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August 12, 2009

By late 1906 the land for what would later become the City of Homeland had been purchased, the timber was being cut and stumps removed from an area large enough to lay out the town. C.W. Waughtel and G.W. Moore had planned it well and soon they had surveyors staking out city bl0ocks, lots and streets.

As the fledgling community progressed Waughtel & Moore soon recognized the need to raise promotional funds by taking on investors and selling shares of stock in the new venture. Of course, in those days (under Georgia law at the time) Incorporation could be certified by petitioning the courts to approve articles of incorporation as long as certain provisions of criteria were met.

In November of 1906, Waughtel, Moore and a group of petitioners, represented by their attorney Mr. Seth Evans, drew up a petition of Articles of Incorporation. The petition was filed on the District Court Docket to be considered by Superior Court Judge T.A. Parker.

That Petition of Articles of Incorporation were hand written (and well-written, I might add) on legal size notebook paper and is remarkably well-preserved today after more than one hundred years.

(Note: Rather than attempt to print excerpts from the Incorporation Petition this writer prefers to reprint it as follows, in its entirety, verbatim, exactly as it appeared in 1907 when it was delivered to Judge Parker for consideration.)

The Petition. Georgia, Charlton Co.

To the Superior Court of said Co.,

The petition of G.W. Moore, C.W. Waughtel, W.H. Bruce, John Waughtel, John W. Koons and Eli Waughtel all of said State and County respectfully shows,

1st. That they desire for themselves their associates, successors and assigns to become incorporated under the name and style of the 1906 Colony Company

2nd. The term for which petitioners ask to be incorporated is twenty years with the privilege of renewal at the end of that time

3rd. The Capital stock of the corporation is to be twenty (four added later) thousand dollars divided into shares of one hundred dollars each. Petitioners however ask the privilege of increasing said Capital stock from time to time not exceeding in the aggregate four hundred thousand dollars

4th. The whole of said Capital stock of twenty (four added later) thousand dollars has already been actually paid in

5th. The object of the proposed corporation is pecuniary profit and gain to its stock holders. Petitioners propose to carry on a general Real Estate business to buy sell land either for cash or credit, to improve wild lands build homes and sell the same to establish Colonies to borrow money, and secure the same of liens upon any property real or personal which the said Corporation may own and to make all contracts which are usual or necessary and to do all proper acts which pertain to or may be connected with the Real Estate business.

6th. The principal office and place of business of the propose Corporation will be in the town of Homeland said State and County however petitioners desire the right to establish branch offices at any point in Georgia or Florida.

Wherefore petitioners pray to be made a body Corporate under the name and style aforesaid entitled to the rights privileges and immunities and subject to liabilities fixed by law. This August 12, 1907. Seth W. Evans   Atty. For Petitioners

On October 30, 1907 Judge T.A. Parker rendered his decision on the Petitioners Incorporation request, as follows, verbatim:

The Court Renders its Decision

After hearing the foregoing petitioners and being satisfied that the same is legitimately within the purview and and intentions of the laws of Georgia and it appearing that said petition has been duly published according to law it is ordered and adjudged by the court that the said G.W. Moore, C.W. Waughtel, W.H. Bruce, John Waughtel, John W. Koons and Eli Waughtel and their successors and assigns be and they are hereby incorporated for the term of twenty years with the privilege of renewal at the end of said twenty years under the name and style of the 1906 Colony Company for the purposes of buying, selling and owning real estate with power to purchase and hold property real and personal to sue and be sued and to exercise all corporate power necessary to the purpose of their organization. It is further ordered that petitioners pay ______dollars cost of these proceedings this 30th day of Oct. 1907. T.A. Parker, J.S.B.J.C.

According to the 1907 Georgia Secretary of State’s Report, archived in Morrow, Georgia there were only two Incorporations Certified in Charlton County during 1907, one being the “Cina Lumber Company” of Winokur, Georgia with $30,000.00 in stock and the other being the “1906 Colony Company” of Homeland, Georgia with $20,000 in stock.

Coming next: Structuring and promoting the town and the 1906 colony company.

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