Charlton County Herald

January 6, 1910

On Monday night, December 27, John Todd was killed by Hack Brooker. Both lived near Winokur. It was about 8:00 o’clock at night that a noise was heard about the place of Brooker.

Going around his home he found it to be a thief in his potato house and shot him, finding it to be his friend, Todd.

In a committal trial held Monday the evidence showed that while the thief was running, he was halted four times and at the last halt he stopped as if to shoot and was killed by Brooker in self-defense.


August 13, 1915

Jim Todd is dead. Kyler Johns shot him to death Sunday afternoon with Todd’s own shotgun loaded with buckshot. The scene of the killing was near Racepond across the Pierce County line at Johns’ home.

It seems that Johns had married the sister of Todd and was separated from his wife and the trouble sprung up between the two men over it, Todd insisting that if Johns did not take his wife home he would kill Johns. Thus the matter stood Sunday.

Returning home about 2:00 P.M. Sunday Johns claims Todd arose from a reclining position on a bed and began shooting at him with a pistol. He backed off, aiming a gun at him and fired both barrels at him killing, him instantly.

Todd was a man that was considered dangerous when he was mad and has had lots of court troubles, having been arraigned a few years ago for killing Walter Crews at Uptonville, a charge which the court declared was justifiable.

Five children survive him, a boy of 12, the eldest, and a seven month old boy baby, the youngest. His mother, Mrs. Daniels, is caring for them.

We learn that Johns gave himself up to the Pierce County authorities.


August 27, 1915

Kyler Johns and Joe Allen, the man who was with him when he shot Jim Todd, was in Monday telling about how it happened. He said he went away from home Saturday and as someone had been stealing his chickens, he hid his gun about a hundred yards away, as he had no fasteners on his doors.

Coming home with Allen Sunday afternoon, he got the gun on the way. When they walked up on the porch and opened the door he was surprised to see Todd arise from the bed.

“Where is my wife and children? Didn’t they come with you?” Johns asked Todd.

“No, and they ain’t coming here,” Todd replied, “And I am going to take you dead or alive.”

When Johns stated he was not going to go to Uptonville, Todd drew his pistol and fired. “We hastily withdrawing,” so Johns stated, “and started around the house, stopping to put in a shell. Hearing a noise indicating he was going out the back way to head us off, we turned and re-entered the front way thinking to bar him out. But Todd turned up in front of us, firing again. And I shot from the hip, hitting him in the right breast. Todd fell backward on the bed, thence pitched forward on the floor dead.”

“We shut up the house and went to Racepond to telephone the Coroner and Sheriff. I stood commitment trial and was acquitted.”

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