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Charlton County Herald

August 27, 1943

The scrap metal we sent to Japan is coming back to us in shrapnel wounds. Lt. Col. W.J. Carrington, Chief of Surgical Service at General Hospital, Clinton, Iowa, told newsmen touring army installations in that state. “In our surgery we often find shrapnel in which we identify pieces of American-made razor blades and pop bottle caps,” Col. Carrington said.


Nell Pickren Pearre

December 1943 was little more than a date on the calendar in Folkston because of World War Two. Local business men reported they received Christmas merchandise in small, scattered shipments and that their limited stocks were sold out as rapidly as received and placed on display. The Christmas spirit was hard to find, with so many of the young men of the community away on the battlefields. However, two young women from Folkston brought distinction to Charlton County during this time.

Those who went to the Ritz Theater that December on Main Street, near Stapleton Drug Store, were pleasantly surprised when a newsreel film featured a Folkston young woman who was serving in the WACS. Sgt. Nell Pickren Pearre was shown in a WACS review. She was the former Nell Pickren, sister of Verne J. and Woodrow Pickren of Folkston and was attached to the recruiting service. She had recently made a tour of the large cities of this nation in the interest of WACS recruitment.

Lois Mattox Miller

Another young woman from Folkston received national attention that December when national radio commentator Walter Wenchell commended Mrs. Lois Mattox Miller for her outstanding work as a writer on medical subjects. A sister of Mrs. Hilda Jones, of Folkston, she had written an article in Readers Digest about the doctor who discovered that the mosquito was the transmitter of the dreaded Yellow Fever disease.

[CHARLTON COUNTY HERALD, December 10, 17, 1943]

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