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A Methodist is one who has the love of God shed abroad in his heart by the Holy Ghost given unto him; one who loves the Lord his God with all his heart, mind, soul and strength. He rejoices evermore, prays without ceasing, and in everything is full of love to all mankind, and is purified from envy, malice, wrath and every unkind affection. His one desire and the one design of his life is not to do his own will, but to do the will of Him who sent him. He keeps all God’s commandments, from the least to the greatest. He follows not the customs of the world, for sin does not lose its nature by becoming fashionable. He cannot lay up treasures upon earth, nor can he join in any diversion that has the least tendency to rise.

He cannot speak evil of his neighbor anymore than he can tell a lie. He does good to all men, unto neighbors, strangers, friends and enemies.

These are the marks of a true Methodist.

John Wesley.



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I am going to the trouble and expense of getting out and sending one of these reports to each family on the charge so that you may know who are members of the church and what they are doing to build up the church.

The following reports show the charge to be in a critical condition. Read therein and see just how near dead your church is and what has caused it. You will find in this report the roll of membership, the post office of each and the number of times each has attended church since Jan. lst., amount each paid to missions and for the support of pastor and Presiding Elder. The vow of church membership is “I will be subject to the discipline of the Church, attend upon its ordinances and support its Institutions.” Have you kept this vow? The following reports show that fully half have broken these vows. No pastor can succeed when the members fail to keep these vows. You must do better or your church will surely die.

Your Pastor

D.B. Merritt


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Presiding Elder 60.00

Pastor 450.00

Bishops 8.00

Conference Claimants 34.00

Foreign Missions 41.00

Home Missions 55.00

Church Extension 17.00

Education 32.00

American Bible Society 2.00

Minutes 1.00



Folkston 335.00

Homeland 60.00

Bethel 60.00

Traders Hill 35.00

Mills 20.00


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D.B. Merritt, Pastor

Stewards: L.E. Mallard, T.L. Pickren, J.S. Mizell, C.S. Wainwright, J.L. White, C.C. Powell, B.F. Gay, D.S. Dinkins, H.P. Bryant, F.E. Brock.

Trustees: Jehu Paxton, John Waughtel, B.F. Scott, S.F. Mills, J.W. Bryant.

S.S. Supt’s.: J.S. Mizell and J.L. White.


Folkston, 1 Sun. 11AM, 8 PM: 3 Sun. 8 PM

Homeland, 2nd and 4 Sun. 8 PM: 3 Sun. 11 AM

Bethel, 2nd Sunday 11 AM

Traders Hill, 4th Sunday, 11 AM

Mills, 1st Sunday, 3:30 PM

Uptonville, 2nd Sunday, 3:30 PM


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Bailey, W.F. Folkston, Ga.

Bailey, Mrs. W.F. “

Bussey, Mrs. Sallie “

Clark, Mrs. Dora “

Clark, Tommie Ruth “

Clark, Annie Lucy “

Clark, James M. “

Clark, Will S. Jacksonville, Fla.

Davis, H.J. Folkston, Ga.

Davis, Mrs. Pearl “

Eubanks, Mrs. Violet Blackville, S.C.

Gibbs, Mrs. Florence Folkston, Ga.

Hatcher, Mrs. Jane “

Hathaway, Mrs. Elizabeth “

Hathaway, Will H. Jacksonville, Fla.

Haddon, Mrs. Mary Callahan, Fla.

Huling, S.R. Huling Folkston, Ga.

Huling, Mrs. S.R. “

Huling, James O. “

Huling, Miss Dora “


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Huling, Miss Hellen “

Joiner, Miss Lillie “

Layton, Mrs. Agnes Fernandina, Fla.

Layton, Charley Waycross, Ga.

Layton, Miss Tassie Jacksonville, Fla.

Love, Mrs. Artie Folkston, Ga.

Mallard, L.E. “

Mallard, Mrs. Agnes “

McDonal, Mrs. Burnice “

Mattox, H.S. “

Mattox, Mrs. Fannie “

Mattox, Robert Newport, R.I.

Mattox, Charley Waycross, Ga.

Mizell, J.S. Folkston, Ga.

Mizell, Roy H. “

Mizell, Mrs. Lessie “

Mills, Mrs. Mamie “

Merritt, Mrs. Ruby “

Paxton, Jehu “

Paxton, Mrs. Evelyn “

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Paxton, M.J. Folkston, Ga.

Pickren, T.L. “

Pickren, Mrs. Dora C. “

Pickren, Alva H. Fitzgerald, Ga.

Pickren, T. Exum Jacksonville, Fla.

Pickren, Kathleen Folkston, Ga.

Pickren, Taylor L “

Pickren, Verne “

Raybon, C.M. On R.R.

Rodenberry, J.H. Folkston, Ga.

Rodenberry, Mrs. Cornelia “

Rodenberry, Mrs. Novenia “

Rodenberry, J.D. “

Rodenberry, H.C. “

Rodenberry, Mrs. Clara “

Rodenberry, Miss Ruth Jacksonville, Fla.

Rodenberry, Wallace “

Rodenberry, Jet A. Folkston, Ga.

Rodenberry, Mrs. Belle “

Rodenberry, Mary “

Rodenberry, Mattie :


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Rogers, Mrs. Cathrine Folkston, Ga.

Reville, Dr. P.T. “

Reville, Mrs. Sallie “

Reville, Miss Clyde “

Scott, Mrs. Kate “

Sheffield, Miss Belle “

Vickery, T.W. “

Vickery, Mrs. T.W. “

Vickery, Jessie W. “

Vickery, Mrs. J.W. “

Vickery, John “

Williams, Mrs. Mira “

Wright, Mrs. Annie “

Wright, Miss Maude “

Wainwright, Clyde S. “

Wainwright, A.B. “

Wainwright, Charley T. Inville, Fla.

Wolfe, Mrs. Ola Jacksonville, Fla.

God loves us, not for what we are, but for what he can make us, if we obey him.



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Anderson, Wallie Uptonville, Ga.

Anderson, Mrs. Bessie “

Anderson, Mrs. Hattie “

Anderson, Mrs. Ida Folkston, Ga.

Brooks, Mrs. Mary “

Brooks, Mrs. N.E. “

Benton, Mrs. Rainey “

Benton, America “

Benton, Frances “

Benton, Eddie “

Baker, Miss Eddie “

Baker, Miss Rosa “

Baker, Miss Fay “

Baker, Miss Pearl “

Colson, Mrs. Ermie Waycross, Ga.

Dinkins, Dan S. Folkston, Ga.

Dinkins, Mrs. O.L. “

Dinkins, J. Walter Uptonville, Ga.

Dinkins, A.L. Jacksonville, Fla.

Dean, Mrs. Lillie Traders Hill, Ga.

Davis, Mrs. Florence Kingsland, Ga.

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Gay, Mrs. M.J. Kingsland, Ga.

Gay, Rev. B.F. Bryceville, Fla.

Gay, Mrs. B.F. “

Gay, Pearl “

Gay, Brantley “

Gay, Austin “

Grooms, Mrs. E.V. Folkston, Ga.

Grooms, Eugene “

Grooms, Earnest Traders Hill, Ga.

Grooms, Mrs. Ola “

Gowen, Mrs. Bertie Bamboo, Ga.

Gibson, Mattie Folkston, Ga.

Hardee, Mrs. F.H. “

Harden, L.P. “

Hickox, Mrs. Lillian Uptonville, Ga.

Johnson, Mrs. Annie Folkston, Ga.

Mattox, Mrs. O.J. “

Murry, Julia “

Mizell, Mrs. Novenia “

Mizell, Mrs. Minnie “

Mizell, Mrs. Mary E. “


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Powell, C.C. Uptonville, Ga.

Powell, Mrs. Nettie “

Rodenberry, Mrs. Mary Folkston Ga.

Rodenberry, Riley “

Rodenberry, Dena “

Scott, B.F. “

Swareington, Mrs. Bertha “

Strichland, Levi “



Alexander, B.F. Traders Hill, Ga.

Alexander, Mrs. B.F. “

Bryant, H.P. “

Bryant, Mrs. Emily T. “

Bryant, John W. “

Bryant, Mrs. Julia “

Bryant, Robert S. “

Bryant, Mrs. Sarah E. “

Bryant, Mrs. Mary S. “

Bryant, Alexander “

Bryant, Charley A. “


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Bryant, Oscar T. Traders Hill, Ga.

Bryant, Robert A. “

Bryant, Miss Eva L. “

Bryant, L. Bloomer “

Bryant, Mrs. Rachel “

Bryant, Mrs. Mamie P. “

Johns, Mrs. Sidney “

Keene, John B. “

Mattox, Mitchel E. “

Mattox, Mrs. Sarah J. “

Newburn, Miss Georgia “

Robinson, Mrs. Martha “

Robinson, Thomas P. “

Robinson, Miss Avie “

Robinson, Miss Bertha “

Tracy, Porter C.

We should act with as much energy as those who expect everything from themselves; and we should pray as earnestly as those who expect everything from God.


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Chaffee, Floyd Waycross, Ga.

Chaffee, Arthur Jacksonville, Fla.

Chaffee, Miss Ruth …., Mich.

Crews, Andrew Homeland, Ga.

Elison, Ruth “

Guinn, Mrs. Tivvie A. “

Guinn, George “

Guinn, Miss Florida May “

Guinn, Otis “

Hatcher, John D. “

Hatcher, Mrs. Ella “

Moore, Mrs. Mary “:

Marcum, Agnes E. “

Ruling, George F. “

Smith, Mrs. Lillian “

White, John L. “

White, George F. “

White, Fannie “

Waughtell, John “

Waughtell, Mrs. Annie “

Waughtell, Eli “

Thorley, John E.

Petty, Lizzie

Petty, Lida C.

Young, Frank

Young, Mabel


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Baker, Mrs. Gussie Folkston, Ga.

Cooper, Joe W. “

Cooper, Mrs. Elizabeth “

Jones, Mrs. Martha Samson, Ala.

Kenison, Mrs. Sarah J. Folkston, Ga.

Kenison, Miss Ada L. “

Mills, Mrs. Lizzie S. “

Mills, Frank D “

McMullin, Mrs. Lily Madison, Fla.

Rudolph, Mrs. Mary E. Folkston, Ga.

Rolison, Mrs. Lizzie “

Russel, Mrs. Frances “

Russel, Miss Georgia “

Vickery, Mrs. Elender “

Wainwright, Mrs. Cathrine “

Wainwright, Mrs. Lizzie “

We have on roll, 198 members, 32 live out of the charge, 44 members accessible to their church have not attended a service at their church this year, let’s do better.

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Folkston paid 60.50

Homeland paid 6.05

Bethel paid 15.00

Traders Hill paid ………

Mills paid 5.00

Total 86.55

Paid P.E. 15.00; Pastor 71.55




Folkston paid 25.00

Homeland paid 8.75

Bethel paid 3.50

Traders Hill paid ……….

Mills paid 5.00

Total 42.25

Paid P.E. 5.00; Pastor 87.25




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Six months of the Conference year has passed and I give here a report of what has been done. Your pastor has been on hand for every service except two when rain prevented his going. He has visited most of members who are accessible.

If he has fallen short of his duty in any way, study the Quarterly Conference reports. They show that he has been forced to feed a horse and live six months on $108.80; so if he spends most of his time plowing and fishing, don’t complain.

Remember too, that no pastor can be at his best on Sunday with ½ of his members absent. But we who heard Brother Moore’s strong gospel messages at the tent, have promised to do better. The little poem on the last page tells us how to do it.

The prayer meeting and Sunday Schools have been well attended this year, we can


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make them interesting and profitable if we will. During the year 8 have been received by letter and 20 on profession.

Three have been dropped from the roll, 4 dismissed by letter and 2 have died.

The assessment for Home and Foreign Missions and for Bishops Fund is paid.

The 3rd Quarterly Conf. will be held at Traders Hill Wednesday, August 28th.

Those who joined the Methodist church during the tent meeting are: Mrs. Sarah Courson, Nellie Clark, W.B. Gibbs, Fannie Joiner, Miss Hilda Mattox, Miss Lois Mattox, Abe Mattox, L.E. Martin, Carl Mizell, Lucile Mills, Mrs. M.J. Paxton, Close Pickren, Nellie Pickren, Porter Revell, Eunice Robinson, Miss Audrey Scott, Lula Strichland, Nina Vickery, Miss Nicie Miller joined by letter.


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BEGIN each day with God,

Kneel down to Him in prayer;

Lift thy heart to His abode,

And seek His love to share.

GO THROUGH the day with God,

What’er thy work may be;

Where’er thou are – home, abroad –

Always is He near thee.

CONCLUDE the day with God,

Lie down in thankfulness;

Trust in Christ’s atoning blood,

And plead His righteousness


A man owes not only his service but himself to God..

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