At Winokur from 1924-1936"

Thrift, Luke, "Uncle Lone" "Saint of the Okefenokee Brings Back Old Memories"

Thompson, Dr. William D. "Progressive Mayor in the 1930s" ; "Folkston Pharmacy"

Tracy, Porte and Minnie "Minnie and Porter Tracy, Part of the Legend of Traders Hill"

Tyson, John S. "General Merchandise;" ; "Store Was a Folkston Institution"

Vickery, Jesse "Jess Vickery's Southern Charm Led County On the High Road"

White, M.G. "M.G. White Was Pioneer Roadbuilder and Merchant" ; "Farmer, Teacher, Merchant, Contractor, and Garage Operator"

Williams, Adrian Dallas, M.D. "Country Doctor for 38 Years"

Wrench, Thomas W. "Retired Editor and Publisher"

Wrench, Tom - "Firebrand Editor"

Wright, Elijay Hawley "Hawley Wright's Auto Service Garage A First For Town" ; "Elijah Hawley Wright, Service Station Operator"

Wright, J.C., M.D. "Folkston's First Physician"


Charlton  County Archives