Life in Early Charlton County



1538 Desoto's Description of the Okefenokee

1755 Traders Hill Settlement

1760 Indian Tribes, Land Boundary

1793 Traders Hill Massacres

1796 Treaty With Creek Indians

1800 Center Village or Centerville Settled

1864 Civil War Action at Kings Ferry

1870 Recollections of Herman O. Smith

1874 Voyage of the Paper Canoe

1887 After the Civil War

History of Spatcher and Pinckney Chapels


1901 Petition To Change the Courthouse to Folkston

Through Folkston at 85 MPH

1906 Homeland, Georgia: The Vision ; Homeland, Georgia: Forming the 1906 Colony Company ; Homeland, Georgia: Promoting 1906 Colony Company

1907 Folkston Bottling Works

1909 1925 Notes On the Johnson School ; "Rev. W.O. Gibson And The Wedding That Didn't Take Place"

1910 Telephones Come to Folkston ; John and Jim Todd Killings ; The Census Man

1911 The Town Youth ; Funeral Customs

1912 Judge Johnson Brings the First Automobile to Folkston

1913 Moving the Methodist Church Across the Railroad Tracks

1914 "The McDonald House Hotel -One of Folkston's Oldest Enterprises" ; "The McDonald House Hotel" ; Notes on the McDonald House Hotel ; The School Burns and Is Rebuilt; Local Timber Used to Build Panama Canal ; Women's Weekend Socializing

1916 "Folkston's Main Street Well and Curfew Bell"

1916 "Tyson's Store was a Folkston Institution"

1917 Charlton County During World War I ; Dixie Lake -- A Doctor's Dream ; Madison Gibson and World War I

1918 Ben McDonald Urged Celebrating the First Armistice Day

1921 The Teacherage Dormitory ; Folkston's Water Tanks ; Okefenokee Smokehouse Cigar Factory in Homeland

1925 My 15 Years At the Citizens Bank

1926 Cattle Tick Fever Epidemic

1927 Grand Jury Presentments re: School Construction ; Folkston's Three Theaters

1928-1935 Presidents Coolidge and FDR Pass Through Folkston ; The Traveling Medicine Man

1929 Seeing Charlton County In a Day's Automobile Ride

1933 Warden White Slain in Homeland

1936 Kozy Kabin Kamp and Kafe

1930s The Traveling Medicine Man Show ; Folkston's Bus Station Was A Center of Youngsters' World ; Francis Harper

1932 The First Theatre On Main Street

1934 Charlton County created


1935 "Folkston's Wonderful School Growth"

1936 W.O. Gibson Recalls Early Schools

1937 1946 The Ritz Theater ; The Paxon and Topper Theaters

1938 The Wedding That Didn't Take Place

1938 Charlton County's Great Depression

1939 The Christmas Fire at the Homeland Post Office ;

Wildlife Conservation Camp Report

1943 World War Two Years, Local Women Receive National Attention

1944 Captured WWII Bomber Pilot Returns to Germany As Friend

Digging the Suwannee Canal

1946 Cornhouse Methodist Mission Homecoming Day ; Railroad Camp Cars ; The Lost Dime

1947 Junior Class Trip to Palm Beach ; Mysterious Box Contains Skeleton

1948 Graduating Class ; School Play ; Baccalaureate Ceremony ; Class Trip

1949 Leonard O'cain's Missing Money

1954 Folkston Volunteer Fire Department

1958 Election Hijinx

1970 Mystique of the Swamp ; Lost in the Okefenokee

1989 Oral History - Visit to Mizell Cemetery, State Route 252

Arnold Hotel burns down twice


Willow Cafe, Bluebird

Wade Lumber Mill

RR Depot, Water Tower, Telegraph Tower, Coal, Dropping mail bags, catching them with bamboo poles

Gypsies, Goatman, Street dance


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